10 Most Stylish Winter Fashion Trends

The 2018 winter fashion brings new trends to transform your wardrobe this winter. A host of new fancy fashions were rolled out some months ago but the sensation hasn’t trickled down into many of our wardrobes yet. Today, however, we draw off the blankets on the best trends in the air that we feel you should be part of. We will highlight some of the money-saving fashion deals you can consider which will include; winter dresses, coats, ankle boots, sunglasses, hairstyles, capes, accessories among others.

Top Dresses Steering Fashion this winter

An Asymmetrical Shirt dress: The dress has a gathered hemline so your jeans or printed bottoms won’t go unnoticed. You could wear this outfit alone or have it with your boots on, or layer it over some pants.

That tight collar and long sleeves gives it the appropriateness for both work and casual events.

A Sleeve-belt Dress: This Whimsy + Row piece, plain gray ribbed dress, steps out with character, all thanks to the faux-sleeve belt.

The dress comes with a kind of peek-a-boo back you can’t resist.

Your New M-F Look: Your perfect winter counterpart to your favorite Summer T-shirt dress. This wool-cashmere blend shift dress comes in an innocuous print, compatible with even the most conservative of offices.

Pair with a blazer, tights and slouchy black boots and step out in style.

The Perfect Layering Piece: You might look at the dress as shapeless but doubtless is the power of its built-in belt. The dress comes with well-crafted folds on the front and a hidden cutout that reveals the impeccable look of your boots or jeans if you choose to put on some pair of bottoms. Complete the glamour with a long gray cardigan.

A Sexy Silk Number for Date Night: The dreamiest silk dress for winter night dates from Arielle Charnes of Something Navy. Complement the look with tights, your favorite knee-high black suede boots, and a glass of red wine. A look so perfect!

A Bohemian Inspired Dress: With a Bohemian Inspired Dress, that spirit of summer still has a place in your winter wardrobe. The dark colors bring in the mood of the season. However, that floral print keeps the dress extremely whimsical.

A Cashmere Dress: The dress from cashmere sweaters `brings with it a warm feeling of a hug. Simple, clean and elegant. With this kind of a dress, you don’t have to dress up. Quite complete in itself with a fabulous look. Style this dress with white ankle booties and tiny gold hoop earrings.

A Leopard Print Dress: A simple wrap dress that might just be your spirit animal. Perfect for those long office-to-holiday party days. The rich brown hue makes it extremely neutral. Have this on with a black wool coat.

A Winter Wedding Guest Dress: Metallic pinstripes and hand-embroidered sequin flower accent make the dress fancy enough to be worn during weddings. Braided gold trim emphasizes the deep v-shaped neckline while the belt gives a highlight of your waistline. Put this dress on with strappy heels to give your winter wedding or that schmancy NYE part a memorable mark of beauty.

Stylish Winter Coats for a Unique Look

Tapestry Prints: This coat often comes with many colors and they can just compliment almost every dressing code. Here is a type of these coats, a navy winter coat fashioned in a wallpaper style fabric with bursts of embroidered flowers, The coat keeps its relevance from office to cocktail parties to dinner.

Faux Fur: This is the most trending outfit in the coat fashion this year. It has become a darling to many street style bloggers and fashion editors. Always keep your eyes open to Faux Fur whenever you get out to do your fashion shopping. The coat features special details, including color blocking designs, a trend that carries this winter style staple to another level.

Leopard Print: Living in a cold and extremely cold climate? Look for one plush leopard print coat in a thicker and quite luxurious faux fur fabric. This coat can be worn over any of your black dresses or more preferably with more casual separates and footwear as well.

Trench Coat: Trench coats have formed the better part of the winter coats fashion story this year. A stylish voluminous trench coat with a casually belted waist and folded sleeve complete the beauty of this amazing trench coat fashion.

Long Wool Coat: Longwool coat makes a fancy comeback in the trending fashion this year. This classic menswear-inspired coat brings an extra classy sensation to your wardrobe this winter. Consider high quality fabric while shopping for a good wool, classic look and slim silhouette that is well fitting but equally allows some room for layering sweaters or hoodies.

Top Hair Styles This Winter

Claw Clips: The 90’s are back with claw clips. This long gone hair fashion makes its way in the Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 collection. The fashion has been revived recently by the popular hairstylist Quido Palau in collaboration with Alexander Wang Brand. Try this style and be part of the trending accessories users.

Party Wigs: A wig is arm and convenient in the cold winter. Some options of these wigs will definitely create you an outrageous look particularly if you don’t want to radically transform the color of your hair. Try this hair style in the thrill of a disco or a costume party and experience the feeling.

Extensions – Naturally Looking: Hair extensions may come as clip in, sew-in, micro-bead, tape-in or fusion extensions. Take all the instructions from your stylist and keep your hair good looking using special shampoos and conditioner.

Shades of Auburn: Popularity of warm hair shades renews itself every winter and this year is no exception. Auburn, honey, caramel, copper, cinnamon among other hair tones bring you back the warm memories of summer. The colors are great on waves and curly hair, combined with layered haircuts.

