Tattoo Removal Creams – A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Getting a tattoo may seem exciting at first. However, there is no guarantee that you are going to be fascinated by it till the end. There could be various reasons for getting your tattoo removed. The newer methods of tattoo removal such as laser removal, tattoo removal creams have made the process of removing tattoos much easier, and hence, more and more people are going for it.

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Why Go for Tattoo Removal?

Given below are a few of the reasons for getting your tattoo removed.

1. You are not Satisfied with the Outcome:

Many people have their tattoos planned and developed for years. However, all planning can be rendered futile if the tattoo turns out to be not as perfect as expected. This is also one of the major reasons why people get their tattoos removed in the first place. It could be the freehand drawing that did not go well, the color that did not come out well, or just about anything. This often happens due to a poor choice of the tattoo artist. However, with so many reliable options for tattoo removal, you do not have to live with the regret any longer.

2. Location:

One of the biggest concerns is the location where you decide to get inked. Location is just as important as the tattoo itself. Often, people have it planned beforehand. However, even then, it may feel like as if you did not choose the right spot after all. Since the size and location of the tattoo are two main things that decide how it looks upon your body, these things need a much deeper consideration before you actually get a tattoo. If due to any reason you end up disliking your tattoo, you can always go in for tattoo removal.

3. Impulsive Decision:

It often happens that some new concept catches your fancy and you cannot get it off your mind. Some people even go as far to get themselves tattooed. However, one often ends up regretting such rash decisions without much forethought. The decisions you take may not even suit you. You may feel that getting tattooed is going to make you happier. However, it may turn out to be a nightmare. Thankfully, due to the various options for tattoo removal, you can always rectify your mistake.

4. Instant Regret:

This often happens with people who get tattooed. You are very excited about the fact that you are getting inked. And the tattoo you have decided to get is something that has been on your mind for long. However, there is also every chance that you are going to regret the tattoo as soon as you get off the chair. The fact that tattoos are permanent can make the regret even stronger. However, if you are not really happy with the results, you can always opt for tattoo removal.

5. Cover up done in a Bad Way:

Many people get their tattoos early in life. They may not even pay attention to the tattoo artists they are hiring. Hence, there is no guarantee that the outcome is going to be up to the mark. Due to this, many people decide to go for a cover up later on. If done in the right way, cover-ups can turn out to be a real good decision. You get a new tattoo without having to bear the embarrassment of carrying the old one. People also decide to get cover-ups when they want to change the concept of their tattoos. However, in some cases, the cover-ups tend to go entirely wrong, especially if you get it done by an amateur artist. If it does not work well, the tattoo will end up damaging your overall appearance. In such cases, opting a tattoo removal can turn out to be helpful.

6. Embarrassment:

If the tattoos do not turn out the way you have expected, it can turn out to be a major reason for embarrassment. The fact that you are receiving constant negative feedback from family and friends can only make the matter worse. It has been estimated that this feeling is experienced by almost 57% of the total number of people who get tattooed. However, if you do not want to live with the embarrassment any longer, you can always opt for tattoo removal.

7. You are Tired of the Tattoo:

Getting tattoos is like living in a permanent dress.  So if you have had a particular tattoo for quite a long time, chances are that you ultimately get tired of it. You do not hate or regret it, but simply feel that it has served its purpose. If the tattoos had been inked quite a long time ago, they may even run out of fashion and look outdated on your body. If it is not the best, you may not want to wear them any longer. In such cases, you can always opt for tattoo removal.

8. Lower Body Image:

Many people get tattooed for the purpose of attracting attention and with the hope that it might lead to a better body image. Although many people feel that tattoos make them look way cooler, there are also some people who feel that the tattoo has ruined their body. This might lead to a low body image and self-esteem. However, if you decide to go for tattoo removal, you do not have to go through all of this.

9. For Employment:

Sometimes, tattoos are also seen as a symbol of cults and clans. Hence, many people feel more comfortable hiring non-tattooed people as compared to the tattooed ones. Hence, getting your tattoos removed automatically makes you more hirable by increasing the number of job opportunities available to you.

