Why Every Bride Should Start With A Mood Board 

The first step in organizing your wedding is to establish your wedding style, theme, and colors with your wedding planner. You can accomplish this task with the help of a mood board. You’ll want to define your wedding’s overall style early in the planning process. Thanks to the abundant source of inspiration online on various platforms, like Instagram, Pinterest, and bridal blogs and websites, you can find many inspirations and fresh ideas. But, how do you narrow them down into one cohesive look?  First off, read down below and understand what exactly is a mood board.

What Is A Mood Board? 

A mood board represents a concept, style, and feel with pictures, textures, and colors that’ll guide your design decisions. A design or mood board may seem like something that’s used by interior designers or other design-oriented professionals. But, that’s a misconception.

Anyone can take advantage of the many benefits of incorporating a mood board into their planning. An inspiration or mood board can serve as a helpful tool for anyone organizing their thoughts or trying to convey a certain mood. There are many reasons why mood boards can prove beneficial.

Why Every Bride Should Start With A Mood Board

A wedding mood board displays the overall feel and look a wedding professional wants to achieve, from flowers to floral arrangements to decor styles, and fonts. This creative process can be employed by those just beginning their wedding planning process to plan and create a cohesive theme for their big day.

Creating a mood board for your wedding is an excellent idea because of the following reasons:

Gives Direction And Inspiration:

A mood board provides direction for your wedding’s overall style and theme. Your starting point should be to select three or four colors as the wedding motif. Gather all the details you love and start narrowing them down. From the planning partner to family, friends, and vendors, everyone involved will be able to see your vision. Your wedding board could be brought along, printed, or emailed whenever you meet with someone about the big day. 

Mood boards can help you see where you’re going. What catches your eye?  Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration first. Are there standard colors, styles, textures, or vibe in your pinboards?  Mood boards should take into account these essential elements. Whether it’s nature, flowers, linens, or anything else that inspires you, use these photos as an inspiration!  Keeping all of your favorite pictures together will help you stay motivated. 

One of the best applications of mood boards is for generalizing the vibe of an entire event, room, shoot, etc. The mood board in its entirety can illustrate the overall atmosphere for the whole event. You can gather and extract how all the details can play along with your dream theme. Consider your preferred bridal gown, match the venue and colors, and learn tips to shop for wedding flowers. These decisions and more can be supported when you have details on your mood board to guide you every step of the way. 

Keeps Everything Organized:

You can refer back to these handy little tools later on during the design process to help you refocus your mind on your original inspiration and direction. Everybody has trouble finding their way within a store, rental catalog, or inside themselves!  Go back to your mood board if you feel you’re getting off track, and you’ll be able to reset your focus. It would be risky to go the wrong direction (buying blue instead of pink dresses or brass silverware instead of copper silverware). To keep your focus on your path, it’s wise to review your boards frequently. 

Allows You To Convey Your Story: 

You’ve never had a wedding before.  Therefore, you need to realize that your wedding is going to be different from any other wedding. You can evoke emotion and tell your story using wedding mood boards. Whether you share the same favorite songs, books, and hobbies, these details are unique for both of you. There are plenty of inspirations there. Hence, you can use these components as details on your mood boards. 

Provides A Clear Collaboration With All Suppliers: 

Your concept can be clearly communicated through mood boards. Creating a color palette and incorporating specific design details (exact rental items you’ve selected, hair and make-up inspiration, etc.) leave little room for misunderstanding.  Because of the visuals incorporated in mood boards, everyone can easily understand and imagine the venue, florist suppliers, the photographer, and all other essential aspects. You can even use them to decide on your bridal gown and the type of bridal shapewear you should wear. 

A mood board is a convenient and straightforward way to ensure everyone is on the same page to prepare for the event. Vendors who glance at this mood board will have no doubt how the ceremony space should look! 

Allows You To Stay Creative Amid Stress: 

When planning a wedding can be stressful. Having a mood board can help you to let off some steam. Time passes quickly, and you want to make the most of it!  Being creative can help bring some joy back into the planning process. Planning a wedding can dominate your life, so it helps to have a creative outlet. You might find it interesting to get input from your soon-to-be husband, family, and friends. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment differently on your mood board. Use brainstorming sessions and be open to the ideas of others. Sometimes, there are beautiful ideas that have blossomed from accidental circumstances. Never close your doors for any opportunity of creativity and uniqueness. You’d like your wedding to stay as unique and exciting as much as it could be.


The use of a mood board goes way more than you can imagine. You may use it to define the theme, colors, flowers, accessories, stationery, etc. so that everything is in harmony and follows a common theme. When you coordinate with each vendor, you ought to always consider your mood board so that they know your taste, theme, and colors, and so everything will be smoothly parallel and complementary all together.  

In addition to organizing your wedding, this tool can be used to decorate your house or manage any other event.  Therefore, start organizing your ideas now and come up with your own mood board soon.

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