Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40: Weight loss is a challenge with yourself both physically and mentally. The journey might be quite tough but it is worth a try. When a woman becomes over 40, it becomes very difficult to lose weight. Not only because she has many responsibilities at home. Also, weight loss becomes difficult as they do not follow a proper diet. She cannot eat as she used to in her thirties. But in recent studies, scientists say that it is easier for women to gain weight over 40. Even if your starving for days, you won’t see a difference. After the age of forty, the body starts gaining weight due to hormonal imbalances. Weight loss journey comprises of a balanced diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Hence a woman should follow correct weight loss tips for women over 40. Most importantly, she needs to incorporate them strictly in her lifestyle. In this article, I have mentioned 15 best weight loss tips for women over 40. Read them to get benefits in your weight loss journey. But most importantly,  remember everything needs time and patience.

Weight Loss Tips for Women

Why Weight Loss is Important for Women Over 40?

Weight loss is a way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also, weight loss is very important to avoid the risks of various diseases. The various diseases which can occur due to an increase in weight in women over 40:-

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fatty liver
  • Increase in bad Cholesterol

15 Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40

1. Do Workout Before Breakfast:

Doing workout before breakfast helps in breaking down that unwanted fat in our body. You might think about how this works? In the empty stomach, the body takes energy from fats. These great tricks work great for reducing fat faster. Moreover, it would be great if you can drink warm water with lemon and honey before doing your workout. Not only this helps in increasing the metabolic rate and burn more calories. But also burns the fats faster while you work out. Total body workout is very important for weight loss. So daily 30 minutes workout is going to provide you with amazing results. Initially, start doing for 10-15 mins and then gradually increase. For the first few days you might have terrible body ache, but don’t give up.

Some of the best whole body workout exercises include Jumping jacks, Squats, Planks, Lunges, Bicycle crunches, Sit-ups, and Push-ups. These 7 workouts have been very effective for weight loss. Try to start doing 10 repeats of each exercise. Then gradually you can level up to 20-30 repeats. While doing planks, keep a timer aside. If you are willing to get much better results, then buy a treadmill at home. Last but not least, don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes while exercising. A sport shoes a must while working out.

2. Start Weight Training Exercises:

You might be thinking of why weight training is important for weight loss for women over 40? You might feel that being a woman, you do not want to have big muscles like that of a man. You want to lose weight and have a slim body. But that is not the science behind weight training exercises. The weight training exercises are the best-kept secret for weight loss. Celebrities swear by weight training exercises with the regular workouts. This helps to reduce the fat in the body and focuses on muscle gain. This muscle gain is very beneficial for increasing the metabolic rate in the body. weight training exercises are very simple to incorporate with your daily exercises. Always start with warm-up exercises. Use a pair of dumbbells initially with the regular exercises. Then gradually start increases the weight of the dumbbells. You will start losing weight gradually. Some weight training exercises include plie dumbbell squats, the lateral band walks, and bend over two dumbbell rows. These are the best weight training exercises which you can do at home easily. For better results, you can join the gym classes. There you can do various weight training and lifting exercises. 

3. Go for a Walk Every Day:

Nowadays we are very busy due to our lifestyle. In this generation, we always opt for cars and cabs for going out. For which people nowadays have forgotten to walk to places. This reduces the metabolic rate of our body and we are becoming overweight. Hence going for a 20 minutes walk is very important for maintaining a healthy body. For weight loss purposes women over 40 should at least walk 30 minutes per day. This will help to increase metabolic rate and burns fat too. You can walk in the evening too if not possible in the morning. If possible, then start walking 15 mins after having dinner. Also having dinner before 8 pm at night is very important to reduce the weight. Walking after dinner helps to reduce the calories better. For a daily basis try to walk more. Go to grocery stores or shops by foot. Try to avoid cabs for going to places which are walking distance. This helps to keep the high metabolic rate of the body throughout the day.

4. Join Activity Classes:

Being a woman over 40, it is very difficult to make time for yourself. But for weight loss, you have to make time for yourself and join activity classes. Not only this will help in the weight loss journey but it also will help you to stay active throughout the day. Activity classes are a very interactive place. Here you can find friends who want to lose weight. This weight loss tip for women over 40 is the best as you are going to enjoy as well as reduce weight simultaneously. You can join yoga classes if you want to reduce stress in addition to weight loss. Gym classes are also great. But nowadays Zumba, pilates, and aerobics are great fitness classes. If you love dancing I am sure you are going to enjoy Zumba. Swimming can be a great outdoor activity class. Swimming is great for the whole body workout. Choose any of the above mentioned which you prefer to stay active.