10. Clothing:

Many a time, people get their tattoos in areas that are not easily visible. These tattoos can also be covered up with clothing. However, if you want to keep the tattoos hidden, you are required to get very selective about your clothing. Even if you want to keep your tattoos exposed, you still have to put much forethought into buying clothes. For example, a tattoo on the arm looks terrible if it is only half covered by a T-shirt. Hence, if you are not being able to carry it well, you can always opt for removal.

11. Social Stigma:

It is not uncommon for the tattooed people to experience social stigma. It is often seen as a mark of disgrace. Almost 25% of the total number of people who get tattoos are affected negatively simply due to having tattoos.

12. Medical Treatments:

In some cases, people also remove their tattoos for the sake of undergoing some specific treatment processes.

13. Relationships that have Ended:

People who are going through a strong relationship often decide to get tattooed in order to commemorate the feeling. However, this may be regretted if the relationship does not last and serve its bearers in a negative way. In such cases, one can always get their tattoos removed for the sake of starting a new relationship.

Top 8 Tattoo Removal Creams that you can use

1. Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System:

Wrecking balm cream claims to remove tattoos permanently at a fraction of the cost that would have been required for laser removal. Furthermore, you also do not experience any pain while using the cream. The cream comes together with an erosion head, a microdermabrasion applicator, a butter concealer and a hydrating cream. The entire package can cost you around $31.62.

The product helps in clearing all types of tattoos irrespective of their size or the type of ink that has been used. It does not even take very long for the cream to start working. You will see visible results in just a few months. Hence, despite being a topical cream, it gives the results much faster. It is not even necessary to use the cream every day. It just requires 3 minutes for application on alternate days. It can be used for tattoos in different locations all around the body including arms, back, ankle, stomach, and legs.

The cream can be used on a daily basis. However, the suffusion gel should only be used on alternate days. The concealer that comes with the package is waterproof and very lightweight. Hence, it can do a perfect job of covering up your tattoos while they are still fading away. The product has also received very positive feedback from a large number of customers. You can even check out the before and after images of these customers to verify the effectiveness of the cream yourself.


  • The cream is very easy to use
  • The application process is non-time consuming
  • Comes with a full package of all the required kit
  • Gives quick results
  • Very cost efficient when compared to laser treatments


  • It does work so effectively on freshly made tattoos with strong ink
  • Is not effective for tattoos with black ink
  • The kit contains a large number of products, due to which you are required to keep on refilling
  • People with sensitive skin may develop bruises and redness over the areas where the cream has been applied.

2. Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal System:

Tat B is a reputed name when it comes to the tattoo removal creams. It is a much cheaper option as compared to laser treatment for the removal of tattoos. In fact, it is one of the most reasonably priced tattoo removal creams available in the market. At the same time, the cream is also highly effective in what it does. You can use the cream in the privacy of your home without having to make your tattoo removal process public. You are safe from having to spend extra long hours at the doctor’s clinic together with the pain that comes with the scarring and scabbing.

Tat B has been clinically tested and verified as safe to be used by all people. Tat B is a combination of three powerful creams containing effective ingredients. It has been formulated as an effective solution for any of the unwanted tattoos on your body. The users are required to apply the cream in intervals, and each application process allows the tattoos to fade a little more. To get the best results, it is advisable that you use the cream twice every day. This will give you visible results within a span of 3 to 9 months.

The quickness of results on upon using Tat B depends on a number of factors, including how long you have had the tattoo, the type of ink that has been used, the depth to which the ink has been injected and the strength of the color. The cream mainly works due to the presence of certain chemicals that cause skin irritation and break up the upper layer of the skin. When used continuously over a long period, the top layer will eventually peel off and get regenerated completely without any blemishes.

Before applying the cream, clean the tattooed area sufficiently. Make sure that the area is sufficiently dried before applying the cream. Using a cotton swab makes the application process much easier. The cream then penetrates into the skin and causes the ink particles to break down. The minute ink particles are then converted into waste and eliminated from the body together with other wastes.


