Waist Training Reviews: is it Fad or Fab?

Celebrity grooming habits have always been appealing to fashion enthusiasts. From hair products to the latest clothing brands, people always like to follow the trends promoted by their favourite celebrities or icons. Despite knowing the filters that the pictures of celebrities go through, people blindly follow whatever is recommended by them – the latest being Kim Kardashian’s obsession with ‘waist training’.

Recently, Kim Kardashian and her sisters have shown profuse interest in wearing waist trainers and flaunting them on social media.

Waist Training Reviews is it Fad or Fab

What is Waist Training?

Waist training is the process of getting an hour-glass shaped waist by wearing elasticized belts that look like corsets. However, it must be remembered that these elasticized belts, also called waist trainers, are in no way similar to boned corsets, and mustn’t be confused with the same. Waist trainers are a high-compression garment that is worn around the midsection to give an impression of a slimmer waist. The trainers press against the rib bones, thus pushing them further inside. This, coupled with the reduction of abdominal space, gives the slimmer, hour-glass look to women who wear them.

While some people wear it as a fashion statement, others wear it for a perfect posture and figure. To put it simply, women wear these corsets to flaunt an hourglass figure and attract attention at special events. It must also be noted that waist training has nothing to do with spot reduction or losing weight. If any change is observed, then it is mainly because of the less consumption of food while wearing the trainers. The results are semi-permanent and the body tends to regain its original shape when trainers are not used for a significant period.

How Does it Work?

Waist training is a very simple to follow procedure. You will need to wear your waist trainer properly and make sure that you have got the shape that you want. Once you have done that, you can wear any dress and you will see the hourglass effect of the trainers. You can wear it on special occasions or try them every day for a particular period of time to get a semi-permanent hourglass shape. It must, however, be remembered that the results will cease to exist once you stop wearing the trainers.

Different Styles of Waist Trainers to Choose From

Choice of corsets differs with the body shape and type. Corsets or waist trainers must be worn according to the comfort. Wearing a tight corset or picking the wrong ones can be a great hazard to health.

There are Numerous Types of Corsets Available in the Market. But Usually they are Simply Classified into Two Types:

  • The first ones are simple waist trainers worn post pregnancy to give strength to the abdominal muscles. This kind of waist trainers are endorsed medically and used to tighten the muscles that have loosened up due to pregnancy.
  • The other ones are the fashionable steel-boned corsets or plasticized belts that are worn under clothes for an hourglass They are usually worn to flaunt a sexy waistline like most of the celebrities.

Corsets must be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Waist trainers must be fit enough to strengthen your abdominal muscle and allow you to sit, eat, or drink as well comfortably.

Apart From the Above Two Types, Waist Trainers Are Also Classified Into the Following Four Types:

Everyday waist trainers – As the name suggests, these trainers can be worn with everyday clothes. They remain fully hidden under regular wear clothing and help give a nice, slim shape to the wearer. It can be worn anywhere, without any time and occasion limitations. Can be worn by everyone.

Steel-boned laceup corsets – These corsets are ideal for those who prefer a dramatic effect in daily-day fashion. Good for wearing on special events and occasions and social events.

Workout waist trainers – Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, these waist trainers can help you intensify your workouts so that you lose calories easily. Boosts perspiration or sweating to give the best results of strength training and cardio exercises.

Vest waist trainers – These trainers not create an hourglass shape, but also offer good support to the bust and the back. They can be worn with everyday wear or can be used only for special occasions. Suitable for all styles and attires.

Waist Trainer Sizes – How to Choose the Correct Size?

Waist Trainers are Meant to be Chosen According to the Size of the Wearer. You Cannot Wear a Tight-Fitting Corset; Else you End up Having Disrupted Internal Organs.  While Choosing the Correct Size for a Comfortable Waist Trainer, You Need to Follow the Below Tips:

  • Waist trainer is available in different types of sizes ranging from small to 6xl depending on the individual brands. Thus it is necessary to take your perfect measurement before selecting the size.
  • If you are in between size, you must opt for the bigger size. Smaller sizes may be uncomfortable at times.
  • While purchasing the waist trainer, you must try it on a light fitted tank top. If it feels slightly pinched, it is perfectly fine to wear.
  • While choosing a lace corset, the sizing differs a bit than the regular ones. Lace corsets are bought 3-4 inch smaller than the normal ones.

