5 Ways to Make Flowers a Fashion Trend

From Ralph Lauren to Yves Saint Laurent, the world of haute couture is incomplete without the horticulture. Who’s who of the fashion world finds solace and inspiration when fiddling with their garden. Weird it may be but it is true that flowers share a very functional relationship with the world of fashion. Mulberry went for a pink wall adorned with single buds of roses and hydrangeas in metallic test tube-like structures. The renowned hat designer Philip Treacy has gone on record to say, “Nature is the only perfection in the world.” And according to Van Noten, “Gardening puts thing into perspective. You can’t say I’m sorry; I can’t wait because I have to launch a collection. You will have to make time for it.”

Christian Louboutin too, vouches for gardening in his book and accepting that how flowers helped him acknowledge and sense different blends, textures and layouts.  The list of their love for the flowers is exhaustive. Therefore, let’s leave the champions of fashion aside and talk about us. Can we get enough of flowers? While Moschino’s blossoming flower bouquet at City Flowers, a skirt made of roses and thighs covered with flowers is taking our love of flowers a bit too extreme for us,  we bring you some practical, beautiful and pocket-friendly fashion advice that gives the much-needed boost to your glamour quotient and very much doable.

1. Wear Flowers as a Crown:

Floral headpieces aren’t news for runway models. Of course, Beyoncé’s is the coolest but don’t let anybody stop you from becoming a queen. You can always wear a floral crown when you want to! Wear them to weddings, to the bachelorette parties or a girls’ night out! Just be the diva you are! You don’t have to go the larger-than-life way as Beyoncé’s to rock a floral tiara. It is completely easy to make it and all you need is a string of flowers and a thread!

2. Flowers as Wedding Jewellery:

Ditch the traditional jewellery and go the natural way! On your ‘Haldi’ ceremony or the ring ceremony, you can flaunt floral jewellery that comprises earrings, ‘maang-teeka’, bracelet and tiara. While it can be really difficult to sport the gold jewellery with all that bling of heavily embroidered ‘lehenga’, the floral jewellery keeps you refreshed and fragrant.

3. Make Flowers your Lifestyle:

Remember those retro actresses or Doordarshan’s anchors? It seems Vincent Van Gogh’s statement that ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ was meant for them. Just wear a flower in your hair, braid them or just let them hang there in the bun, or wear the good old ‘gajra’ whenever you are sporting a traditional outfit. The best part is that to wear flowers in your hair, you don’t need to care for what you are wearing or what the occasion is. Just sport the flower and let your confidence do the talking!

4. Turn Flowers into your Perfume:

You must have heard about lavender being used as a stress-busting remedy or chamomile tea being used to soothe and cure insomnia. Let us take flowers to a completely new level by making them a perfume! Imagine being around flowers all the time and smelling like them! To make a floral perfume, you don’t have to go through a difficult process like cultivation or need some serious and expensive equipment either! All you need is vodka, distilled water and the flowers that you love and want to smell like!

5. Floral print Sarees for Routine and Special Occasion:

Wear your love for flowers on your sleeve! It could probably be the easiest and simplest way to include flowers into your day to day life! Welcome spring into your life by sporting floral-themed outfits! You don’t actually have to get original flowers stitched to your dresses (though, many international fashion houses have done this too), but get floral embroidery, floral block print sarees or tunics to hail this trend. Give it a personal touch by aligning the flowers horizontally or vertically, in a bolder and larger format or small and abstract pattern! This fashion style is never going out of trend, for sure and you can always keep coming back to it whenever you are feeling down or in the need of a serious pick-me-up! You can don a floral sundress, a flower dupatta, a flower-print saree, a scarf or steal with flowers painted on them.


Flowers aren’t just a medium to express our love or feelings to our loved ones. They can help us to feel good and productive as well. By including flowers in our daily lives, not only we can elevate our mood but also feel a lot closer to nature. Please let us know what you think about these ideas to bring and include flowers in our lifestyle. If you have any more ideas about making flowers a routine and not just a gift reserved for our special occasions such as birthdays, let us know! We will be waiting to hear from you in the comment section!

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