  • Cheap option for tattoo removal
  • Does not leave any scars
  • Can be purchased from any store without a prescription
  • It has a success rate of 95%
  • People with different skin types can use it without any problem


  • The cream is effective in fading the tattoos so as to make them less visible. They may not be perfect for a complete removal
  • Contains hydroquinone, which is a harmful chemical
  • Needs to be used for a long period.

3. ProFade Tattoo Removal Cream:

The ProFade Tattoo removal cream is a painless, non-abrasive and non-scarring option for removing tattoos. It is a gentle cream made using all natural ingredients such as orange peel extract and tea tree oil. However, the formula also contains a few harmless chemicals that are necessary for the process of tattoo removal. You do not require any prescription for purchasing this product. It comes at a cost of $69.95.

The cream has salicylic acid, which increases its effectiveness in removing the dead cells from the top layer of the skin. Although there is no clear mention of the content ratio of salicylic acid, it remains safe to be used by people of all skin types. It also does not lead to scarring of the skin above the tattoo.

Profade has been formulated for people of all the different skin types. When you apply the cream over your skin, it penetrates below the surface and breaks up the ink particles through a certain chemical process. These particles are then eliminated from the body together with other wastes. It can take anywhere in between 3 and 9 months for the cream to start showing actual results. You can also keep taking pictures so as to track your progress.

There are three different creams to be used during the application process. First, clean the desired area with lukewarm water and soap. Then apply the first lotion to the tattooed area and massage gently. Wash off this lotion and dry the skin. Apply the second lotion and let it dry on your skin. After about 10 minutes, apply the third cream and let it dry. For best results, repeat the process twice daily.


  • Effective formula for the fading of tattoos
  • No scarring
  • Can be used right at home
  • Can be used for all the different skin types
  • Cheap option for tattoo removal
  • Can be purchased from almost anywhere


  • Needs to be applied continuously for a period of many months
  • No guaranteed results

4. TCA Home Skin Peel Kit:

The 50% TCA Home Skin Peel Kit is quite different to other creams and gels mainly because it gives very quick results. It reduces spots and tattoo marks giving you an even skin tone. The product has been made of 100% TCA or trichloroacetic acid, and the users can also have it diluted before the application according to their own needs.

The product helps in rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin underneath the tattoos by removing an excess of the dead cells. This leads to the elimination of cells with tattoo ink. It also works in the reduction of wrinkles, scars and fine lines. Hence, you get a much healthier and younger looking skin as well as a vibrant, smooth complexion. Furthermore, the product penetrates deep into the skin in order to remove all the impurities present in the skin.

The 50% TCA Home Skin Peel Kit is one of the most powerful exfoliators that cleanses your skin without leaving any negative side effects. You will be able to undertake an effective tattoo removal process right from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, the kit contains everything you will need for the treatment process. This includes vinyl gloves, q tips, peel acid, antibiotic ointment and instructions for application.


  • The product is made using the highest quality Trichloracetic Acid
  • Does not contain any fillers, additives or paraben
  • It can be safely used by people all different skin types
  • Provides satisfactory results


  • May lead to bad scarring
  • It may cause an acid burning without actually removing the tattooed skin


5. Tattoo Off Removal Five Month Supply:

This cream uses a natural formula to remove the tattoos in the most effective manner. It works equally well with both old and new tattoos. Factors such as the shade of ink, depth of ink penetration rarely have anything to do with the working of the cream. The cream works very efficiently and fades away the tattoos by a significant degree in very less time. The cream is much more affordable when compared to laser treatments. Furthermore, you can purchase a full five-month pack at a time. This way, you do not have to go for refilling time and again.

The cream does not cause any pain and scarring. It can be used on tattoos in any part of the body, even in sensitive areas. The cream has been developed by a team of experts after much research. It has also been clinically tested and considered quite safe for use.  However, it is recommended that you go through the ingredients list to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If the cream does not suit you, you may develop rashes, redness and scaring. Hence, it can be helpful if you perform a small patch test before you actually start using the cream.

