4 Ways To Get Past A Weight Loss Plateau

One circumstance you don’t want to encounter when you live an active lifestyle is the weight loss plateau. This is a period wherein your body seems to stay the same no matter how many workouts you do. It can give you a disheartening feeling when you go through this stage, especially when you have a goal that you want to achieve. 

However, it shouldn’t lead you to give up on working out altogether. There are ways for you to get past a plateau successfully. Here are some:

Reevaluate Your Diet:

If you’re starting to feel that you’re no longer making any progress with your fitness journey, you should try to reevaluate your diet. The foods you’re eating may be hindering your progress. Eating more than what you need or eating too little can impact your physique, especially if you live an active lifestyle. The types of meals you consume will also contribute to the development of your figure. Hence, taking the time to analyze what you put into your body will allow you to get past a plateau. 

You need to identify if the current daily calorie recommendation you’re following is still sufficient for your fitness level. You may need to change some portions of what you eat to help your body lose weight. Keep in mind that the number of calories isn’t the only concern you need to address. The quality of food you consume and the macros of your meals may also play a role in your physical development. You can visit 28 at Home Weight Loss to learn more about your calorie needs and their impact on your weight loss.  

Allow Your Body To Rest:

Focusing too much on seeing a change on the scale and not allowing your body to rest may affect your fitness negatively. If you perform weight training exercises regularly, you should dedicate a day or two for recovery. Exercising and pushing your body past its limit without resting will prevent your muscles from repairing themselves. They won’t have time to develop and grow stronger if you always strain them. 

You may also risk doing your workouts with the poor form if your body is always tired. You may end up experiencing a plateau if the exercises you do fail to target the correct body parts. Spending a day recharging your body will ensure that you have enough energy to perform high-intensity workouts in the coming days.  

Besides taking a rest day between your weekly exercise sessions, you should also ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. The quality of rest you get at night can contribute to the development of your physique. Hence, you should ensure that you’re getting enough sleep at night.

You’ll make the most out of each movement that you’ll do if your muscles are in good condition. As long as you balance your fitness routine, you’ll have no trouble getting out of a fitness plateau.  

Change Your Workout:

If you start to feel that the workouts you do are too easy and are no longer helping you improve your fitness level, try to switch things up or try doing something new. Your body will get used to the intensity of your workouts after a while, which can affect how much weight you shed. You may also not see progress in your physique if you continue to perform movements that don’t strain your muscles anymore.  

Challenging your body with a new routine or workout can help you get past your period of fitness stagnation. You can try more physically demanding activities like boxing or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) if you haven’t tried them before you can try doing them to help you push your body beyond its limits. 

You may also experience a plateau because you have limited options to stay active. Lack of gym access or a busy lifestyle may prevent you from performing workouts. However, these circumstances shouldn’t hinder you from achieving your fitness goal. There are things you can do to stay fit even if you’re stuck at home. You can do simple activities to keep your body moving, like performing household chores, taking a walk, or dedicating your time for a quick home exercise.

Try Drinking Tea Or Coffee:

Incorporating some beverages into your lifestyle may help you push past your fitness plateau. Besides consuming adequate amounts of water daily, you can try drinking low-calorie drinks like tea or coffee to assist your body in burning fat.  

You may not see a difference in your physique because you don’t consider the liquid calories you consume. Sugary drinks like soda or pre-packaged juice may cause you to go over your recommended calorie intake, leading to weight gain. These beverages can also make it more challenging for your body to burn fat during exercise.  

On the other hand, tea or coffee can aid your weight loss by boosting your metabolism. This means your body may find it easier to convert food into energy and burn fat if you consume these drinks. However, you should be cautious about the amount of liquids you drink. Too much caffeine may cause mild palpitations or nausea. If you feel queasy after you finish a glass, you may want to try options with lower caffeine levels or temporarily pause your consumption.  

Final Thoughts

Getting past a plateau takes a lot of willpower and dedication. After all, feeling stuck can discourage you from pursuing your target body. However, as long as you approach it strategically and stay patient, it’s not impossible to get back on track. There are many ways so that you can do to stay to get past of a weight loss plateau. Making changes in your diet and workout regimen can help you recover from your temporary fitness setback. Having a good rest is also a good way of balancing your routines. Doing simple activities will help you to stay active and will keep you moving which can help you in staying fit and healthy.

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