10 Easy Workouts at Home for Busy Moms

Working out is highly recommended for a healthier body. Not only does it maintain your ideal weight, but it also prevents lifestyle diseases as well as slowing down aging. However, not everyone gets the psyche or the time to enroll in a gym, yoga or dance class or jogging. However, this is why we have a home gym, where you can exercise at home with no equipment and little space. I know as easy as it sounds, this is still hard for moms. There is plenty of responsibilities and errands to do with little time that there is no time left to work out.

However, this should not keep you from having that sexy body mom. Although you get exhausted between taking care of the kids, doing chores and running errands, exercising will energize you. It keeps up your heart rate, improves your mood, and you get a banging body as a bonus. You can even do them without workout clothes. The good news is that you do not have to work out for a whole 45 minutes or spend 2 hours at the gym. All you have to do is do short but intense workouts back to back without resting in between. Below we have compiled quick exercises that you can do as you go about the day.

Here are the 10 Easy Exercise at Home for Busy Moms

1. Squats

squat - Workout for busy mom, exercise for women at home, easy exercise to do at home for women and mom

Do you want stronger and leaner leg muscles? Well, this exercise works both the quadriceps and glutes. When done correctly, there is a bonus for stronger abs. You can make it tougher by doing squat jumps. These are basically normal squats followed by jumping up explosively after each rep.


  • Start off by standing with your legs apart at hip-width. Your arms need to be stretched out in front of your chest to give you a good balance.
  • To get into a squat position, lower your body as if you are sitting down on an imaginary chair. You could put a chair behind you and act as if you are sitting on it but just tap it not sit.
  • For the correct posture, bend your knees which will obviously push back the hips. Push out your chest while making sure your knees remain perpendicular to the toes.
  • To finish off, lower your body until it is perpendicular to the ground then lift up your body to the starting standing position.

2. Planks

plank - Workout for busy mom, exercise for women at home, easy exercise to do at home for women and mom

Planks should be your best friend if you want to lose that post-baby belly fat. Not only does this exercise work your tummy, but it also strengthens your whole core, legs, hands, and butt muscles. Follow these quick steps and achieve those flat abs you’ve secretly been wishing for.


  • To start off, lie down flat on your belly.
  • Next, lift up your body by placing your hands at shoulder-width apart. Support yourself by the elbows and not the palms.
  • To achieve the right form, ensure your squeeze in your butt so that your body forms a straight line parallel to the ground.
  • Hold for at least 30 seconds or as long as you can. Lower your body to finish then repeat.

3. Lunges

lunges Workout for busy mom, exercise for women at home, easy exercise to do at home for women and mom

This is another secret to toned legs and butt. If you hate doing squats, don’t beat yourself up, for lunges can be a good replacement. What makes them so good for our busy mums is that you can do them walking around doing your errands. Make your house a home gym!


  • First, start by standing straight in an upright position. Then, put your arms on your waist which will give you balance when you move.
  • Stretch out one leg as if you are walking. With the other one, bend your knee till it is about to touch the ground but make sure it does not go all the way down. The other knee will automatically be bent forward. Ensure it stays perpendicular to the toes. Your upper body should remain upright at all times.
  • To finish off, push yourself back up and do the same with the alternate leg to complete one rep.
  • This can also be improved by doing the step-up exercise whereby you do it on the staircase.

4. Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips Workout for busy mom, exercise for women at home, easy exercise to do at home for women and mom

Mum, I’m sure you could use some strong arms, right? This help when baby gets heavier by the day or when carrying around groceries. Tricep dips should be your best friend for those toned and strong arms as well as shoulders, chest, core, and back. For this exercise, your home gym will only require a raised equipment to help suspend your body.


  • Start off by sitting in front of a raised object such as a chair, stool, step or even steep staircase. Place your arms on edge to your sides. The rest of the body should be suspended on air as you support yourself with just the hands and heels.
  • To perform the dips, lower your body by pushing down your hips until your elbows are at 90 degrees. Your upper body, as well as the lower body, should all form a straight line each at all times.
  • While engaging the triceps muscles as well as your core, push yourself down then up to finish your round then repeat.

5. Push-ups

push-ups Workout for busy mom, exercise for women at home, easy exercise to do at home for women and mom

Most people believe push-ups are for men since they form “manly” muscles. This is, however, a myth. Anyone who wants strong and toned arms should incorporate this exercise into their routines.

