When to Consider In Vitro Fertilization

Every couple has a wish and dream of having their child. Hence, many of them opt for treatments like IVF, also called in vitro fertilization. So, if you are looking for trusted doctors who provide services like IVF, you can go to a fertility clinic in Dubai.

Whether in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, in UAE, you will find the best. For that, you will have to research and get information about the fertility clinics in the United Arab Emirates. Plus, you can also check reviews and ratings before making a decision. Well, since you know how to find the best, you can read further to know all about IVF and when to consider it.

When to Consider In Vitro Fertilization

What is IVF, and How Does it Work?

In vitro fertilization aids in fertilization, embryo development, and implantation to get pregnant. It is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and works by utilizing surgical procedures and medicines. The sperm fertilizes the egg and implants it in the uterus.

Well, your doctor will provide you with some medications to allow your eggs to mature and get ready for fertilization. After removing the egg from your body, your healthcare provider will mix them with the sperm. In this manner, the sperm fertilizes with the egg in the laboratory.

The doctor will ensure to add one or more embryos or fertilized eggs in the uterus. If any of the fertilized eggs implant in the uterus lining, it means that the pregnancy occurs.

Since In vitro fertilization has a lot of steps, it might take a couple of months for the entire process to be complete. At times, pregnancy happens on the first try itself, but sometimes it can take more than one round of this procedure.

Who are Candidates for IVF?

One of the most successful treatments is in vitro fertilization or IVF for nearly all patients. So, if you have problems related to ovulation or endometriosis, you must go for this treatment. In addition to this, the other issues can include fallopian tube obstruction or damage, poor semen quality, unexplained and prolonged fertility, and pelvic adhesions.

Enabling pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) of embryos can be done with the IVF procedure. In case the uterus cannot implant or carry a pregnancy, new eggs cannot be made with IVF.

With this procedure, you can attain a donor egg or sperm and a surrogate or a gestational carrier to overcome any limitations related to biology infertility. In case you are single, you can also opt for the IVF procedure. For that, you can go to a fertility clinic in Abu Dhabi or find the best fertility clinic in Dubai.

When to Consider IVF?

The first factor that healthcare providers consider for the IVF procedure is the female partner’s age. But why is it so? Well, that’s because the quality and quantity of the eggs decrease with age. The other factor is the duration of infertility.

It is recommended that women below the age of thirty-five must opt for infertility evaluation immediately. So, if you and your significant other have been trying to conceive for six months and have not attained the desired results, it means that it is time for you to consult with your healthcare provider and go for an IVF.

Well, for many doctors, IVF is used as the last resort, and a treatment plan is created. If you want to reduce the time and improve the rate of success of your pregnancy, you can opt for IVF treatment. The other issues that allow a couple to move forward with IVF include blocked tubes, shortened reproductive window, and sperm issues.

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