The Role of Leather in the Fashion Industry

The use of animal hides to make clothes have been documented from the beginning. People who lived in Egypt around 1300 BC have used Leather for the first time. However, it was not just the Egyptians who had learned how to make Leather. At the same time, evidence of the material’s use has been found in other cultures across Asia, Europe, and North America. During this time, Leather was used to make clothes, especially foot coverings, to protect the body and keep it warm while they were on the move. Early on, the Greeks began to use their Leather more decoratively. They also used it for other things. In addition, the Roman Empire, which used a lot of Leather in its clothes, helped to start the fashion industry. During this time, Leather went from being necessary for colonial survival to symbolizing wealth in many different groups.

When Leather was famous in the 1980s, it was thought of as a natural extension of the rock, punk, and new romantic music movements that were popular. During the 1970s, Leather became very popular with rock stars like Debbie Harry and Joan Jett, who made it a must-have item for every fan. So much so that Madonna was rarely seen without a piece of leather clothing or other leather goods.

In the 1990s, Leather wasn’t just for movie stars and music stars. People could wear it, too. A leather jacket or pair of leather pants was also unique for Kate Moss models. She was often photographed in this kind of clothes. Every year, more and more people are adding Leather to their clothes. Even fashion designers like Alexander Wang have made leather clothes.

The Role of Leather in the Fashion Industry

Uses of Leather in Fashion

The Leather used as Accessories:

When it comes to accessories, Leather is a highly sought-after material, which is comparable to the popularity of Leather in the fashion garment industry. Leather is also a viral material for fashion clothes, especially men’s attire. In addition to high-end fashion handbags and shoes, Leather is also popular in jewelry, watches, and mobile phone covers because of its durability and versatility.

Often regarded as the most luxurious handbags available on the market, several prominent designers like Gucci and Burberry will charge a premium for their leather handbags when they are placed on the market. Those who choose leather bags appreciate the distinct feel, long life, and pleasant aroma that Leather provides. Because they are constructed to last a lifetime if properly cared for, these handbags are very durable.

However, Leather is generally considered a luxury in the fashion accessory industry. It is not uncommon to find jewelry designers such as Thomas Sabo offering leather chains and bracelets alongside silver counterparts, with only a slight price difference between the two alternatives. A leather accessory may evoke sentiments of rebellion or ‘cool’ in the same way as a leather jacket, or leather trousers can elicit feelings of rebellion or calm. It is a very adaptable substance offered to individuals from various backgrounds, including those in the military. Of course, Leather is used in the fashion industry for accessories. Still, it is also employed in different sectors than fashion. Leather is a popular material for apparel because of its lightness, durability, and strength, among other characteristics. It is thus commonly used in boots for outdoor activities like hiking, driving gloves for its natural grip, and men’s belts since it is the most widely used material in belts for men.

The Leather used as Baggage:

Leather luggage, anything from overnight bags to culms and suitcases, has been popular since the late 1800s. On the other hand, Leather luggage has become even more popular in the last few years because of the high-end fashion brands that use Leather in their goods. Leather is used to make luggage bags by high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Ted Baker because it is durable and looks good. With the plastic and fabric-coated luggage often seen spinning around at baggage claim, leather bags are less likely to get scuffed or discolored than those that aren’t Leather. With the proper care and attention, any damage can be fixed. Because Leather is so easy to work with, it is trendy in luggage design. Plastic holdalls have no give in the fabric, but a leather holdall will grow with time to fit all of your things. Because leather luggage is durable and looks suitable for a long time, it is a good investment.

Importance of Leather

Lightweight and robust, Leather is easy to mold and cut because it breathes. It is now one of the most popular things to buy and sell on the world market. Leather for fashion is becoming more popular because of the fashion industry, especially in making shoes, jackets, handbags, and many more.

As one of the best materials, Leather has made shoes and other things since the Paleolithic era. Because it is light and robust, it can be easily molded and cut, and most importantly, it lets enough air flow. It is now one of the most popular things to buy and sell on the world market. Leather is becoming more popular because of the fashion industry, especially shoes. It is thought that a product made of genuine Leather is a sign of high quality and durability. You can additionally check intermode for more leather products collections.

The way people buy things now is different. There has been a significant rise in Indian leather buyers’ knowledge about the types of Leather available and how good the Leather is. In India, leather items are becoming more popular because of their durability, dustproof, fireproofed, and crack resistance, among other things. A lot of leather goods are sold in India because of it. As more people are using the internet and social media, customers are becoming more aware of the different types of Leather, textures, and other characteristics that they can find in furniture. It is likely to make people more interested in buying leather goods that have been branded. The availability of moderately priced, high-quality leather goods and a growing desire for durable goods are helping the leather goods market grow in India.


The military has always used Leather for things like fighter bomber jackets given to pilots in the 1920s, even though Leather is expensive and a high-quality material now. It had not yet become famous as a fashion item. Isn’t that true? It wasn’t until the 1960s that it became a must-have item in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Because of actors like Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen, leather jackets were a big thing during this time. They made the leather jacket an essential part of their lousy boy style during this time. After the movie Top Gun, Tom Cruise brought back the leather flying jacket, which became popular again afterward.

On the other hand, Leather has become a permanent part of fashion and clothes, unlike many different textiles and clothing items. Because leather clothing protects and lasts a long time and looks good, it has become a classic piece of clothing. Leather is the only thing that makes you look as unique as possible, whether you’re an A-list celebrity, a rock star, or just an average person on the street. Leather doesn’t make you look like anyone else.

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