5 Trending Shoe Styles for this Summer

Who said being in lockdown means sacrificing your looks? You can still follow all the quarantine guidelines, but do it in style. From fuzzy flip-flops to stylish clogs, we are going to cover five trending shoe styles that will be a hit this summer. Anyone can find what suits their taste when it comes to comfort wear (yes, this season is all about comfort and practicality, but versatility at the same time).

When the outside temperature rises, it exudes a warm feeling inside a person as well knowing that those “heavy-set” weatherproof boots can be finally ditched until next fall and changed into something open, light, and unbelievably comfy.

Speaking of comfort, let’s look at our first “star-of-the-day” to walk out and about in (well, mostly indoors, but some brave fashionistas will not hesitate to take it outside for the world to see).

Trending Shoe Styles for this Summer

Fuzzy Flip-Flops

Whether you are lounging at home or taking your dog for a nice walk in the neighborhood, one can rely on the lushness and plushness of these fashion staples: they will bring warmth and coziness sure to be appreciated. You are going to enjoy your stay-at-home routine more, and feel like you don’t want to leave your couch for the rest of your life!

If you are working remotely, your dress code is likely going to be very relaxed, and your immediate boss doesn’t have to know about a pair of cute fuzzy thongs you have under your office desk. After all: your house-your rules. Knowing that not only you are staying comfy, but also making a fashion statement is going to bring you a sense of satisfaction.

Tie-dye sneakers

Another great trend to mention was “inherited” from the year 2020: tie-dye anything, shoes are not an exception. Tired of the boring Adidas white sneakers you wear everywhere? Spice up your life with a pair of custom shoes you’ll not only enjoy wearing because of their unbelievable comfort but will look very stylish doing so. If your style is sporty, then you are in luck: you can now combine usability and fashion. The color options are pretty much endless, one can choose his/her favorite combo and go conquer the street style world.

For the DIY lovers and wannabe fashion designers out there, a great way to express creativity might be to actually hand-paint a pair of old canvas white sneakers. One can let his/her imagination fly, creating unique shapes, images, and forms to surely impress the world and make it a more fun, brighter place. Or if you are not at all confident in your artistic abilities, you can order a hand-painted pair on Etsy.com, for instance: either pre-made or customized specifically for your taste.

Embellished sandals

Fashionistas, rejoice! If you are one of these gals who likes a little “bling” in her life, look no further. Whether it be crystals, faux pearls, sequins, or exquisite embroidery, every “on-trend” lady is going to find something suiting her personal style. Many renowned haute couture designers like Stuart Weitzman, Jimmy Choo, Badgley Mischka, Gucci, and others are offering their unique perspective on a perfect embellished pair of slides for this 2021 spring-summer season: metal chains, silk flowers in combination with jewels, faux pearls, and shiny sequin appliques. The options are limitless.

Such a pair of sandals is not going to be left unnoticed and will surely become a center of attention at any type of social gathering, be it a simple out-and-about with friends, a birthday celebration, or a prestigious Met Gala event.

Platform Shoes

Finally, we can say “adios” to uncomfortable high heels and welcome the long-forgotten 90-s platform trend making a come-back on the runway. Whether it be the sneaker, flip-flop, or boot platform, any of these are going to become one of your go-to shoes to wear running errands in town or going out on a date. This trend will be especially appreciated by those petite ladies out there who want to add a little height to their delicate frame.

They can be combined with almost any piece in your closet: jeans, shorts, “grunge” style dresses, leather skirts, you name it. Such renowned designers as Prada, McQueen, Saint Laurent, and many others are offering many great options sure not to disappoint you, and you can choose a pair that reflects who you are, your unique personality.


Last, but definitely not least, are the clogs that are also making a comeback, just like the above-mentioned platform pumps. They were also very popular in the 90s and many trendsetters were spotted wearing them back in the Spice Girls-era. Throwing clogs on made you feel like you are a red riding hood (or maybe a Snowhite, every girl had her own association) walking through the neighborhood, especially if paired with a flowy dress or a ruffle skirt.

They come in a variety of different shapes: mary-janes, slides, stilettos, even ankle booties, and look their best in bright, summer palettes: green, yellow, red, orange, blue, practically all the colors of the rainbow! Take note of some creations by Stella McCartney, Fabrizio Vitti, Hermes, and a very popular Swedish brand Maguba: you won’t leave the store (whether in-person or online) empty-handed.

Which One in “the One?”

When choosing a pair of pretty, stylish, and comfy shoes, keep your lifestyle in mind. Don’t just fall victim to vogue, since not each and every piece is going to satisfy your everyday needs. Are you a streetwalker or a catwalker? Sporty or glamour? It’s best if the pair you decide to purchase is versatile: can be worn at work all day and then take you to a night out with friends.

Remember, the new 2021 spring-summer season is all about stylish comfort: you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other to look (and feel) good. Passion for Fashion, anybody?

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