Know a New Parent? Here Are Some Simple Ways to Welcome Them Home

When two individuals become parents, their daily routines are drastically altered, and it might take weeks or even months for them to settle into their new routine. It’s your responsibility as a member of the new parents’ inner circle to love, pamper, and support them as they transition into this new period of life.

So how do you welcome the new parents home? While lavishing care on a new baby is vital, new parents also deserve some profound affection. Create a unique homecoming for the new parents as one of the first ways you can express your love and support.

Even if new parents are not used to being the center of attention, a small amount of outside decorating to welcome their new family home will certainly be appreciated. A few colorful balloons attached to the mailbox, a baby-themed flower delivery, or a beautiful stork (not a real bird) in the front yard are all simple touches that go a long way in making a considerable impression.

We asked some new parents how they would like to be welcomed home with their new babie/s and compiled this list to help you decide what you would like to welcome your loved ones and their new bundle of joy home.

Know a New Parent? Here Are Some Simple Ways to Welcome Them Home

Decorate Inside the House

While you might not want to hang any décor that will need to be tidied up by the new parents later, there are a few tiny details that may make their return home feel extra special. Make a “Welcome Home” banner from diapers to hang in the entrance hall or above their fireplace, or arrange their congratulatory cards along the mantle or on some side tables in their family room. Even a bouquet of fresh flowers already in a beautiful vase may create a cheerful, calm atmosphere.

Tidy Up for Them

When they left their house before they went to the hospital, they probably didn’t give much consideration to how clean it was or the fact that if the new mom spent extra time in the hospital after giving birth (which happens more often than expected) and dad has not had time to clean it himself.

Take some extra time before they arrive home and make certain that there aren’t dirty distractions when they come inside and that the kitchen is clean. Focus on eliminating clutter and focusing on the places they use every day to optimize your effect. Clean up the kitchen by emptying and loading the dishwasher, taking away the garbage, and wiping down the counters and tables.

Stock the Cupboards

Depending on how well you know the new parents, you’ll be aware of the foods and beverages they prefer to have in their kitchen. You can check their current inventory in the refrigerator and grocery cupboards before they go or before they come back, then go to the supermarket to grab some of their favorites.

You should also get things other than food products, such as a couple of extra paper towel rolls and tissues, toilet paper, wipes and diapers, and any other toiletries or baby projects that you think they might need.

Prepare Some Snacks

The journey home from hospital or the birth center is tiring regardless of how short it may be. When new parents get home, they’ll probably want to fall on the sofa or into their bed to rest and cuddle their newborn baby, count toes, and attempt to recharge.

Assist them in maintaining their energy levels by placing some nutritious, ready-to-eat snacks in the fridge and on a table. Your delightful welcome-home treats can include things like sliced fruit, baked goods, or cheese and crackers.

Have Something on the Stove Cooking

Not only would a great visitor arrive with something (food or gifts) to offer the new parents, but they will also leave the house with food for cooking later.

Consider baking a pie or roasting something in the oven or slow cooker before you say your goodbyes and leave the baby and new parents. It’s not important what you make or bring, as long as whatever it tastes good and is aromatic and comforting.

In Closing

While it is important to welcome a newborn baby into this world and their new home too, the parents must not be overlooked. The new parent’s support system or inner circle can help individuals flourish in this period of significant transition.

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