How to Redefine Summer Fashion Trends to Fit Your Style

Summer is the perfect time to get playful with your style. When the sun is shining and your skin is glowing, your confidence will radiate from your head to your toes! With so many trends to add to your wardrobe this year (hello, crochet, and ripped jeans!), it can be a little confusing trying to decide which are worth investing in. The key is really in how you make them work for your own unique style.

No matter how you’re spending the season, here’s how to redefine summer fashion trends to fit your style and stand out.

summer fashion trends

THE TREND: Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans have been around for decades, but they’ve evolved over the years to be much less grungy and infinitely more elevated. From basic blue to sophisticated black, to rocker-inspired acid wash, to crisp white and a rainbow of cuts and colors in between, the options are endless for finding a pair that suits your taste.

How to Apply It:

While there aren’t too many rules to follow when it comes to styling your ripped jeans, there are two very important ways to put together something super cute while keeping from looking disheveled: Pick a pair that fits you well and balance out your outfit with tasteful separates and chic accessories.

  • When it comes to fit, skinny-style ripped jeans look best when they fit comfortably enough to stay zipped and closed even when you’re sitting down. There’s really nothing worse than feeling your jeans dig into your sides, and too-tight styles really don’t look as smooth as those that graze over your hips and waist because they create that unflattering “muffin top” effect.
  • Super low rise cuts have (thankfully!) mostly stayed back in the early 2000s. Higher waisted styles are very on-trend right now, which is great news for gals who enjoy fuller coverage cuts.
  • Boyfriend jeans are really stylish alternatives to tighter styles, but make sure they still fit around your waist. Even if you want to hint that you “stole” them from your boyfriend, you really don’t want them to be as baggy as an actual pair of your guy’s pants would be on you if you wore them.
  • Flare leg jeans are inspired by the ’70s but feel really fresh for today. Hem them so that they don’t drag on the ground when you walk.

When you’re putting together outfits inspired by your ripped jeans, keep your nails clean and your hair out of a messy bun to stay put together and rely on fancier accessories to help dress them up.

  • Dress them up with a pair of spiky heels or shiny mules for a night out on the town.
  • Draw attention to your waist without showing too much skin by knotting a crisp white button-down shirt over your belly button.
  • Sparkly accessories like a statement necklace or bold cuff bracelet help to add a classy touch to casual boyfriend-style ripped jeans.
  • For cold nights, layer a structured leather jacket over a thin white T-shirt for an edgy rocker-inspired vibe.

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