4 Different Types of Eye Lashes

Playing around with different types of lashes is a fun activity for every woman. Luckily nowadays we are blessed enough with plenty of options to choose from. Are you someone who craves diversity? Well, this article will help you pick out your perfect lash kind, and will teach you all about the application process. You will easily master each of these steps, as long as you have a steady hand, mind of steel, and some patience!

Different Types Of Eye Lashes

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Different Type Of Eyelashes:

Before we get into this article, make sure you have the right set of tools for different types of lashes, such as :

1. For Glue-on Lashes:

  • Several kinds of lashes
  • Glue
  • Tweezers
  • A mascara

2. For Individual Lashes:

  • Lash glue
  • Tweezers
  • Mascara

3. For Lash Extensions:

  • A lash comb

4. For Magnetic Lashes:

  • Different kinds of magnetic lashes
  • Mascara

How to Apply These Different Types of Eye Lashes

1. Glue-On Lashes:

The most used lashes in the beauty community are definitely glue-on lashes. These can be easily found in drugstores, malls, and online. Women prefer these lashes because they are quite affordable and they can be reused for up to 10 times! Most beauty experts recommend Ardell lashes, as well as Huda Beauty and Lilly Ghalichi.


  • You can purchase them in many different shapes, sizes, and lash materials
  • You can easily remove them just by pulling off at the end of the night
  • Easy to find online and in stores
  • Affordable


  • You will need to practice your application till you master it
  • You will also need a lash glue, mascara, and tweezers for each application
  • Might glue off if you cry or if you are exposed to poor weather conditions

2. Individual Lashes:

If you have a mind of steel and if you like stacking on lashes you will love individuals. These lashes come in a box and are stacked in many different length and curls. Usually, ladies who have thick and long lashes tend to go for this solution only to further enhance their volume. Unfortunately, if you don’t have some volume then you might not love the outcome with individuals. The outcome of this lash type is really natural and ideal for any relaxed or formal activity.


  • Very natural looking
  • Affordable
  • Will look the best on those who already have some length and volume


  • You need to be really patient and persistent when applying them
  • Can glue off
  • Won’t long nice if your lashes are sparse
  • Can look uneven if you don’t stack them the right way
  • Demand a lot of tools and a mind of steel

3. Lash Extensions:

Permanent eyelash extensions are a huge hit nowadays among celebrities and many makeup artists. Women love them because they are very sturdy and can last for 3-4 weeks when done the right way. The application process is done at a salon by a certified lash expert by two needles and a lash adhesive. The application can take up to 2 hours of your time, but the outcome is worth the wait. The best part about lash extensions is that they can be customized per your eye shape and your wanted outcome. Another thing that is great is the fact that you will only need to use a lash comb to separate them through. No reason for heavy mascaras or lash curlers, ever.


  • Will last you for a month
  • You will get a customized solution
  • Can look both natural or voluminous, based on how you like them
  • Waterproof, windproof and sturdy
  • Won’t come off or peel off throughout the day
  • You won’t need any mascaras, curlers or tweezers


  • You will need to refill them every 3 weeks
  • Can be expensive

4. Magnetic Lashes:

A newer and interesting kind of lashes on the market and in the beauty world are magnetic lashes. Women love them due to their innovative and fun design. In fact, these lashes are applied and held by a magnetic force. You will need to apply one lash on the upper lid and the other kind underneath your lashes in order to hold them together. You can find them easily online and a bit harder in stores.


  • No need for purchasing the lash glue
  • Mess-free application
  • Easily found online
  • Many different kinds


  • The magnetic force might not be as safe or reliable as the glue
  • Harder found in stores

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