Waxing or Shaving? Which is Good for your Skin

Removing unnecessary body hair is a continuous purpose of fear for the majority of female which comes down to this: wax or shave? This discussion have been happening for years by now.

Waxing sometimes is slightly hurtful while shaving your hair however is somewhat dangerous but is not in any way hurtful.

We shall now discuss both the aspects whether which is more preferable: waxing or shaving?

shaving or waxing? which is good for your skin


You will find different types of waxing products customized for specific parts of your body.

  • Strip Wax
  • Hot Wax

Strip Wax:

Strip wax is commonly used on bigger parts of the body (upper body, hands, feet and backside) because it consumes less time and is even simpler. The hairs on such areas of the body usually are considerably less in amount and also much simpler to take off.

Hot Wax:

Hot wax is mainly used in small locations (face, swimsuit and underarms) and also for hairs which are more in quantity as well as difficult to take off.

I will now being briefing down few points to show you why waxing is better than Shaving in many ways.

The Outcomes are Trustworthy:

If you shave, you simply cut off the part of the hair that sits on the top of your skin instead of the overall hair around the origin. The time-line for a brand new hair to develop is about 3 to 6 weeks, it may vary for each individual.

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Your Skin becomes Softer:

Hair always keep rising , as well as like I said in the above given point , whenever you shave , you simply eliminate the hair on the top of your skin, and as a couple of days passes the hair sitting under the skin areas will make the region somewhat blunder . Once you wax, although the hairs are totally taken off and growing merely takes place in a couple of weeks, leaving behind the skin layers soft without any blunder.

Eliminates Dead Skin Cells:

Whenever the wax is extracted from the skin layers , it not just eliminates the hairs from that part , but almost all the dead skin cells within that region are taken out as well , this provides a 2-in-1 remedy .

Shaving your hair could be a bit of tedious, each alternate date we see that we need to remove hair from those places once more, and even at times we might not perhaps get a chance to shave as we will be leading quite hectic and busy life. Getting a wax done takes a couple of hours or two from your time indeed, however which is after every 3 to 6 weeks! Just think of without having to bother about in case you have to shave or not for weeks.

I would absolutely advise you to fix up a time each month for yourself to wax, it actually can help you eventually!

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