Not Sleeping Well? 5 Simple Tips To Rest Better

Have you spent more time tossing and turning in bed than sleeping? If you’re not sleeping well, then it might be time to investigate why this might be, and what you can do to change things. Good sleep, like any other habit, is simply a matter of consistent, sustainable practice, and once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll find it easier than ever to catch up on some much-needed rest.

Not Sleeping Well? 5 Simple Tips To Rest Better

If you’re not sleeping well, don’t fret- we’ve gathered some of our favorite tips and tricks to get you started on a journey of resting nice and cozy through the night:

Tip #1 – Keep Your Circadian Rhythm In Check With Lights:

Your body has an internal clock that responds and reacts differently to external stimuli, including light. This is known as your body’s circadian rhythm, and it affects everything from your hormones to your brain.

Exposing yourself to natural, bright light during the day is going to ensure you’re doing everything you can to maintain a healthy sleep hygiene routine. In one study of insomnia conducted at Cornell University’s Medical College, 83% of participants found their sleep quality and duration improved after exposure to bright light during the day.

The circadian rhythm is also the reason behind staying away from phones and other technological devices closer to bedtime. If you’re not sleeping well, think back to what you do right before you go to sleep – do you include scrolling through your newsfeed as part of your night routine? The blue light emitted by these devices can confuse your brain, and keep it alert even as it’s time to wind down.

Tip #2 – Avoid Caffeine After Noon To Minimize Disruption:

If you love drinking coffee, and you’re not sleeping well, chances are cutting down on your beloved cup of joe might just be the answer you’re looking for. Caffeine can stay in your body for as long as eight hours after its consumption, meaning that even an innocent after-lunch caffeine hit can have long-lasting effects on your sleep.

If you need to drink coffee to survive your mornings, try and have your latest before noon. It’s important to keep in mind that caffeine isn’t only present in coffee, but other drinks, including green tea, certain soft drinks, and even certain types of snacks.

Even if you don’t think you’re particularly sensitive to caffeine, try to cut down on the amount you consume if you’re not sleeping well, and observe the impact it has on your sleep cycle – it might be more profound than you expect.

Tip #3- Go To Sleep And Wake Up At Consistent Times:

When you’re not sleeping well, giving your body a sense of structure can contribute enormously to healthy sleep patterns. Setting a consistent wake and sleep time, even on the weekends, will allow you to train your body to rest and recoup at certain set times.

When you sleep in on the weekends or try to pull all-nighters, you’re going to find naturally that you’re not sleeping well. That’s because varied times alter your circadian rhythm, as well as your body’s levels of melatonin, which can, in turn, disrupt your sleep.

After a couple of weeks of setting a natural wake and sleep time, you’re going to find you’re much more likely to wake up without an alarm clock at a certain time of day – this is your body’s way of indicating you have a natural schedule already.

Tip #4 – Take Natural Supplements That Improve Your Sleep:

If you’re curious to see if supplements might improve the quality of your sleep, there are a couple of more natural options that can help contribute to a healthy cycle. Melatonin is amongst some of the most popular sleep supplements since this is your body’s key sleep hormone for better quality rest.

One 2007 study revealed that taking melatonin improved both sleep quality and energy the next morning – more importantly, participants experienced no withdrawal symptoms, which can sometimes arise with other types of sleep medication.

Other natural supplements that have shown efficacy in samples of people who struggled with their sleep cycle include valerian root, magnesium, lavender, and ginkgo. Some experts also recommend herbal teas for a soothing night-time ritual right before you go to sleep.

If you’re not sleeping well and are curious to try out some natural supplements, be sure to integrate them into your routine slowly, since you’ll want to keep track of what’s working and what’s not, and you don’t want to overwhelm your body either.

Tip #5 – Keep Your Sleep Set-Up Ultra Cozy:

If you’re not sleeping well, an obvious but often overlooked solution is to review your sleep set-up. If you have an old mattress, your bed frame is squeaky, or you just don’t feel that great in your bedroom, it can contribute to a poor sleep cycle.

Ensure you have the best mattress for a good night’s sleep by thinking about your specific struggles in relation to sleep, and what you might need to counteract these. For instance, if you’re a hot sleeper, the most comfortable mattress for your rest should include cooling properties that make quick sleep simpler to achieve.

Just as importantly, the right bed frame for your back is important in ensuring you’re experiencing high-quality sleep. If you struggle with chronic back pain, you might want to consider getting something made with orthopedic considerations, or an adjustable base, with which you can adjust the sleeping position you’re after.

Setting up your bedroom to keep for ultimate comfort, keeping caffeine to a minimum, and trying to keep a consistent sleep schedule can all help with getting a better night’s sleep. Finding what works for you when it comes to getting proper rest can be a real process of trial and error, so try and remain patient if you find the first couple of things don’t work.

With a little bit of practice, you’re going to find better sleep is right around the corner. Happy snoozing!

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