In Order to Find the Right Size for Your Waist Trainer, You Need to Follow the Steps Mentioned Below:

  1. First stand in a position so that your back is totally straight.
  2. Then find the position where your torso naturally bends by placing your hand on one side of your waist.
  3. Then measure your waist with a fabric or vinyl measuring tape.
  4. Take a measurement of the narrowest point of your waist.
  5. Then measure your hip bones at its widest part.
  6. Then take measurement of your breasts at its fullest section.

Once you have these measurements, you can easily find a waist trainer that goes well with your measurements.

How to Pick the Right Waist Trainer?

Follow the below tips to choose the right waist trainer;

  • Measurement

Measurement matters a lotfor zeroing on the right waist trainer. For a waist trainer, you must determine the waist size and buy accordingly. Never buy a bigger size than the waist as it will not give you the desired shape.

  • Getting it right

Relax the tape while taking the measurement. You must get it right to avoid wasting your time and money on an ill-fitting corset.

  • Size chart

Every brand has a different size chart differing with the measurements. Check out the size chart to buy the perfect size of waist trainers. It is also important to buy 2-3 sizes smaller than the actual measurement on the tape. This gives you a perfect hour-glass shape, and you get what your desire.

  • Corset length

The length of the corset hugely defines the shape of your body. While for day to day ear you can buy shorter corsets, they will lead to bulging of tummy when you wear jeans.

  • Bustline

When you buy a waist trainer, it is important to maintain the bust line as well. For the first timers, underbust corsets are better than the full coverage waist trainers.

  • Boning

Boning plays an important role in fittings of the corset. Steel bones are very comfortable and help you loosen up the corsets according to your comfortability.

How to Start with Waist Training?

When you buy a waist trainer for the first time, you may not be able to carry the whole day. In fact, it is best that you start with your waist training schedule in baby steps so that your body can gradually get adapted to it and you can get better results within a small time frame. You can continue wearing it for short periods interlaced with intervals and gradually increase the time. Additionally, you can take up a health challenge for 30 days and start wearing the waist trainers accordingly.

An ideal waist training schedule would be something like the following:

Week 1

For newbies, it is suggested that you wear the trainer for only 1-3 hours initially. Do this for about 3-4 days so that your body doesn’t suddenly start feeling suffocated. After the initial few days, start wearing the trainers for about 4-6 hours. Preferably, this should be broken into smaller sessions of 2-3 hours each. Make sure that you start a simple workout regime as well. Initially do strength training and cardio exercises like leg raises, crunches, etc. in small sets. You may also do other light exercises, but do not be too tough on your body. This must be done only 5 days per week.

Week 2

Week 2 should also consist of 5 days of waist training. Each day, wear the waist trainer for up to 6-8 hours. Break this into small sessions of 2-4 hours each. This aside, you should also continue with your initial fitness regimen and add some repetitions to the exercises that you performed during the first week.

Week 3

In this week, it should be your goal to increase your waist training days to 7 from the initial 5. Moreover, you should also add more hours to your per day waist training session. Ideally, you should wear your waist trainers for 8 hours or more per day. Make sure that you continue performing the exercises as before, only intensifying the workout by increasing the number of repetitions that you do for each exercise.

Week 4

During this week, make sure that you wear the waist trainer throughout the week, doing 10 hours or more per day. This should be complemented by your workout regimen which will be further intensified by adding repetitions to the exercises that you do.

You should also make sure that you follow your exercise regimen religiously so that you get the best results from your waist training. Additionally, you should also chalk out a healthy diet, including nutritious yet small meals. Make sure that you do not starve yourself by eating very less. You can also opt to detox or cleanse your body for fantastic results.

What Can You Expect from Waist Training?

