10 Unique Wedding Bands for Women

Wedding Bands are very special to a woman’s heart. Not only because it shows proof that you are engaged to your special one. But this special piece of the ring holds a promise of a lifetime. A wedding band represents the start of a wonderful journey with your partner. You will be wearing this wedding band not only in your engagement day but for a lifetime. Marriage goes through a lot of decision making and planning. Wedding bands also hold an equal place like it. Nowadays, there are varieties of wedding bands all over the world. Gone are the days of wearing those sleek gold metal wedding bands. Now, we ladies want to look our best in terms of every minute details. Moreover, you have to wear a wedding band for a lifetime. So why will the wedding band stay just an ordinary one? Hence, it needs to be a very unique piece of wedding band. For a band being unique, needs to have some really astonishing features.

Being a woman you might have dreamt of having the most unique wedding band. The wedding rings should stand out on your wedding day. But while choosing which unique one to buy, you or your partner might end up being puzzled. Don’t be surprised when I am saying so. In today’s fashion era, there are various ranges of wedding band. Not only in jewellery shops but many online websites have a wonderful piece of wedding bands too. But you need to choose the most unique one which matches according to your choices. Therefore, I have made your work simpler. Here I have selected the 10 most unique Wedding Bands. I have curated the list keeping in mind about our modern-day woman. But also there is a touch of classic uniqueness. So before hopping onto buying the wedding band in the list, go through the buying guide below.

Ultimate Buying Guide for the Perfect Wedding Band

Selecting a Wedding Band is a huge confusion. But you should buy the ring just by seeing the image. Check and consider the following criteria mentioned in the buying guide given below. I am sure you won’t be disappointed after following these tips.

Choose Material Wisely:

The material used for making is the most important feature of a ring. In the good old days, gold and silver were only options in the shops. But now various kinds of alloys are used for making wedding bands. The Rose Gold alloy is very much in trend. The soft rosy tinge to the gold adds an extraordinary touch to the wedding band. These days wedding band options are not limited to metals or alloys only. But jewellery designers have come up with wonderful innovations too. Ceramics and Silicone wedding bands can also be a great option to choose from. Not only because it is affordability. But numerous kinds of design or colour can be added to these materials.

Decide if you want to any Gemstone:

Adding gemstones or not is totally a bride personal choice. Uniqueness depends on creativity, not stones. But if you add stones, make sure you know about them. Choose the colour of stone you want. It is not the 18th century that you have to stick to white diamonds only. Experiment with your choices. Select the shape you want in the stones. Don’t just stick to the round cut only. Experiment with pear-shaped or Emerald-cut stones.

Keep Lifestyle in Mind:

Lifestyle plays an important role while you are selecting a wedding band. You have to wear a wedding band for a lifetime. Hence make sure to choose one which first your daily lifestyle. If you have a sports person, then you should buy a unique minimalistic wedding band. Not only this will be very convenient for you forever. But you don’t need to worry about its maintenance.

Don’t forget about Maintenance:

Maintenance comes to play when you buy rings when gemstone. While you are wearing this every day, dust and grime accumulate. This might not show up initially. But if you don’t take care once every 6 months. Then you might end up having an ugly looking ring. Especially ring need much attention as it is the jewellery of the hand. We do all the work with our hands all day. Hence think twice before buying rings which have intricate work with stones. Maintenance will ensure the ring’s longevity and beauty.

Check Durability for the long term:

When you are going to wear a wedding band forever, make sure you wear the most durable ring. Durability depends on the material used to make the rings. Usually, metals and alloys are the best options to choose from. But these days, silicone and ceramic made rings are great for everyday wear. So these rings are very comfortable to wear and will not hurt fingers too.

