10 Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster

It is a proven scientific fact that every month around half an inch of growth is seen in hair growth. If you read somewhere or watch somewhere that somehow people are making their hair grow by 3-4 inches in a matter of weeks, it is a complete lie. Scientifically it is proven that you cannot grow more than half an inch, but genetic factors might increase or decrease your hair growth, but the effect is hardly substantial. People who might say that their hair is growing much faster could be that they have a thicker hair texture, and their hair has a higher density which makes it seem like their hair is longer. Although that does not mean you cannot do anything to stimulate or improve your hair growth. You can always improve your scalp health, make sure that you do not have hair fall, improve your hair growth and the efficiency of your hair growth, however minimal it may be. Today we are going to discuss how to have a healthy scalp and, in turn, improve hair growth.

Tips to grow hair faster

How Does Your Hair Grow?

Before we dig into how you can grow your hair faster, we must first understand how hair grows in the first place.

Humans are born with 5 million hair follicles, which is the maximum amount of hair follicles we will ever have. Around 100,000 of them are usually present on your scalp. From the bottom of follicles, your hair grows from a root present under your skin. Your hair roots are supplied with blood by your scalp, along with nutrients and oxygen via your follicles. This helps in your hair growth. When your hair grows, it pushes through your skin, and it passes by an oil gland, and this oil helps your hair be soft and shiny.

10 Tips to Increase Hair Growth Faster

Now losing about 50-100 hairs a day is perfectly normal, but anything higher can be alarming. What you need to understand is having a higher growth if hair just doesn’t include hair length and hair density. So when we say that the following tips are going to help you to have higher hair growth, we mean that we’ll help you in increasing hair density as well as hair length. We mentioned that 3-4 Inches in a week is not possible, which is true, but if you can follow the following steps, something more than half an inch is possible.

Massaging Scalp:

As mentioned above, blood circulation in your scalp is extremely important in having a healthy scalp. Massaging your scalp helps in exactly that. Not only does it help in increasing blood circulation, but it also stimulates your hair follicles. Now, the more your hair follicles are active, the more your hair grows. Hence massaging is extremely important and helps to increase growth. You can massage in two different ways: either by using oil or using the inversion method. Now we all know how to massage out hair with oil but what exactly is the inversion method? For the inversion method, you need to sit on your chair and flip your head down, such that your head is positioned below your heart. Now you must massage your scalp for about 5 minutes.


To have your hair grows healthily and at a proper pace, it is important that you periodically trim the edges of your hair. Otherwise, what happens is, if you do not trim them, the endpoints of your hair will split and entangle with other hair and eventually die. If you want your hair to be healthy in the long term, trimming the edges from time to time is very important.

Using Conditioner:

Most of us do not know this, but shampoo can do more harm to our hair than good. Although it is very important to shampoo, one must know that when we shampoo, it washes the dirt from our hair, yes, but at the same time, it takes away the essential oil which our hair needs to maintain a soft and smooth form. So it is always advisable that you should not shampoo more than 2 times a week. But now the question arises that if shampoo harms your hair, then how do you reverse it? That’s exactly where the conditioner comes in. To have healthy hair and for your hair to grow faster, every time you shampoo, make sure that you use a conditioner. Apart from returning all the essential oils back to your hair, the conditioner also helps repair damaged hair and keep it healthy and strong.

The egg mask treatment:

We all know eggs have many health benefits, but one of our body’s major parts that benefit from using eggs is hair. Eggs contain a lot of protein which is very good for our hair. The protein in the egg helps to make our hair follicles stronger, which helps in good hair growth and keeps our hair healthy.

Don’t bun your hair a lot:

This is especially for women or men with long hair; try as much as possible not to have a hair bun. If you have a hair bun or tie your hair very tightly, more often than not, there will be structural damage in your hair, resulting in the breakage of the fragile strands. Even if you are not putting your hair in a bun, but you wrap your hair with a towel after a shower, the results are the same. Wrapping in a towel is as damaging as a hair bun because your hair will get entangled, and when you will run a comb through it, the fragile ends will break off, and you will lose hair.

Pump Hair Care:

Pump Hair Care is an amazing brand that has come up with multiple hair products that can help you take care of your hair and stimulate hair growth.

Omega 3 fatty acids:

Omega 3 fatty acids have a lot of health benefits. They have a property called the anti-inflammatory property, which prevents the inflammation of various parts of our bodies, including the hair follicles. Inflammation of hair follicles is a major reason for hair loss; hence omega-three fatty acids actually help you prevent hair loss and, in turn, have better hair growth. Moreover, omega 3 fatty acids also keep your scalp healthy. You can easily have omega 3 fatty acids by having fishes like Salmon or anchovies. In case you cannot eat a fish for some reason, you can always have fish oil capsules.

Protein is the key:

Protein is very important for your hair. Unless you have enough protein, you won’t have a high hair replacement rate. If you do not intake a lot of protein, you will start losing hair, and your replacement rate won’t be as high as your loss rate. Hence it will seem that you are turning bald. To have a good hair growth rate, protein should be in your diet daily. Food like poultry, egg, fish contains high amounts of protein; having anyone per day is good enough. If you are a Vegetarian, you can have food like nuts, soya chunks, beans, cottage cheese, whole grains, and so on to have a lot of protein.

Vitamin A and C:

Apart from Protein, vitamins A and C are also essential for your hair. Vitamin C is required so that your hair can stay moisturized and is not prone to breakage. Free radicals can also damage hair, but Vitamin C’s antioxidant levels protect your hair from that. Vitamin A and C also help in repairing your hair tissues. Focus on food like green leafy vegetables; eggs, liver; these are rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin C can easily be obtained from citrus fruits and some vegetables like kiwi, Tomatoes, oranges, and so on.


Water is an essential element for our body and hair. If we are dehydrated, it can affect hair growth, and your hair can also get very dry. Dry hair is very prone to breakage, and soon you will start losing hair. You must drink a lot of water so that your hair and scalp can stay healthy. Make sure that you drink 5 liters of water every day without fail, and not just your hair but other parts of your body will stay healthy as well.


Taking care of one’s hair is not something very difficult. What we usually do is we take our hair for granted. We sometimes shampoo when we feel like and that’s about it. That is not enough. If we want our hair growth to be on the higher side and not want to lose our hair, we have to eat a certain food, apply certain things on our hair and take care of our scalp accordingly. Follow the tips mentioned in this article and you will never have a problem. And of course, Pump Health care is something everyone should consider for their hair care products.

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