DNA Braid: Braids haven’t fallen out of fashion. The recurrent sophistication of that stylish weaving has maintained the relevance of braids across fashion seasons. The hair style is more fabulous with the rainbow hair and hair with highlights, flattering that shine of colors.

Chocolate Brown- Gone Natural: Deep chocolate has taken over the stage to become one of the most trending when it comes to hair colors. Depending on the kind of skin color you wear, chocolate brown can make a unique play of contrast or enhance the Bronze tone.

Fashionable Winter Wedding Outfits

This winter fashion trends bring you floral max, a sexy sequined number, a red mini dress, a black satin dress, an autumn inspired dress, a navy maxi, an exposed shoulder among others. Other wedding dresses in winter are as shown below:

Your Ankle Boots Are Styled All differently Now

This season bring with you different prints and multicolor boots to enrich your wardrobe. Have a look at how this boots have taken over fashion this year and find out what is best for you:

The Snake Skin Boot: Yes they might look intimidating to wear, but you will feel the fierce immediately you take the lunge. You may choose winter whites to give your boots a match if you want to draw the attention to your boots.

The Classic Black Boot: Black boots will perfectly go with anything. Have a pair of tights to make your dress winter appropriate and choose a slightly edgier ankle boot along with the feminine ensemble you got and step out with the most amazing look.

The Fiery Red Boots: The color is quite simple, making it easy to style with any of your neutral-colored sweaters or black blouses. Red being a powerful color, you will be prompted to go the similar way up. These could be a peplum leather jacket and deconstructed jeans.

The Neutral Brown Boots: After black boots, we have the brown next in line in terms of versatility to style. You could go this brown way with with a pink puffer jacket and denim with frayed hemlines. These two pieces of outfit  would elevate your rather simple boots giving them a classy look. Your beige sweater should be half-tucked it into your jeans for a quick fashion-girl approved style hack.

Stylish Fashionable Winter Outfits for your Office

For your office outfit, get that which will keep you warm. The last thing you need to freeze while you have a pile of work to finish and your boss breathing down your neck! You have the option to keep it official or give it a touch of casual wear. Here are some ideas

Effortless Chick: This is not only a classic look but is also easy to pull through and will keep you all warmed up.

Jump on it: The combination is sleek and comfortable for office wear.

The Soft Classic: Simple, elegant and effortless is what you can term this combination wear.

Fashionable Sunglasses Trending this Winter

The top on the list of the most trending sunglasses this winter are:

Sunglasses with Marble Frames: These come in a perfect match with your winter trends. The look is attractive and smart. These glasses can go perfectly with quite different colors and hair tones you wont find it hard to match.

Funky Cats: Funky Cat Eye marks the onset of winter. Funky Cats and House of Holland go together and they are all too fun to have.

Crazy Framing: Crazy framing are a great eyewear to own. With these sunglasses, your eye appear as though you are looking through some playing cards.

Wire Rim Sunglasses: These are classy, simple but equally lovely. They come with little touch of delicacy but the cleaner delicate look is all you should go for.

Double Wire Rims: Here is another classic category of eyewear that is entirely irresistible. The round lens and the double wire rims give these glasses a unique classic look.

Translucent Rims: Round lenses are widely featured on these styles of glasses making them a rather interesting trend this year’s winter.

Metallics Accessories

These, particularly gold and silver find their way topping the list of trending fashion every winter. Some of the accessories include

ChokersThis choker designed by Lama Bramlette is a master piece and will compliment most of your winter outfit

BraceletYou can opt for the Orion crystal bangle which comes in the design of a choker giving you an edgy look.


Capes have been lying in most of our woderope for the better part of the summer and fall and now it’s time to get them to use. Here are some designs you can check out

Talbot Runhof: Talbot models unique but all simple design, with little embellishment while maintaining that classic look.

Etro: Etro capes are uniquely designed with luxurious soft wool and elegant silk.The intricate patterns and fringe embellishment exude distinct Bohemian charm.

N.Peal: Choosing N.Peal fur cape is choosing to be part of timeless glamour and classic style.

Figue: Figue is another unique design that brings you classic femininity enhanced with quite elegant fabric.

Other Cool Winter Accessories Rocking This Winter’s Fashion

Below is a collection of the common fashionable deals your drawers should hold:

A Cheeky Knit Beanie: This playful spade hat will fight off all the chill to keep you warm. Have it on with your favorite black sweater and jeans for a date to the ice rink.

Pair of Cashmere Gloves: These gloves come in a range of colours but beige is more preferable for versatility. With Cashmere gloves, you will keep arm all winter long.

Other Accessories: Other accessories include a flurry ear muff, a snood, a pair of tights, a fancy pair of gloves, a furry headband and a printed scarf.

Final Word

It can be at times challenging to uphold a trendy look during winter especially due to the cold. But you can brighten up those dull days by choosing to stay stylish and fashionable with either of the listed fashion trends.

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