How To Care For Your Hair Weave Bundles

Hair Weave Bundles can change the way you look and boost your confidence. When you first try them on, they will look silky and beautiful. However, without proper care, they will soon lose their shine. Hair weave bundles can last for two to three years depending upon the maintenance and care. If your hair weaves brittle, dry and tangled after a few uses, it means you are going wrong with the maintenance.

How To Care For Your Hair Weave Bundles

Your hair weave bundles also need the right amount of love and hair care. You need to clean, moisturise and comb your hair weave bundle regularly to keep them in the best condition. If you are struggling with oily, dirty and damaged hair weave bundles, then read our following tips. Following these tips will keep your hair weave fresh and lively.

Wash Your Hair Weave Bundle:

Depending on your activities and lifestyle, you need to clean your hair weave regularly. Whether your hair is made of virgin, human, or synthetic hair, you should always keep them clean. You can wash it every one to two weeks to remove all sweat, dirt and odour from your hair. You should use a moisturising shampoo free of toxic sulphates. Couple it up with a conditioner to keep the hair ends frizz-free.

You should lather up the shampoo with lukewarm water and run it through your hair. Massage it in between your braids to effectively clean all dirt. Gently use your fingers to massage the scalp area and bring it down to your hair ends. Don’t scrub while applying shampoo and remember to avoid any sort of friction. Rinse your hair with running and clean water.

Use the conditioner from mid-length to the end tips of your hair weave. Leave the conditioner in for around two-three minutes to soften the hair. Rinse the conditioner out with water thoroughly. Massage a leave-in conditioner and towel dry your hair. If your hair weave is curly, make sure to wash it once in a week to keep the curl pattern intact.

To prevent hair weave matting, keep your hair straight when you are cleaning it. Use a microfibre towel to blot away the excess water from your hair bundles. Never try rubbing your hair with a towel to soak away the water fast. Alternatively, you can use an air dryer to dry your hair weave. Your hair should be kept completely dry to prevent the chances of mould and odour. You should not wash your hair more than once in a week as it will make them dry and damaged.

You can consult your hairdresser to know about the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Using the wrong products will adversely affect your hair. Use products which have fewer chemicals but clean effectively. Also, make sure that the products don’t dry out your hair weave bundle.

Detangle Your Hair Weave Bundle:

Your hair weave bundle is delicately sewn onto your actual hair. If you try to drag your hair roughly, you may pull out your real hair. Hair weave bundles can get challenging when it comes to detangling them. You should be gentle enough to smooth out your hair weave bundle. Start from the bottom of your hair and work it up to your roots. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to remove all tangles effectively without tugging out your hair.

Natural hair can easily be detangled. However, the hair weave bundle takes a lot of effort. Remember not to use any extra force while combing your hair as you may permanently damage your hair fixture. Avoid combing hair weave bundles while it is wet. Work our major knots using your fingers and then use a wide-toothed comb to brush them through gently.

Use Warm Water To Rinse Your Hair:

Part your hair from the middle and use warm water on your hair weave. It will help you to identify your hair weave parts and clean them effectively. You would be able to focus on your hair better and wash off all dirt.

Use Different Scalp Soothers To Calm Your Scalp:

If you are not washing your hair regularly, your scalp may itch due to dirt and oil accumulation. Using your fingernails to scratch your scalp will make your hair roots weak. It will irritate your hair scalp and make it itch more. You may even get scabs if you continue itching your scalp.

You use tea tree oil or other scalp soothers to calm your scalp. It will provide you with relief and prevent you from repeatedly scratching your hair. If you develop scabs, you may need to remove your hair weave bundle.

Use A Good Quality Antibacterial Hair Weave Spray:

Bacteria may develop in your hair weave, which will affect its longevity. To keep your hair weave bundle fresh, clean and detangled, you should use antibacterial hair weave spray. Braided and twisted hair weave are more prone to bacteria growth and tangles. Even hair locks can be a mess without a quality antibacterial spray.

Even many people often complain of hair odour that comes out of their hair weave if it keeps wet for a long time. You can inquire about the best antibacterial spray for your hair weave bundle. Spritz the hair spray while your hair is drying to remove all bacteria and smell.

Refrain From Using Hair Oils:

Hair oils will weigh down the hair and make them greasy. It will also cause tangles and matting of your hair. You can use significantly less amount of pure argan oil to impart shine to your hair.

Hair Care while sleeping:

Sleeping with wet hair weave will cause moldiness and bacteria growth. You should also wrap your hair weave bundle in a silk or satin scarf to prevent frizz in your hair. Alternatively, you can use a silk or satin pillow to keep your hair weave in good condition.

Dry Your Hair Completely:

It is essential to dry your hair weave bundle entirely to boost their longevity. It will also help you to prevent hair shedding, desiccation and tangles. Your hair will start to smell if you keep leaving it wet for long hours. You should try to keep fewer hairdryers and low temperature to prevent heat damage. You can towel dry your hair and sit under your fan until it dries out fully. The process may be time-consuming, but it is the safest method for your hair weave bundle.

Styling Your Hair Weave Bundle:

While styling your hair weave bundle, you should pay extra care and attention to keep them healthy. Use a wide-toothed comb to remove all tangles before you proceed with any styling procedure. You should gently comb your hair and work out all major knots. You should incorporate gentle hairstyles which will not damage your hair. You should use the right tools, quality products and styling sprays.

Avoid using too much heating appliances as it may make your hair brittle and dry. These tools may get overheated and lead to hair breakage. After styling your hair weave bundle, you should use some essential oils or hair protectants to protect it. You should use styles which don’t require too much heat or cosmetics as they ruin the quality of your hair in the long run.

You should also try to style your hair weave bundle less frequently. Regular styling will leave your tangled, frizzy and ruined. To keep your hair bouncy, fresh and lively, try to play less with styling tools.

Daily Maintenance Of Your Hair Weave Bundle:

Your hair weave bundles need the right amount of moisturisation. Your real hair gets the benefits of natural oil from the scalp. It is also able to soak water and moisture. However, since the hair weave bundles are sewn into your actual hair, they lack moisture and nutrients. Hence, you keep conditioning them deeply to keep them soft and smooth. Regularly engage in moisturising your hair weave bundle to increase their longevity.

Curly hair weave bundles are more prone to looking dry and brittle. Your curly hair weave will look more damaged than straight hair weave bundles. You should refrain from using sticky or glue-based hair sprays on your hair weave bundles. It will stick to your hair and cause them to fall out in chunks. To prevent hair loss, you should avoid such hair styling products.

You should also maintain your natural hair under the hair weave bundle. You should remove all knots regularly and use clean pillow covers to keep your hair fresh. You should also avoid touching your hair with unclean hands. Clean your combs frequently to prevent the growth of bacteria in your hair weave bundle.


If you want to keep your hair weave bundles in good shape and condition, you should follow these hair care tips. Regularly caring for your hair will keep them shiny for a long time. Make the full use of your hair weave bundles and increase their lifespan with our hair care tips.

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