11 Top Tips For Creating Great Pictures For Engagement Photographers

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in our life. It is a time in which we express our love for each other and begin to plan for the wedding, which could be just on the horizon. However, many decide to have the event recorded through pictures, which would require hiring an engagement photographer. If you are the photographer, then you need to understand what would be involved with the photos. You need to ensure that you engage all of your creativity to make the pictures interesting and something that the couple will love for many years to come.

11 Top Tips For Creating Great Pictures For Engagement Photographers

1. Get to Know the Couple:

It is never a bad idea to screen the couple before you begin working with them. In this instance, however, I’m talking about getting to know the couple on a more personal level before the time you take the pictures. Have more of a casual meeting with them, perhaps over lunch or a cup of coffee. You might even find that a phone call gives you enough information to get started. However, if you want to make the photographs memorable for the couple, you need to figure out what they want before you even get started. Learn more about their personality and the way that they interact with each other.

2. Keep Them in the Loop:

Although this tip really goes without saying, it can make or break a successful engagement photography session. It’s understandable that most couples will be nervous while they are getting their pictures taken on such a big day. Rather than having the focus be on you, make sure that they are engaged with one another. That leads us to something else important.

3. Allow for Public Displays of Affection:

If you are not accustomed to engagement photography, you may expect it to be somewhat like a family photoshoot or perhaps taking pictures of a model. It is what is behind the pictures, however, that makes the biggest difference. The couple may still be nervous about the pictures being taken, but they shouldn’t hold back when displaying affection for each other. They should be holding hands, kissing, and may even want to be silly every once in a while. Doing so will help them to be comfortable and will make the pictures shine.

4. Don’t Hold Back on ‘Burst Mode’:

Taking pictures one at a time would be problematic during this type of photography. The couple will not always give their best, but you can capture more natural shots by using burst mode. As the photography session continues, they will loosen up. However, even during the individual shots, using burst mode will allow you to capture those special moments, smiles, and a loving look that you may otherwise miss.

5. Location, Location, Location:

There are some limitations when doing engagement photography, and it is often location-specific. If you are familiar with the area, and you should be before you meet the couple, then be ready to suggest some places where engagement pictures can be taken. They might also have some ideas, and their input should certainly be welcome. There may be times when the couple travels out of town for their engagement pictures, so hit the highlights and let them know what is available.

6. Research in Advance:

To make the couple as comfortable as possible, they need to feel as if you are the authority and know what there is to know about the photography session coming up. That is why it is so important for you to do your research in advance. This goes beyond looking for the perfect location; consider the poses that bring out the couple’s best. Other things you can research include clothing and even the weather.

7. A Word About Clothing:

Some people tend to be one-dimensional when they think about their own engagement photography session. That is why you need to be upfront with them about the possibility of changing locations or even changing clothing. If there is one thing that will spice up the pictures and make them memorable, it’s using variety along with creativity. Along with letting them know what they can wear, let them know what they should not wear. Depending upon the background, the time of year, and the colors, some clothing may be off the menu.

8. Have Some Fun with the Options:

Is the couple thinking of taking part in the engagement pictures on their own? You might have a solution that would really take the pictures to the next level. Rather than going to a random location, why not set up a date night and have them go to their favourite restaurant or perhaps even the first place they met? You might also want to consider bringing in the engagement party rather than having the pictures only focus on the two of them. When it comes to successful engagement photography, everyone should be included.

9. Go RAW:

When you shoot in RAW, you have many more options than going with JPEG. You can adjust the exposure and do more editing, resulting in a much nicer finished product. It is also important to consider their preference for pictures, but you can always adjust and convert after the photo shoot is done.

10. Avoid Too Many Face Shots:

After reading the suggestion, you might think that it is crazy to avoid focusing on the face. After all, we are talking about a couple that is about to embark on a lifetime together. However, rather than just focusing on the faces, why not focus on the details and even on the background. At times, some of the favourite pictures are going to be those that don’t include a face, or perhaps, it could be that the face is not the primary subject of the photo.

11. Speak Up:

Don’t just be the person standing behind the camera, get in the conversation and help them to relax. Maybe you could have some jokes available or perhaps tell a story about another photoshoot where something funny happened. When you provide direction for the couple, they will follow, and it can really make a difference in the overall quality of the finished product. When you take the lead, they will appreciate the effort.

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