How to Choose the Best Travel Shoes?

Going on a trip always means a careful selection of clothes, outerwear, shoes, accessories. This may even determine how successful your adventure will be. This article presents the criteria for how to choose travel shoes. Based on our recommendations, you will be able to make the right choice and enjoy your further trip.

How to Choose the Best Travel Shoes?

Shoe Weight

If the trip is planned on easy routes, you should choose light, simple shoes, and if the terrain is more difficult, then you need more powerful, passable, but at the same time not heavy shoes.

This quality is extremely important since comfortable lightweight shoes will not rub your feet and will be easy to carry.

Outsole Features

The soles of professional travel boots are usually made up of multiple layers. Actually, the sole itself – it has contact with the outer surface; middle part – absorbs shock loads and helps keep your joints from injury when walking with a heavy load; the inner part provides rigidity and distributes the load more evenly, also taking some of the load from your legs onto itself. In different models, the number of layers may be more or less, but the general picture remains unchanged – they are designed to facilitate movement and minimize stress.

Choosing Shoes by Type of Activity

Each type of hike has its own footwear. Shoes should be chosen depending on what time and in what conditions the tourist route will run. A wide collection of footwear for comfortable travel is presented on the Siren Shoes website. There, you will definitely find the perfect pair of shoes for your unforgettable adventure!

Hiking Shoes

Designed for hiking in rough terrain (foothills, mountain trails, forests, fields).

They are lightweight, have good ventilation and ankle support, and prevent slipping on smooth and wet surfaces.

Mountain Hiking Shoes

Heavy trekking boots are great, which can withstand unstable weather conditions, obstacles on the way, movement on uneven terrain, mud, sand. Such shoes are universal for routes of varying degrees of difficulty.

The high shaft fits the leg tightly, protects the ankles and ankles from blows, and also prevents small stones and sand from getting inside. Membrane material protects from wind and moisture, provides air circulation. In such shoes, you can safely cross a shallow river and not get wet. The thick outsole provides excellent cushioning.

Staying Near the Water

The main requirements for a boating shoe are moisture-wicking and the ability of the contoured outsole to provide reliable traction on wet surfaces.

These requirements are met by sandals – usually with a polyurethane upper, anatomical insole, and an embossed outsole, as well as low boots with textile mesh inserts and hybrid options that combine the elements of low boots and sandals in the upper structure.

For an Active Travel

Travel shoes should provide maximum comfort during long walks and journeys.

Light boots and sneakers are suitable for moving in cool weather. The main requirements for shoes are high-quality breathable upper material, durable fasteners or laces, durable outsole with a tread, and good cushioning.

In hot weather, trekking sandals are ideal for active walks and hikes. They are lightweight, fit snugly on the leg, do not chafe, and provide constant ventilation of the skin. Quickly and securely fixed with Velcro fasteners. The deep tread outsole provides good traction. The upper is made of polyester, suede, or leather, synthetic rubber – neoprene is used as a lining.

Important Tips

  1. When buying hiking shoes, pay attention to the quality: the leather should be smooth throughout the boot, not flake anywhere, the seams should be even, the sole should be free from cracks.
  2. Choose the right size. Tight shoes are bound to cause blisters. Shoes should be measured on special trekking socks and, preferably, in the afternoon on “tired” legs.
  3. For hiking, especially when driving on mountain slopes, you need to choose shoes that fix the ankle joint. This protects the ankle from sprains, dislocations, and even fractures.

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