8 Trendy Hair Styling Tips for Older Women

Picking a hairstyle once you turn older is a difficult task. Most mature women want to look presentable while still maintaining a sense of individuality with their hairstyle. It can be challenging to pick something unique while maintaining a clean look.

One of the keys to finding youthful hairstyles is embracing your type of hair. Certain hairstyles will suit you more simply based on your hair type. Asking your hair salon what kind of hair you have can save you from playing guessing games with different hairstyles.

Trendy Hair Styling Tips for Older Women

8 Trendy Hair Styling Tips for Older Women

Let’s look at eight best tips for picking hairstyles when you are an older woman:

1. Use Grey to Your Advantage

Using your natural appearance to your advantage is only going to help you appear more youthful. Instead of running from your grey hairs, find a hairstyle that uses it to your advantage. You can try using blonde or caramel hues in your hair to blend with your natural greys.

Using very subtle highlights can help you create a youthful hairstyle. Too much contrast between your natural hair and highlights will look out of place. Stick to highlights that are just 1-2 tones lighter. You can also try going in the opposite direction and use dark highlights within the 1-2 tone range.

2. Try a Medium Layered Haircut

A layered haircut is a flattering option for women with fair complexions and long hair. The top layers of your hair are gradually cut shorter, while your longest strands of hair will graze your shoulders. This is a very easy hairstyle to maintain. You can accentuate this look by sweeping your bangs to the side or styling your tips with a round brush.

You can make this hairstyle work with thin hair by sticking to subtle layers to avoid losing their density during movement. With thin hair, focus on the layers that help frame your face within the haircut.

3. Try a Feathered Bob with a High Crown

This is another way to use feathered layers that creates a fun and refreshing look. Combining feathered layers with a bob style is a great way to add the appearance of volume in your hair. This hairstyle uses chin-length layers in the front that get progressively shorter as you move towards the back. Combine this look with long bangs for a youthful and versatile hairstyle.

4. Short Curly Bob For Thick Hair

If you have thick, curly hair, this is an excellent low-maintenance hairstyle that will help you look younger. With your hair tightly curled, it will be able to comfortably hold the shape of the bob, which should make maintenance easy. Brush your hair while it’s wet to prevent this hairstyle from getting overly fluffy.

5. Pixie with Pushed Back Bangs

This is a fun, youthful hairstyle for women with short hair. All you need is a bit of wax to push your bangs back in the front. With your bangs slicked back, you create a more striking impression of volume. You can also use pomade to keep your bangs pushed back.

6. Long Shaggy Pixie Cut

This is a great style for adding lift to your hair while maintaining a clean look. The long shaggy pixie cut is a flexible style that allows you to play with how your hair is styled in the front.

This is also a great hairstyle to keep if you’re trying to grow your hair out. The long shaggy pixie is an excellent style for framing your face using the longer hair in the front.

7. Teased Soft Curls

Teasing your curls is a great way to maintain short to medium-length hair. Teasing is also a flexible technique for quickly changing hairstyles. Your appearance will change depending on which areas of your hair you tease and if you decide to add parts and bobby pins.

Adding a part in the center is a great way to add all-around volume to your hairstyle. Your hair can get difficult to manage when it’s teased, so make sure you pick a style before you start going to work on your hair. You can finish off this style by lightly backcombing your hair until you achieve your desired level of volume.

8. Thin Hair vs. Thick Hair

With thin hair, look for haircuts that create the illusion of thickness and volume. These types of cuts will flatter your hair, whether it’s straight or curly. Short hairstyles also work best for people with thin hair. The shorter hairstyles will help create the illusion of volume.

People with thick hair have many options they can use to their advantage. If your hair is thick enough to feel heavy, try short haircuts that accentuate your natural volume. You can also experiment with different bob hairstyles with colors and unique finishes. Thick hair is also well suited for medium-length haircuts.

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