Breast Implants are More Than Just Increasing the Size of Breast

Breast Implants: In 2018, over 310,000 teenagers and women underwent breast augmentation surgery commonly referred to as a ‘boob job’ to get fuller and larger breast. Usually, when people think of breast augmentation surgery, skinny girls with bigger breast come to their mind. Though it is not the only reason, women decide to get the surgery.

According to the stats, almost 100,000 breast cancer patients had reconstructive surgery with implants after mastectomy. Since 1997, breast augmentation surgery has grown popular, and the number has tripled. Many women think that after getting this procedure done with implants, they will look the same as other women who have gone through the same surgery. However, it isn’t always the case. There are different types of implants that you can choose from like silicone or saline. You can achieve the look of your desire by choosing from a variety of style, shape, and type of the implant.

It is undeniable that women feel more confident after getting the surgery done. They feel significantly better when they know they achieve the look they always wanted to regardless of the reason for their surgery. This article is intended to clear out the misconceptions people have about breast implants in particular. To know about them, stick to this article!

breast implants

Micromastia or Breast Hypoplasia: A lot of women suffer from breast hypoplasia meaning their breast have not properly developed. As women consider their breast a part of who they are, they feel embarrassed and less confident about their barely noticeable or tiny breasts. Having implants and augmentation surgery makes them feel good about their self, and they gain their femininity.

Asymmetrical Breast: Most women underwent surgeries because of their asymmetrical boobs, especially when they become really noticeable. Getting the procedure done and having symmetric breast not only help in boosting her self-esteem but will help her achieve the look she always wanted. If you know someone you are going through this condition, or it’s you may be, then do not feel shy about it. Breast lift in Sydney by Dr Eddy Dona will help you achieve exceptional results.

Mastectomy: Even though it is compulsory to have a mastectomy after breast cancer, it can be very hard on women for having her one or both breast removed. She may no longer feel comfortable in wearing beautiful clothes or may not feel like a woman anymore. Breast reconstructive surgery will help in boosting her confidence and self-esteem and making her feel complete again.

Post Pregnancy: After giving birth to a child, many woman experience change in their breast size and they often struggle with their new size. Their boobs tend to shrink and also look saggy. After getting breast augmentation surgery done, a woman feels less conscious about her boobs by gaining the volume she lost post-pregnancy.

Change in the Body with the Age: It comes as no surprise that your body changes with time. In the case of women, one area that seems to be most affected by age is their breasts. Some women notice their boobs are not as perky as they used to be, while many have the issue that their breasts have shrunk. After the surgery is done and breast lifted, they feel young and confident again.

After Weight Loss: Women often experience a sudden decrease in their breast size after losing a significant amount of weight due to health issues. It leads to the change in their breast size and shape. The decrease in the size of the breasts often makes them undergo breast augmentation surgery. Once they have gone through the procedure, they achieve that hourglass figure they always wanted to have.

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