Tattoo Off is marketed as a solution for tattoo inks as well as permanent cosmetics. It can even be applied to areas such as breasts, cheeks, and eyebrows. It can be highly effective in removing the tattoos of all colors and age. One of the main advantages of using this product is that it does not cause any scarring. This is because the cream does not contain any of the harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone or Trichloroacetic acid. Due to this virtue, this cream can also be used for removing spots and blemishes from the face. For best results, it is recommended that you use the tattoo removal cream twice a day. It should, however, be noted that the cream only works for cosmetic inks and does not alter the natural complexion of the skin.


  • Works on tattoos of all types of colors
  • Is available at an affordable price range
  • Is free form TCA
  • Does not cause any pain or scars during the application process


  • The manufacturer does not mention the actual volume of the product present in the bottle in ounces

6. Inked Up Removal Cream:

The Inked up Removal Cream makes use of a formula that allows your tattoos to fade away progressively with time. The cream is absorbed by the body at a very fast rate and does not even lead to the clogging of pores. It is made using 100% natural ingredients and has even been clinically tested for its effectiveness. The cream works very fast and gives you visible results in a very short span of time.

The active ingredients that are present in the cream penetrate through the skin dermis and attack the tattoo ink. This is how your tattoo eventually starts to fade away gradually. The cream helps in the removal of tattoos together with other permanent cosmetics in the easiest and the most comfortable manner.

The cream has been developed by a close team of experts and gives a guarantee on its effectiveness. At the same time, it also gives very quick results. Hence, if you want your tattoos to get removed in a painless and cost efficient way, you can try out Inked UP Removal Cream.


  • The cream is made using 100% natural ingredients and is safe for all to use
  • The application process is very easy


  • The product comes in a very small tube and hence, needs to be replaced frequently

7. Fade Away Tattoo Removal:

The Fade Away Tattoo Removal Cream is the perfect solution for removing any unwanted tattoos from your body. Many people have used the product for removing tattoos with a greater degree of effectiveness. Furthermore, it is also much cheaper as compared to other tattoo removal options. The best part, however, is that you can get your tattoos removed right from the comfort of your home. The cream is said to work as effectively as laser treatment without causing any of the pain that comes with laser treatment.

Fade Away works by penetrating into the skin and chemically breaking down the ink present in the dermal layers. You will be required to apply the cream to the required areas as long as it has not been completely removed. This could even take several months. The effectiveness of the cream might depend on several factors such as the shade of ink that was used, depth of injection and the age of the tattoo. Generally, older tattoos are removed much faster as compared to the ones that have been freshly made. Also, lighter inks fade away much faster than darker colors. The cream is effective in causing the tattoos to fade. However, if you want a complete removal, you will have to keep on using the cream for a very long time.

Before applying the cream, wash the tattooed area with soap and lukewarm water. This will remove all the oil and dirt from the surface of the skin while also improving its texture. After you are done with the washing, lightly scrub the area using a gentle scrub in order to remove the dead cells and improve the absorbency of the skin. When you are done scrubbing, rinse well and then pat dry using a towel. You can now apply the tattoo removal cream and massage it gently into the skin.


  • Is designed to fade tattoo inks of all colors
  • Does not lead to scarring
  • Is safe to be used by people of all different skin types
  • Cost effective method of tattoo removal
  • Does not contain either TCA or Hydroquinone


  • It is only effective in fading rather than a complete removal
  • The effectiveness may vary from one person to the other

8. Dermasal Tattoo Removal Cream:

The main benefit of using Dermasal Tattoo Removal cream is that it can be used directly from the comfort of your home. The application process hardly takes 2 minutes. Furthermore, the cream is 100% safe for all to use. The cream has been formulated using the best of ingredients and guarantees a 100% removal of tattoos. The cream comes from Selmedica, a brand that has been manufacturing a large number of leading healthcare products.

Tattoo removal is a tricky process, and if you do not choose the right method, it may lead to regrets in the aftermath. There are various reasons why Deramasal may be a far better choice as compared to other tattoo removal processes and similar products. First of all, the cream does not cause any pain when applied to the body. It also does not lead to any scarring. You will start seeing the results in as little as 3 weeks of using the cream continuously. Some people have even reported of complete tattoo removal in just 3 months.