Make Sure the Size Fits:

When it comes to rings, fitting is very important to look for. As you are going to wear a wedding band for a lifetime. Don’t buy the wring. If you are lucky, try to find a ring which you can resize. This will help you while you lose or gain weight in the future. But for the time being, make sure you wear the right size. If you are buying the wedding band online, make sure it has a good return or exchange policy. This ends the tension that if the size did not fit. Now you can easily buy another one. Also while shopping online, in the size chart, the diameter of the sizes of the wedding band is mentioned. So this is a quite convenient way to buying the wedding band.

Know the Quality of the Material:

While you are choosing a wedding band, it is very important to know about the material used. Check the authenticity of the material. Usually gold, platinum has marks in the rings. For other materials, make sure the jeweller provides you with an authenticity card. By checking this minute details you won’t end up getting fooled too.

Know about the Finish of the Metal in the Wedding Band:

When metals or alloys are used for making the wedding rings, check for finishes of the metals. There are various kinds of finishes in the market. Mostly women prefer polished and satin finishes. But for adding some uniqueness you can incorporate the hammered finish too. This gives an edgy look to your ring.

Check the Authenticity of the Gemstones:

No one wants to be fooled while buying gemstones. This does not indicate jewellers are using fakes stones. But why won’t be well aware while choosing such a valuable item? Especially when it comes to a wedding band. So to be aware while buying. Don’t just go for the look of the stone. Ask the jeweller for the authenticity proof of the stone. Mostly they provide an authentication card with the ring. So make sure to check it.

Look for if you want any Customization:

Creativity has no boundaries. Hence different kinds of customizations are available these days. Especially engraving text is quite a unique way of celebrating your love. You need to choose the correct material for engraving. Not all wedding bands can be engraved. Engraving the wedding date is quite a unique thing to add to your wedding band. Hence before buying contact, the jeweller to make such changes. You can also add you fiance’s fingerprint. This kind of engravings is the symbol of true love which is very unique too.

List of 10 Unique Wedding Bands for Women

Too much excited to know about unique wedding bands in the collection? Just scroll down to find the right one according to your choice.

1. Clara Pucci Heart Cut Diamond Solitaire Wedding Band:

What is so unique about this wedding band? : The Heart cut Diamond of highest quality.

The Material used: 14kt gold

Diamond rings have always been a classic piece of wedding band. But heart cut Diamond Rings are very rare and unique too. Especially when it comes to the wedding band, it needs to be very special. What better choice other than a heart-shaped diamond. The heart shape is the symbol of love. So this wedding band is going to the most unique one for you. Moreover, the twisted band design of the ring looks great. Especially the small stones in the twisted bands of the ring look charming.

2. Danique Jewelry Personalised Fingerprints Wedding Band:

What is so unique about this wedding band? : The engraved Signature and fingerprint of the partner.

The Material used: Gold, Silver and Rose Gold

Who doesn’t like to flaunt their love? This Engraved Fingerprint is made with 925 silver sterling. This metal is great for engraving such minute details. Also, this wedding band has a sleek and polished look. The jeweller has 3 kinds of finishes available in this wedding band. If you love Rose gold, then this is available too. Nowadays, people prefer to rose gold more than the usual gold. So the combination of all such great things makes this such a unique wedding band.

3. Blue Diamond Wedding Band:

What is so unique about this wedding band? : The titanic movie-inspired iconic “Ocean’s Heart” ring.

The Material used: 18k white gold

If you are a movie person, you must have surely watched the titanic movie. So this big blue stone wedding band is great for that movie lovers. Even this is a great ring to choose for as the bright blue stone look so extravagant. The design is so beautiful that any woman is going to love wearing this as a wedding band. This wedding band is going to grab people’s attention.  But this ring is quite hectic to wear for everyday wear. Especially for those who have strenuous work in their profession. This big blue stone wedding band should be handled with care.

4. Pear cut Diamond Solitaire Wedding Band:

What is so unique about this wedding band? : The combination of rose gold with cubic zirconia pear-shaped Diamond.

