8 Ways Your Choice of Hosiery Can Make You Stand Out This Fall

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to start taking your cold-weather clothes out of the closet. This year, shake things up by incorporating your hosiery into your outfits. After all, the right kind of hosiery can turn any getup from simple to stellar. To help you out, here are a few tricks on how to pull this off:

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Bold, Abstract Prints:

Building a fall outfit around patterned women’s hosiery can take your outfit to the next level. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear a pair that features an obnoxious print. Rather, it’s more about finding the right kind of design and keeping the rest of your wardrobe coordinated with your choice of tights or leggings. You can go for neutral or bright prints, depending on your preferences. Just remember: you can cover up your legs without having to conceal your unique and colorful personality.


Lace tights can change the entire vibe of your outfit. It can make a simple ensemble look more fun and party-ready, perfect for attending all sorts of holiday events. Lace tights are quite versatile, too. Subtler pairs can be worn to the office, while more striking versions work well for more casual occasions. For fall, we recommend going for dark-colored lace tights to match the season’s general look and feel.

Bright Colors:

Who said vivid hues were only for spring? While these colors may not be in season anymore, retro looks always look great no matter the time of year. If you love the 60s mod look or the neon-drenched outfits of the 80s, wearing brightly colored tights is a great way to modernize these fashion trends from the past.

But what can you pair with your bright tights? Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with a simple short dress or skirt. If you’re aiming for a more daring look, though, you can try matching your tights with a printed outfit of the same color. Step out in any of these outfits, and you’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Cool Weaves:

Though fishnets reign supreme as the goth or punk girl’s favorite kind of hosiery, there are so many other kinds of weaves you can choose from. That said, you can emulate a fierce and tough look this fall with crocheted tights. They come in a wider variety of styles and patterns so you can mix and match them to create many unique outfits.

What kind of weaves can you choose from? You can go for intricate-looking knits for a sophisticated and subtle effect. Alternatively, you can go for larger crochet patterns for a more show-stopping outfit. And while black crochet tights are already quite bold on their own, getting them in a fall color such as maroon, camo green, or deep blue can turn them into a statement piece.

Sparkle and Glitter:

Nothing screams pizzazz like a bit of glitter. Hence, sparkly tights and stockings are a great way to make all your fall outfits stand out. Sheer black tights with crystals will make a black dress stand out during any formal occasion. For more casual ensembles, go for tights with glitter designs that add the right amount of sparkle without being over the top.

Branded Typography:

If you’re not the biggest fan of random prints, why not go for hosiery that’s emblazoned with the iconic logos of your favorite companies? This particular style suits more professional and formal fall looks, injecting a lot of style and sass into an otherwise conservative outfit.

Layers and Textures:

Are you bored of completely covering up your legs with just one pair of tights or leggings? Try layering different types of hosiery for a more effervescent look. For example, you can start by putting on a bright-colored pair of tights. Then, you can layer knitted or sheer anklets on top of them. This layering technique can immediately breathe new life into any classic outfit.

Sheer Fabric:

Nothing is quite as eye-catching as showing a bit of skin during the colder months. A pair of tights is a great way to pull this look off, all while keeping yourself warm and comfortable. You don’t have to settle for plain-looking tights with low deniers, either. Go for a bolder style with sheer tights featuring opaque designs. Your fall ensemble will look like sheer perfection.

The key to looking amazing during the fall is to make the most of what you already own in your closet. This includes getting a nice range of tights to elevate all of your existing outfits. Hosiery can be functional and aesthetically pleasing if you know how to properly incorporate them into your ensembles. With a bit of boldness and some creativity, you can effortlessly add your tights and leggings to any get-up to make them more visually interesting.

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