WiseBarber’s List Of 7 Hottest Haircuts For Females; Ladies, Are We Ready?

Hi, ladies.

Barber Mike from WiseBarber here.

So, today, I’m sharing 7 fashionable haircuts for females who want a break from the hard work of maintaining long hairstyles. Depending on what you want to achieve with your hair, this list contains:

  • Official haircuts for interviews and other professional settings.
  • Hottest styles for get-togethers.
  • And casual haircuts for females.

WiseBarber’s List Of 7 Hottest Haircuts For Females; Ladies, Are We Ready?

Are we ready?

Most of these haircuts can be achieved at home with a pair of scissors and a piece of comb. However, you may need one of these reviewed hair clippers to accomplish some.

Anyway, let’s walk into the gallery.

1. Mohawk:


Become that metal-head girl at the rock show with a well-trimmed Mohawk and throw magnetic vibes around you.

Yes: Mohawk has a lot of variations but while they all speak “strength and power” this one adds an extra of hotness to the face. Of course, you need your clippers to achieve a Mohawk.

2. Short Pixie:

Short Pixie

Go from “just blonde” to “smart and classy” blonde. A Short Pixie paired with shades has shown up in more official gatherings than the average Bud Fox of Wall Street.

And guess what?

All you need is a piece of comb and a pair of scissors to transform your long hair into a Short Pixie. Below is the complete video guide on how to trim for a Short Pixie from Love Haircuts.


3. Blunt Bob:

Blunt Bob

Take the hanging dangling weight off your shoulders and get a big change with a superchic Blunt Bob. With this female haircut, you’re always ready for every event, formal or informal.

Take note: Beyond merely reducing your hair length to the jaw, if you have thick hair, you may need to trim out some of that for free movement.

4. Curly Bob:

Curly Bob

For those who don’t want to let go completely, a well-styled Curly Bob lets you retain most of your hair while still giving you that hot sexy transformation.

No clippers needed: If you already have curls, all you have to do is cut the length to the level of your chin using a pair of scissors. However, to transform a long straight hair into a Curly Bob, see the video tutorial below.


5. Close Crop:

Close Crop

Less is more, with this white-dyed short hair that speaks of maturity and class. But who says you can’t dye your hair to your preference after trimming a Close Crop?

This is my take:

If you’re regrowing your hair (probably due to hair loss or a similar hair problem), a Close Crop will keep you looking good while you wait.

6. Side-Fringed High Pixie:

Side-Fringed High Pixie

Be party-ready always with a Side-Fringe High Pixie that never goes out of style. If your hair is soft, you may need a strong-hold-rated hair product of your choice to give it structure.

7. Bouncy Curls:

Bouncy Curls

Bouncy Curls is one of the most versatile hairstyles for those who want to go from long hair to sexy short. But Curls are best done professionally in a saloon.

However: If you think you have what it takes, below is a video walkthrough on how to style Bouncy Curls at home.


In Conclusion

At a point in time and for some reason, we are left with one hard choice, such as letting go of some of the hair we strived to grow. But when made right, this one choice can help to bring out the best version of ourselves.


In this article, I have reviewed the 7 best haircuts for females. Which of these haircuts do you think will give you the look you want? Let’s discuss this in the comment section.

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