Waist training is a simple yet effective technique for those looking for a slim hourglass body. However, the results of waist training are not same for everyone. This is because ‘training’ your waist to get the perfect shape depends on a number of factors. Since these factors vary from one woman to another, it cannot be said that same training will yield the same result in all women. The major factors that cause variation in the result obtained are as follows:

  • The duration of wearing the waist trainer each day
  • The number of days you ‘train’ your waist
  • Exercise and diet regime that you follow and their effectiveness in cutting out deposited fat from your abdominal areas
  • The degree of tightness your corset provides
  • Your genetics. Genetics plays an important role in determining how the technique will work for you. Since, each body is quite different, the results obtained will also be different even if the above factors remain constant.

User Reviews on Waist Training

Since the results vary from person to person, you may often think that those curvy waists are possible only for high-famed celebrities who follow strict workout regimes and fantastic diets that most common people cannot follow. However, waist training is not only for celebrities. It has equally good benefits for common women who want to look slimmer and curvier. Given below are 5 user reviews from women who have found out the wonders of waist training:

Lisa Ray: Whether I am going out to a party or an evening date, I have found the waist trainer as my best companion. It helps me wear any type of dress I like and flaunt my curves!

Beth Williams: It is a wonderful piece of garment that has given a different dimension to the women’s Once used, no women can ever live without it!

Sarah Brown: After some struggle to lose weight, I took solace in waist training. I have never found anything beautiful than a set of waist trainers. It not only makes me look slimmer but has also strengthened my abdominal muscles.

Fiona Brown: I always wondered how the Kardashian sisters flaunt their curvy hourglass shape. After knowing about the waist trainer, I couldn’t resist myself and bought one. Trust me; I wonder how I lived without it for so long!

Rose White: I was struggling with post-pregnancy I took up the waist training challenge and ended up losing much weight in 30 days. Now I look slimmer than I was before pregnancy!

Important FAQs of Waist Training

  • Does waist training make you look slimmer?

Waist trainers have an instant effect on your abdominal muscles. They help you look slimmer in all types of dresses and gives you an hourglass shape. However, it is just a waist clinching technique.

  • Does it lead to weight loss?

Well, temporarily, yes! You may look slimmer, and people may ask about your weight loss. However, without a prolific diet and exercise, you cannot rely ononly n waist trainer for weight loss.

  • Can you lose body fat?

Waist trainers only help you give an impression of slimmer body. You cannot lose fats with them. However, waist trainers help you avoid overeating and thus, you may not put on extra weight!

  • Can waist training be dangerous?

Waist training is a fashion fad that may have dangerous effects on your boy. If you wear ill-fitted corsets or wear them longer than 6 hours a day, you may face discomfort on a regular basis. Not only have that, waist training can also cause potentially dangerous shift of your body organs. Corsets shift your upper organs more upwards, and lower organs downwards. This may lead to difficulty in breathing and indigestion. Waist training while exercising can also cause excessive sweating which may lead to dehydration if you do not take extra care of the amount of fluids that you take every day. Additionally, waist training can also affect your abdominal muscles as they are not as active as they should be. This happens prominently if you are waist training for a prolonged period. It also causes weakening of the back muscles as the use of a corset prevents the back muscles from performing their normal functions. Waist training can also be dangerous for young girls who are still in their growth period and haven’t achieved full body development. Waist training at a young age, can hamper proper growth of muscles and organs, thus leading to potential health risks. It has also been found that waist training can lead to side effects like pulmonary problems, lung issues, skin infections and kidney issues along with constant body pain.

Waist Training vs Waist Taming – The Difference

Waist training involves the use of normal corsets or steel boned corsets or elasticized belts that can be worn under the garments for a longer period. They are used to cover the underbust or over bust for an hourly glass shape. However, waist taming involves the use of clinchers – a stretchy piece of garment that is worn on the waist. It focuses only on the waistlineandis intended to hide belly fat. Waist trainers are worn with an intention to mould the body, while taming is done only for a period of time to get a more feminine shape.


Waist trainers can be highly addictive to women who are conscious about their looks. However, certain health hazards follow with this fashion trend. It is recommended that the fashion must be followed only if you are comfortable with it. Always take perfect measurements and wear the right waist trainer to flaunt a beautiful figure.

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