Dermasal has been approved by the Food and Drugs Association and is, therefore, very safe for all to use. It does not contain any of the harmful ingredients. So far, the product has been used by more 100,000 individuals with excellent results. Out of the 3 double-blind studies conducted to test the effectiveness of the cream, all showed the cream as being highly effective in tattoo removal without any scabbing and scarring.


  • Reduces the visibility of the tattoos made with inks of all different colors
  • It can be used by people of all different skin types
  • It is effective against both the old and new tattoos
  • Gives visible results in just 3 months
  • The cream is very easy to use
  • You can use it privately without any prying eyes around you


  • Cannot be used by people with sensitive skin
  • Comes at a hefty cost
  • Contains a few chemical ingredients that might turn out to be harmful when used for a long time.

Do Tattoo Removal Creams Actually Work?

The answer to this may be a bit complicated. This is mainly because there are different types of tattoos. While some are quite easily removed, others stay even after trying all means. Hence, the effectiveness of the creams is entirely dependent on what you actually want it to do. It should be noted that most tattoo removal creams work by breaking down the tattoo ink chemically which is then eliminated from the body through sweat or urine. This may lead to a fading of the tattoo. However, there is no guaranteed that it will also help in the complete removal process. For complete removal, you may have to keep on using the product continuously for several months.

The size and shape of the tattoos also play an important role. For example, larger tattoos made with darker ink continue to remain visible even after a sufficient fading has occurred. Even if the inks inside the tattoos fade away effectively, the outlines may stay for a much longer period. Hence, tattoo removal is a very gradual process, and you need to have a lot of patience while using the creams. Sometimes, it may even take several months before you actually start seeing the results. However, discontinuing the application due to a lack of visible results may render all of your previous efforts useless. At any cost, you cannot expect to see the results right from the first application.

Although a tattoo removal cannot remove a tattoo completely, this does not mean that it is entirely useless. Tattoo removal, in itself, is a very tricky process, and some tattoos by nature are more difficult to remove. Creams may help in removing the ink that has been injected into the upper layers of the skin. However, for the tattoos that have been injected deep into the skin, scratching away the upper layers is not going to be helpful. Most people need to go for laser or surgical processes. However, creams that permeate deep into the skin may also be equally helpful. Since surgery is associated with pain, bleeding and scarring, most people find it much more convenient to opt for tattoo removal creams.

The effectiveness of the tattoo removal creams also depends on the type of skin you have. For example, people with healthy skin will easily be able to recover from the harsh effects left by tattoo removal. The fading is also much more prominent as compared to that seen in unhealthy skin. Eating a lot of nutritious food while using the tattoo removal cream may help in accelerating the desired results. Of course, the results are bound to vary from person to person. However, sticking to a given diet plan and keeping consistent with the application process can prove to be much more helpful in the process of tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal creams may be cheaper alternatives to other methods of tattoo removal. However, these creams are generally not recommended for people suffering from various skin conditions. Since these creams bleach the skin, the consequences may prove to be grave for people with skin issues. The bleach-like substance present in the creams cause irritations on the skin, which, then, leads to the shedding away of the outer layer of the skin. Moreover, not everyone will respond in the desired manner. In some cases, the creams prove to be so harsh that they even leave behind permanent scars. In other cases, the tattoos hardly seem to fade away. Therefore, for maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that you consider all the aspects while using these creams.

Alternatives to Tattoo Removal Creams

  • Laser Removal

Lasers are currently the most common and effective method for the removal of tattoos. During laser treatment, pulses of highly concentrated light are targeted over the ink. This causes the ink to be broken down into very small fragments which are then eliminated from the body in the form of waste. However, one laser treatment is not sufficient for complete removal of the tattoos. Multiple sessions are required at certain given time intervals to destroy the ink completely. However, the more you expose your skin to the laser, the greater the damage to your skin. Laser removal can even lead to painful scabs and permanent scars.

