Summer To Fall Transition Season Wardrobe Essentials

The summer heat is slowly dropping, making way for the cool autumn breeze to wash vermillion hues over the sky. With less than half a month left until leaves start to dry up and the pool gets too cold for swimming, the transition season has kicked into full swing. The weather between seasons is notorious for its polarity — it can be sweltering hot in the afternoon and then too cold to be without outerwear in the evening. The wardrobe dilemma never ends.

Summer To Fall Transition Season Wardrobe Essentials

Figuring out what to wear when the weather takes a 360-degree turn every couple of hours can be frustrating, so here are some no-brainer essentials that can take you from day-to-night without breaking a sweat (or chill). From women’s derby shoes to vintage denim, these comfortable and chic picks are all you need to survive the transition season.

Derby Shoes:

Summer is high time to bring out sandals and strappy heels, but when the weather is unpredictable, your toes will freeze without ample protection. While you can make do with a traditional white sneaker, you can amp up the fun with a pair of women’s derby shoes. These are the fall oxfords’ lightweight and more breathable cousins.

Derby shoes are extremely comfortable, so much so that you do not have to break into them, making them the perfect pair of shoes to throw on when you have no idea what to wear. They come in both fun and quirky designs and more put-together neutral tones, so they can be dressed up or down depending on your style.

Midi And Maxi Skirts:

The season for mini skirts is coming to a close, so trade in those ruler-length bottoms for a pair of flowy midi or maxi skirts. Pick some made with lightweight and flowy materials so that you can keep your legs warm without getting them too hot. These are wonderful wardrobe staples because you can comfortably wear them in the day or night. On particularly chilly days, throw in a pair of low-denier tights for an extra dose of warmth.

Vintage Denim Jeans:

In the weeks leading to the fall, tone down your bright summer wardrobe with warm, muted colors and neutrals. The best way to do so is to incorporate vintage denim — they will give you a chic, well-worn look that has consistently been on-trend for the past couple of years. A classic straight-leg is a no-brainer, but if you prefer to accentuate your curves, then you can opt for a skinny jean instead. You can find beautiful vintage pieces in local or online thrift stores — the shopping trip makes for a fun experience! Save looser fits and cargo jeans for when the cool weather settles in.

Light Blazer:

There are so many gorgeous outerwear options on the market, but you want to find the optimum balance between warmth and not going overboard with the layers. You can instantly give any casual outfit into a more put-together vibe with a light, longline blazer made of breathable and comfortable materials such as cotton. It is a wonderful way to elevate any look, whether it be a basic white T-shirt, a metal band tee, or a sports bra and bike shorts. Looking like a model-off-duty has never been so easy.

Dressing for the transition season is a challenge of calculating the weather and figuring out quick wardrobe changes to get you from the afternoon heat to the chilly night. It helps to leave some outerwear in your car so you can pop one on as the sun sets, or wear clothing that is both breathable and warm to adapt to any temperature. Regardless, keep things fun by exploring new styles and stepping out of your comfort zone.

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