The bonus is that they work all arm muscles, chest, core, and shoulders. However, you can ease it up by doing wall push-ups or normal push-ups while bending the knees.


  • Lie down on your tummy. Lift up your body by placing your hands below your shoulders.
  • Put your legs together and touch the ground with just your toes. Pull your torso in so that your body forms a vertical line all through.
  • Push your whole body down till it is perpendicular to the ground with your hands bending at the elbows. Your chest should touch the floor slightly but don’t go all the way down.
  • To finish off, push yourself back up till the arms are straight again then repeat.

6. Crunches

crunches Workout for busy mom, exercise for women at home, easy exercise to do at home for women and mom

Dear mom, no pain no gain! I know crunches are nobody’s friends, right? However, everyone at least wants a flat tummy if not rock-hard abs. This exercise engages the entire core; abdominals and back muscles.


  • Lie down on your back then make sure that your knees are bent forming a 45-degree angle. You should then hold your head with your arms to support it.
  • To crunch, you are supposed to lift your upper body up slightly off the ground. By engaging the ab muscles, you should feel your tummy stretched. For a challenge, do a bicycle crunch.

This is done by lifting the legs up, and one of your elbows touch the opposite knee when you go up. You can also try the oblique crunch where you touch the right knee with the left shoulder and vice versa.

  • To finish off, slowly lower your body but do not let it go all the way down then repeat.

7. Mountain Climbers

moutain climbers

This is one of those exercises that work out your whole body from chest to legs till you break a sweat. Like the name suggests, it’s literally like climbing a mountain, and usually, no one comes back smiling after a hike. The results, however, are to die for!


  • Start by going down on all fours in a push-up position. This means your body should form a vertical line from the shoulders to the heels.
  • Quickly, bring one leg to the chest, lower it then lift the alternate one to complete one round. Engage your core muscles by using them to lift the legs to the chest while maintaining the upper body upright.

8. Burpees

burprees Workout for busy mom, exercise for women at home, easy exercise to do at home for women and mom

“I love burpees,” said no one ever! I’m sure you’ve come across this saying. However, as a busy mum, intense short interval exercise should be your friend. This exercise incorporates squats, push-ups, and jumps which break that sweat within the little time create for exercising. That means your heart rate goes up while working the glutes, quads, abs, chest, and arms.


  • Start off by standing and putting your feet apart at shoulder-width. Push your hips down to form a squat.
  • After squatting, bend, and place your arms in front of your feet. Jump your feet back into a push-up position. Ensure your body forms a straight line then push your body down till the chest touches the ground.
  • Jump your feet back behind your arms than when standing up, immediately jump up as high as you can.
  • When you land, lower your body to go back into a squat position to finish one round.

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9. Bridge

bridges Workout for busy mom, exercise for women at home, easy exercise to do at home for women and mom

This last exercise can even be done when you are lying down with your baby or holding him/her. It is more of a stretching exercise and not an intense one like the rest. However, do not despise it as it works your lower back, hips, butt as well as the tummy.


  • Start off by lying down on your back. Extend your arms to the side to give you support. Then bend your knees as your feet remain flat on the ground.
  • To form the bridge, lift your hips up in the air and support yourself by keeping the shoulders down. The rest of the body should be lifted up as you squeeze your butt as well as abs.
  • Lower the hips slowly but not entirely to the ground then repeat.

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10. Treadmill Runs

running-on-treadmill - Workout for busy mom, exercise for women at home, easy exercise to do at home for women and mom

Being at home means not being able to go outside for most of your day. Home mums also need the much-needed jogs and runs to keep in shape and improve their respiratory functions. Well, you can easily achieve this with the use of a treadmill. A 15 minute run on it would mimic the much-needed jog around your block or the park.

First, purchase a relatively cheaper treadmill with basic features such as heart rate measure.

Then equip yourself with running shoes, it could be uncomfortable running the treadmill with your bare feet.

The runs would act as a great warm-up for the other exercises listed above because it would loosen your joints and relax your muscles.

As I had said earlier, working out in a home gym means squeezing those intense workouts in the little time you have. The above exercises all target specific muscles hence working your whole body if done regularly. Struggle to do 1 minute or 10-12 reps of each exercise in 3 sets, and that’s enough. Start today and be a fit mom.

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