Trending Shoes for Women in the 2021-2022 Season

Shoe trends for spring-summer 2021 are a symbiosis of comfort and conciseness with a touch of nostalgia for the 2000s. Some once-hype models have disappeared from the radar altogether, such as oversized sneakers with many details. We suggest that you take a look at the most relevant shoe models of the new season.

Trending Shoes for Women in the 2021-2022 Season

Massive Shoes:

The trend for massive shoes is far from new, but in 2021 it is even more diverse. These are not only the usual boots with tractor soles and lacing. On the catwalks, models paraded in shoes on a giant platform, in futuristic boots with massive soles, or in boots with rough heels. Shoe Me offers a wide range of massive shoes in various colors and styles that are up to fashion these days. Sneakers in the spring of 2021 can be on a flat platform or a voluminous multi-layer sole, white, bright or pastel. Replenish your collection with a new pair, because there are never too many sneakers. Massive models are part of the casual wardrobe, they can replace almost any pair of shoes. Wear with suits to the office, skirts to parties and shorts on vacation.

Feminine Flat Shoes and Sandals:

Despite the complete absence of a heel, pointed shoes, sandals, and slippers look elegant. You can wear them both with casual clothes during the day and in the evening, with smart casual clothes. We have seen such models in the collections of Shi Rt, Georgio Armani, and Valentino.

Shoes with Unusual Heels:

Under this generic name, we have collected shoes with non-standard heels. There are beveled heels of cowboy boots, and flat with an offset center, and Victorian forms of wide glasses, and heels-commas. Mostly, heels of non-standard shapes are low, therefore they are adapted to everyday life. Shoes with a wide shot glass can be worn with jeans and a T-shirt, and sandals with comma heels replace stiletto heels in the office or at a party.

Loafers & Oxfords:

The timeless classic that reminds us of rainy London has returned to us with a new breath. This year, loafers and oxfords are better to wear with high socks, tights, cozy sweaters, and oversized coats. Create images that are comfortable for yourself and do not freeze.

Clogs for the Spring-Summer Season:

Clogs can be called a floating trend in modern fashion. As we remember, the term “clogs” in France was called wooden shoes, which were worn by the poor and workers. Clogs protected their feet from dirt, snow and served for a long time. Later, beautiful wooden shoes with carvings were made for girls from wealthy families. In general, it happens like unsightly work shoes at some point become fashionable and, if you like, status shoes. The most popular clogs are flip flops with a massive wooden sole with a leather upper, which is fastened with nails with decorative caps. These are the shoes that women of fashion will wear in spring and summer.

Platform Shoes:

Platform sandals are a great option for those who are not fond of heels but still do not mind getting off the ground. They will also visually lengthen the legs and fit into any look: they will add a little boldness to a romantic dress, and a little glamor to familiar jeans. The combination of a high platform and a thick heel is reminiscent of shoes from the 70s and 90s. The return of the model can be explained by the nostalgia for the 70s, which manifested itself in many wardrobe items. Platforms add height and reduce the actual height of the heel: the shoe stays tall and benefits from comfort. With shoes and ankle boots with a heel and platform, you can create both extravagant images and more familiar ones.

Kitten Heels:

Kitten heels, or small heels, are the perfect alternative for women who want to wear heeled shoes but keep them comfortable. Any variation is in fashion: glass-heel, mini-stiletto heel, square heel. Global brands are very quickly picking up trends and rethinking familiar models. And the trends of the next year are practicality, versatility, and durability. Mini-heeled shoes look great with cropped jeans, shorts, midi skirts, and culottes.

Military Boots:

Rough, heavy-soled boots embody the desire for protection this season – one of the most important directions for 2020/2021. The model resembles Lara Croft’s shoes. Good boots, you have to take them. Check out the high Dino Bigioni, Vagabond mid-calf, and massive ASH – they all differ in height and shape of the sole, but each one is spectacular in its own way. The resemblance to military footwear gives the boots a tractor sole and lacing, which reminds of army boots with high ankle boots.

Square Toe Shoes:

The trend of the last year, the square toe is like a ‘hello’ from the past. However, in boots with thick or flared heels, it looks more than modern. Bottega Veneta sandals with a square toe contributed to the popularity of Instagram, and it seems that half of the modeling world already has photos in them. You can opt for a pair of square-toed ankle boots or loafers, or buy sandals to wear warm in spring and summer.

White Ankle Boots:

Another hero who has moved with us into the new season is white. White leather ankle boots and boots refresh well and contrast the image; you can wear them both with monochrome gray-white things, and with bright prints and pastels. A combination of white ankle boots, jeans, and a basic shirt will be a win-win. Not sure what shoes to buy for the spring? White is the answer to everything!

Boots and Shoes with Animal Print:

It may seem to you that this trend is no longer new. You’re right, but print hasn’t lost its popularity season after season. Leopard, tiger, zebra, snake, or crocodile – any animal motif has its own magnetism. Wear animalistic ankle boots, boots, and shoes with simple, solid colors. Depending on the color and combination, such shoes can become both the center of the image and interesting complementary detail.


Demi-season models can be worn in frost and thaw; for slush, options on the platform are suitable. Chunky boots are worn with both skinny jeans and wide trousers that can be tucked in, cropped, or tucked into the boot. Chelsea can be in the tone of the clothes, or they can be a contrasting accent of the image – white or red.

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