10 Miss Universe Evening Dress Trends to Look for in 2019

Miss Universe has delighted audiences with gorgeous, awe-inspiring gowns since its inception in 1952. The main part of the contest runs over two weeks in December of each year. The international beauty pageant is organized by the US-based Miss Universe Organization. It is watched by more than 500 million people and broadcast in over 190 countries worldwide.

In 2019, among the countries bidding to host Miss Universe are the Philippines, South Korea, and Brazil. The Miss Universe Organization has not commented on where the competition will take place this year.

Now, let’s get to the best part – the gowns – and take a look at some of the hottest evening dress trends you can expect to see down the runway this year.

miss universe evening dresses

1. Ball Gowns:

The Miss Universe 2012 competition will be forever remembered for Miss USA Olivia Culpo’s enthralling ball gown. 7 years may have passed, but the trend is still going strong. With full skirts of tulle, taffeta, or chiffon, ball gown dresses never fail to impress judges. They are fashionable and regal. The only downside is that they can restrict mobility.

2. A-Line Flowing Skirts:

Many contestants in the history of the pageant have floated across the stage in flowing A-line dresses. This style is the quintessence of the pageant goddess with a dramatic flare out from the waist. A-line dresses are flattering not only to pageant contestants’ typically hourglass shapes but also to all other body types. They are fitted to the waist, then flare out down to the hem.

New York Dress’ collections include sheath A-line gowns with V-necklines and charming floral embroidery. A special highlight is the A-line dress with sheath illusion bodice topped by spaghetti straps, gently flowing down to a low-cut back.

3. Sheer Pageant Dresses:

This is a highly versatile trend, ranging from sheer skirts to sheer sleeves and necklines. Many Miss Universe contestants have rocked this trend in the history of the pageant because sheer gowns tend to play up one’s best physical features. For example, a sheer pageant dress with a slit will draw attention to beautiful legs.

4. Glitter Gowns:

Sequins, rhinestones, beadwork, or Swarovski crystals – it’s all about glitter. Recently, Miss South Africa strutted in a goddess-like gown with 30,000 Swarovski crystals – and she’s not the only Miss Universe constant to have opted for the glittery style. It is a look fit for a diva. An understated take on this trend is gowns with glitter embellishments, such as a fitted sleeveless bodice held by spaghetti straps, defining the waistline with a crystal-embellished belt. A sexy sweep train and high slit add the final touch.

5. Rose-Colored Dresses:

While not being a recent trend, rose-colored dresses are here to stay. This color is perfect for pageants because of how multidimensional and versatile it is. We expect to see at least one Miss Universe contestant in a rose gold gown or dress. A specific example of this trend is off-shoulder rose gold dresses coming together at the waist. No one remains indifferent to the warm, rosy glow that fills the room. Rose-colored pageant dresses are feminine, chic, romantic, and easy on the eyes.

6. Flared Dresses:

Flared dresses are regal and ravishing. No one can forget the monumental, royal blue work of art Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurztbach donned. These dresses have slim bodices and full flared skirts reaching down to the floor. If that’s not suitable for an international pageant, what is?

7. Mermaid Dresses:

It’s hard to deny the appeal of mermaid dresses. Nothing emphasizes a breathtaking hourglass shape quite like this style. Its clean lines streamline the silhouette. The slim, flattering waist transforms into an exquisite, luxuriant skirt cascading down to the floor. Mermaid dresses flare over the legs and end with a sweep train.

8. Skin Tones:

Many Miss Universe contestants with champagne-colored or brown skin have opted for neutral colors to play up their natural beauty. Deep reds like merlot or burgundy will work on these skin tones very well too. When it comes to trendy earthy colors, we can’t help but think of summer fig, a hearty, warm tone that complements bronze skin perfectly. It is a very exotic color – a firm red with an orange tinge that doesn’t quite seem suitable in winter. The fact that it’s unexpected explains why it has become as popular as it is.

9. Off the Shoulder:

New York Dress writes about a timeless trend on their fashion blog – off the shoulder dresses are never out of place at a formal event. They are popular on pageant runways because this style creates an ethereal, seemingly effortless look. Off the shoulder, dresses have flattering bodices that emphasize toned upper arms. They also make women look taller because they elongate the silhouette. Some of these designs come with flared skirts, which elegantly cascade down to the floor. We might see off the shoulder gowns accented by sweep trains or daring slits right up to the hip.

10. Bright Colors:

Bright colors like ruby, tiger orange, lime green, and pink are ruling 2019. We expect to see floor-length ball gowns, column gowns, and A-line dresses in these colors at the next Miss Universe. Purple and fuchsia are flattering to all skin tones. Metallic shades are still in style, particularly gold and silver. A formal gown in a metallic shade is unbeatable if one is looking to wow the judges.

Tiger orange flatters almost every skin tone. We’ll be seeing slinky lace and satin dresses in this hue or in biking red, which is also hot this fall. In fact, 2019 is all about red.

Always Exceeding Expectations

Miss Universe contestants present a flurry of fabulous gowns in styles and colors that make this pageant unique among the Big Four. This isn’t to say that Miss Earth, Miss World, and Miss International do not dazzle and impress, but Miss Universe takes us a step further, always exceeding our expectations. We’re sure 2019 will be no exception!

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