The Material used: 14 k Rose Gold

Diamond jewellery is an all-time favourite of women. But this wedding band holds a special position. Not because it has a big round-shaped zirconia diamond in the centre. But for its rare pear-shaped zirconia stones. Hence this is going to add a royal touch to your wedding. Usually, this design of wedding bands is very rare. Queens used to wear this kind of royal rings. Especially, the rose gold colour looks marvellous. Any woman would in love with the unmatched beauty of this ring. All credit goes to the jeweller, who created such a masterpiece.

5. Ikonfitness Silicone Wedding Ring:

What is so unique about this wedding band? : The intricate floral design in the Silicon wedding band.

The material used: Silicone and Rubber

Metals and alloy wedding bands are quite popular. But you must be surprised to see silicon material in wedding bands. We used to think athletes only used to wear silicone rings. But in these days silicon rings are very popular among the common people. This wedding band is great for fitness freaks. Women nowadays love to go to the gym and yoga. Hence this wedding band is great for everyday wear. But you must be thinking that silicone wedding might not be so durable. But the thing is completely different, as the silicon used to make the ring is of very high quality.

6. Eternity Pink Diamond Wedding Band:

What is so unique about this wedding band? : The flower design of the ring with pink and multicoloured stones

The Material used: 18k gold

This ring is perfect for fashionistas out there. This is a beautiful flower ring which will be an eye-catcher in your wedding. The intricate works of small diamonds in the petals of the flower look elegant. Especially the multi-coloured stones in the centre adds a great contrast. You will love to have this as your wedding Band. Even when you are in a low lit room, this ring will shine bright due to it’s diamonds. This royal is the most extravagant piece in this whole collection.

7. Blue Solitaire comfort fit Wedding Band:

What is so unique about this wedding band? : Tungsten carbide used for making this wedding band. So this is most scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic too. Hence perfect for daily wear.

The Material used: Tungsten Carbide

The princess cut blue diamond looks so elegant. The tungsten carbide material of the ring is very hard. Hence the ring won’t change the round shape after even years of wearing. In today’s world, working women have to very minimalistic in their workplace. This is mostly due to their profession. Especially this wedding band is best for women working in the medical field. Even this hypoallergenic tungsten wedding band is a great option to choose for the laboratories. Also, this wedding band is a great option for the brides who have gold or platinum allergy. This ring is available in White, Rose and Yellow finishes.

8. Judith Ripka Lattice Wedding Band:

What is so unique about this wedding band? : The jewellery designer incorporated such intricate lace design with the diamonds.

The Material used: Gold

This ring is well designed by the jeweller. This is well crafted and handmade with beautiful royal design. Brides are going to love this unique royal design of wedding band. The wedding band has a  mix of a small and medium-sized diamond. Just wear this ring, you do not need wear any other accessory in the hands-on the wedding day.

9. Customized Engraving Wedding Band:

What is so unique about this wedding band? : The customization facility of engraving. You can add the name and dates in the wedding band.

The Material used: Stainless steel with gold or silver plating.

Yes, you heard it right, now you can engrave your wedding date in your ring. This is such a special addition to your wedding ring. Anyone woman would love to remember and cherish this day forever. This is a great way to celebrate your special day and bond forever.

10. Emerald cut Wedding Band:

What is so unique about this wedding band? : The sophisticated big Emerald cut diamond.

The Material used: Platinum

Nowadays, there are many round-shaped diamonds rings in the market. The emerald cut is quite a rare piece of a diamond stone. So for a sophisticated minimalistic look, this wedding band is lovely. This has a perfect amount of royalty and elegance. The highly polished look of the platinum metal is very much eye-catching in this wedding band.

So I hope finally you made up your mind. Now you are fully sorted which wedding band to buy. Each of the wedding bands, present in my list are indeed the most unique ones you have come across till date. I can definitely tell you look gorgeous with this wedding band on. So enjoy wearing them in your ring if her and have a wonderful married life.

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