However, with the development of technology, laser therapy has advanced to a level where it does not cause visible scaring. In some cases, the scars are completely absent. However, the main drawback with using laser treatment for tattoo removal is that it tends to be painful while also weighing quite heavily on your pocket. You are required to go for a number of sittings, and the total cost can come anywhere between $250 and $850. If the tattoos are large and created by a professional, it may even take thousands of dollars for complete removal.

  • Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

The Intense Pulsed Light therapy is used in some spas. It is a dermal enhancer that makes use of laser light of high intensity. Firstly, a gel is applied to the skin. When this is done, a wand is used to send light pulses to the area that is getting treated. This method is somewhat similar to the laser therapy, but much more effective and less painful. However, there are also many experts who do not recommend the intense pulsed light therapy. Although it is quite effective in tattoo removal, the main drawback with IPL is that it carries a hefty price tag. In fact, it can go as high as $10 for each pulse. The number of pulses needed is decided based on the size, design, and color of the tattoo. Eventually, it can end up burning a huge hole in your pocket.

  • Saline

This is one of the most recent tattoo removal methods that is gradually growing in popularity. In this method, a saline solution is injected straight over the tattoos. However, it should be noted that this method is only effective against old tattoos that have faded away to a significant degree. This method may help in the fading of tattoos to some degree. However, it may not lead to complete removal. Due to this, it is mostly used in lightening previously existing tattoos before going for a cover-up. This method is entirely harmless for the person undergoing the tattoo removal. However, there is also some controversy among the tattoo artists as to the effectiveness of this method. It is also rather difficult to find an artist that gives this form of tattoo removal treatment.

  • Cover Up

In some cases, people rather opt for cover-ups instead of going for tattoo removal. The advantage with this is that it is much less expensive and also less painful. Furthermore, tattoo removal is not even required if you have been thinking of getting a new tattoo. You will just have to pay the price for the new tattoo. There are also a lot of options to choose from if you want to go for a cover-up. You can choose to cover up with any ink color you want. If you are going for a cover-up, make sure that you do so with the help of a professional tattoo artist. Most often, the results turn out to be better than you had expected.

  • Dermabrasion

The process of dermabrasion is very similar to exfoliation. It is like applying sandpaper over the surface of the skin except that the process of dermabrasion makes use of a fast-moving brush to do the same. During dermabrasion, the top layer of the skin containing the ink is removed. However, the process can turn out to be quite painful. Furthermore, you are required to go for multiple sessions before the tattoo removal is complete. This can leave the skin vulnerable towards infections. It may even require several months for complete healing. The other big disadvantage with dermabrasion is that the tattoo removal process is not highly accurate, and you may even end up removing more skin than required, leading to unattractive scars.

  • Acid Peels

This process mainly makes use of Trichloroacetic acid and glycolic acid peels. These are injected into the top layer of the skin. The acid, then, dissolves the several skin layers, thereby leading to a fading of the tattoo. However, acid peels can also have dangerous side effects on the body. Despite the danger associated with using acid peels, there are no restrictions on its usage and people can purchase it freely from any store without having to show prescriptions. As a result, many people have also suffered terrible burns and scarring due to acid peels.

  • Surgery

In this method, the tattoo is directly cut out of the skin. The skin is then sewn back together. However, in some cases, the surgeons are not able to cut deep enough to remove a sufficient amount of ink. This process also leaves behind scars and causes a discoloration of the skin. In some cases, it may even lead to the development of bumps.


Different tattoos carry their specific importance. However, there is no guarantee that you are going to like the tattoo forever. You may eventually grow tired of it, regret it or want to have it removed for a job. If at any point in time, you feel that you need to remove your tattoos, then there are plenty of methods that can help you do so. This will also lead to a positive body image and prevent social stigma. However, different methods for tattoo removal have their own cons, and the safest, by far, are the creams. Tattoo removal creams have several advantages as compared to other methods. First of all, they are extremely cheap. They are also very easy to use and give the desired results without causing any severe damage to the skin. You also do not have to experience scabbing and scarring.

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