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Hi, I am Munira Saleh. I am the face behind OnlyWomenStuff.

Munira Saleh Blogger at Onlywomenstuff

I have always been very passionate about writing and would often spend my younger days putting my thoughts and ideas to words. I never really thought of writing professionally and it was more of a hobby driven by a keen interest. I earned a degree in B.Ed after completing my post-graduation in MA (Master in Arts). I took up a comfortable job of teaching children and started my academic career. Even there, somewhere my love for writing would resurface, whether it was writing diary entries or couple of lines here and there. It was nothing serious but enjoyable nonetheless.

When I married my husband, Aamir Saleh, my whole world changed drastically. Of course, marital life was new to me, but what intrigued me the most was what he did for a living. He is a Blogger and a Digital Marketer. This was probably the first time when I realized that writing could help someone mint money! In the beginning, I was apprehensive and was unsure if my writings could be monetized. But my husband, who turned out to be my savior, went through my writings and encouraged me to take the leap of faith. I had gained sufficient knowledge in the field of blogging, both practical and theoretical. I picked up skills from him and decided to make the career shift from the traditional job of a teacher to a more exciting role of a professional blogger.

He was very patient with me and introduced me to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. Equipped by these acquired abilities in my quiver, I decided to take on blogging. But that was not all, in the beginning I was faced with the obstacle of choosing the field I would be writing about. I had to understand who would be the audience to my writings. It was then I had an epiphany, according to a Hindi saying ek aurat hi aurat ko samajh sakti hain” (Only a woman can best understand another woman) was what gave me direction. Being a woman, I realized that I could write immensely about women and their issues. Through experience, I have observed that women are more inclined towards grooming and beauty as opposed to men.

I had often noticed that young ladies, and even teenage girls, can have their self-confidence broken down by a few curt remarks directed at them. I felt the burning desire to offer some kind of support to them. It was like some sort of social responsibility that I wished to instil confidence in them so that they could embrace their true inner self. So, just like words could destroy confidence, I figured that the converse could happen too!

I decided that I would make my words my arsenal and use them effectively to build a platform where I can share information exclusively for females and that’s when the name struck me, OnlyWomenStuff. I realized that women tend to be very conscious of their appearance. Whether it is weight, skin blemishes, split-ends, or even finding a dupatta that matches the kurta! There is always something that plagues a woman’s life. Similarly, some women take an active interest in these topics and want to gain even more knowledge and learn new things. This enlightenment made me realize that I had a lot to offer to the sisterhood of womankind.

All through my blogging days, I have enjoyed great support from my family from the moment I started the blog. They have stood by me through my ups and downs and thick and thin. When I felt down, they offered me words of reassurance to boost my confidence. They have cheered as my blog started to grow and often praise how I strike the balance between my personal domestic life and my social writing life. I could dedicate ample time to my family and yet contribute monetarily towards my family’s finances. It makes them very proud of me, and I feel really independent because it makes me my own boss. I wish to make a change in at least one woman’s life. Knowing that I can share awareness in the entire world from the comforts of my house was truly thrilling. I want everyone to know that if I can do it, so can you! It is just a matter of getting started that sets the ball rolling. If you are brave enough to start your own venture and carry it out dedicatedly, I can assure you that success will surely follow.

My constant endeavour is to ensure that I produce something that will definitely inspire someone one day in the future. I have seen that women prioritise their family and everyone around them over their own self, and thus, I would like to extend my blog to health and fitness of women too. I want every woman to know that unless they care for themselves, they cannot care for others in a proper manner. I feel strongly about health of women, especially pregnant women because they need a great amount of care and affection. Whereas, those who battle bad skin or skin-related issues, especially the teenage girls I mentioned before, should also be able to find help through my blog.

Basically, I wish to include all the women and write for all of them. Irrespective of your age or family background or any boundaries, I want to be the medium through which you can express yourself and also be the source of everyone’s happiness. I am here to lend an ear and listen to your stories and at the same time, I want to share mine. I want to motivate you and feel inspired by you.

Don’t just think of me as a writer because I have other interests too. Feel free to ping me and we could exchange recipes. Since I love cooking so much, I might definitely have a secret recipe that the internet does not offer. Similarly, you could give me a hack that would amp up the convenience of life. Or we could discuss the latest happenings on reality TV shows. We all know how much drama they are and we could exchange hours of juicy gossip just on who did what in which show. I also love travelling and exploring the world around me and you could always tell me the mysteries and the sceneries of the places where you live! I would be patient and we could forge friendships through any topic that you would find fascinating. I am a curious person and I know that I have a lot to learn from all those around me and everyone will teach me something that I never knew. Together, we can make OnlyWomenStuff a place from which every woman can benefit from and discuss any query without the fear of being judged. We can beautify someone’s life. I want this blog to grow into the Holy Grail of information for everything about women, so that no woman ever feels lost or confused.

Of course, all this can only happen when we do it together. I wish that you like my posts enough start on a new adventure with me and together we can make the journey of life so much more interesting and fun.

So sit back, relax, read on, and for your convenience, here’s a cup of virtual tea (or coffee, however you prefer): _/?