3 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

It’s safe to say that the last 12 months have been uncharacteristically stressful for all of us. We’ve had to adjust to a new way of living, deal with a global pandemic, and being isolated and away from our usual routines and social circles.

Many mental health experts have noticed that now more than ever we’re collectively experiencing the effects of grief. We’re grieving life as it was before, and grieving all the plans we had to do away with when everything in the world changed.

Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

On a global scale, the mental and emotional effects of the last year are starting to show. Mental health and wellness have emerged as one of the biggest crises of this time, with more and more people feeling stressed, anxious and sad right now. Between economic uncertainty, worry for loved ones, exhaustion, and the impact of being socially distanced, there are a lot of things that can compromise our sense of inner peace and emotional wellbeing.

During this time, taking care of our mental health really matters. Instead of waiting for a mental health crisis to take place, we need to put in place mental wellness practices that create the mental strength and stability that allow us to navigate uncertain times in a healthier way.

By proactively putting the right measures in place, we can still create for ourselves a sense of calm, abundance, and capability that will benefit us in every area of our lives.

Here are ways to Maintain your Mental Health.

Take Up a Soothing Activity:

There’s a big reason why things like baking, DIY furniture projects, and even gardening have increased. With people being at-home now more than ever, people are tapping into their creativity as a source of calm and relaxation. There are certain activities that are therapeutic because they allow you to be present in what you’re doing at that moment, so you’re not focusing on negative things.

When you create something, you get to accomplish something great, whether it’s baking a cake or upcycling an old table into something new and different. Creativity is one of the best ways we can work on improving our mental health. There are so many options for things you can take up as hobbies that will be therapeutic and even meditative. Digital printing is a fun way to create special things, flex your creative muscle, and make yourself feel better. All you need is a printer and some Epson pigment ink, and you’ll be able to do high-quality photos and prints which you can frame and put on your walls to give your space a facelift. Crafting is such an amazing way to tap into some calm, serene energy and help keep you from going down a spiral of anxiety.

Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness:

When so many things in the world feel uncertain, it’s easy to feel anxious. The only way we can counter these feelings is by remembering all that we have to still be grateful for. The practice of gratitude is important because it allows us to focus on the good, and when we look for the good, more good things will always show up. The practice of mindfulness reminds us to stay in the present moment so that we can focus on the here and the now.

It’s as simple as taking a look out of the window and appreciating the view without being distracted by our phones or our work schedules. Mindfulness is fully engaging in eating a meal so we can appreciate it and enjoy it more. It’s simple things like this that take us out of feeling scared, sad, and uncertain and allow us to find something to smile about.

Unplug Regularly:

One of the reasons we’re feeling so much anguish and fear is our constant connection to social media and the news cycle. This unfettered access to the latest news and the information overload of social media has a huge effect on how we feel. We either feel fearful and uncertain or social media makes us feel like we’re not doing as well as other people are. All these things leave us feeling down, unmotivated, and even depressed.

By unplugging from time to time, we give ourselves a break from being online all the time. This is the perfect time for us to start feeding our minds and souls with positive and encouraging messages and influences. There is a huge mental downside to being constantly plugged in, and this is one of the biggest reasons why so many people feel so drained and stressed out right now.

By taking a few steps, we can reduce our stress and anxiety, not just right now, but throughout our lives. Our stress levels impact every single area of our lives, and if we build the right habits to maintain calm, we can navigate hard times better.

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