5. Start your Day with Warm Water:

Warm water is a great weight loss tip ever. You can add lemon and honey too. One glass of this warm water is a great drink to start your day. Warm water increases the body temperature which helps increase the metabolic rate. When the metabolic rate increases right in the morning. Then this is great for burning more calories throughout the day. Celebrities swear by this warm water drink as their morning routine. This warm water also helps to remove toxins from our body too. But don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

6. Never Skip Breakfast: 

It is often common for people to skip the morning breakfast. Later around 11 am they have brunch. Brunch is a mixture of breakfast and lunch. This is a very unhealthy way of losing weight. This does not do anything to our bodies. Moreover, you end up getting more hungry throughout the day. It is very important to have a heavy breakfast in the morning after a heavy workout. This helps faster burning of calories too. Always remember to keep breakfast heavy and dinner lighter. At night the metabolism of our body decreases, hence calories are less burnt. So try to have a light dinner and also by 8 pm. If you work for late hours, you might feel hungry later in the night, then you can drink a sugarless coffee or green tea.

7. Eat Low-Calorie Meals Every 3 Hours:

You might be thinking about how eating after every 3 hours might help with your weight loss. Yes, this sounds a bit interesting. But this should be low-calorie meals. But for following this diet, you have to start your day before 7 am. At 7 am have a heavy breakfast, then around 10 am have green tea. Try to have a low-calorie lunch at around 1 pm. Then around 4 pm have a bowl of fruits and nuts. You can also have fruit custard too. Then have dinner before 8 pm. If you feel hungry in between just have green tea only. But low calorie does not mean you eat less. Hence keep a food diary, so that you keep a record of the foods you eat. For a 40 years old woman, it is very important to have at least 1800 calories per day.

8. Switch to Green Tea:

If you are a tea person, then this is going to be a great weight loss tips for you. Green tea has great antioxidant properties. This is a great alternative to your regular tea. Catechin in green tea helps in breaking down the excess fat in our body. Also, this green tea helps in increasing metabolism. Even if you feel hungry in the evening, green tea is a great option to go for. This will keep you full so that you don’t end up eating junk food in the evening. You should not add sugar in green tea. It is quite hard to drink plain green tea as it tastes much better. You can add honey for sweetening purposes. This fat burner is great but for visible results, you have to drink it every day. You can drink green tea at least 4-5 times a day.

9. Minimize the Carb Intake:

Carbs are a great source of energy for our bodies. But minimizing carbs has shown great results in weight loss. This means you should start avoiding bread, white rice, and pasta. It is quite hard to reduce these carbs from our diet. Instead, you can switch to good or low carbs like brown rice, fruits, and vegetables. Start having starchy low carb vegetables like potatoes and beets.

10. Increase the Fiber in the Diet:

Fiber-rich foods are great for gut cleaning purposes. This is also great for boosting metabolism in our body. Try includes fiber-rich foods like oats, seeds, nuts, and fruits. During breakfast time, oats with flax or chia seeds are great for weight loss. You can add avocados or berries to your daily diet too. If you feel hungry, eat nuts. These foods are a healthier alternative to junk food. So switching to a healthier diet is a very important step in weight loss journey. Hence fiber-rich foods like almonds are a great add on to your snack time. 

11. Try Intermittent Fasting Once a Week:

This is a great strategy for weight loss. During this fasting, you have to eat all your required calories in a shorter period. Not necessary that you have to eat 1meal. This fasting works in losing weight while the time of the day your not eating anything. During this time the body takes energy from the stored glucose for metabolism. Then afterward the stored excess fats start breaking down to provide energy to the body. So basically you have to eat all your meals within 8 hours and you will be fasting for the next 16 hours. To try this fasting schedule, start your first meals at 12 pm in the afternoon and then have dinner by 6 pm in the evening. This is a great way to lose weight, but you should not do this more than twice a week. The intermittent fasting works great for weight loss in women over 40.

12. Make a Detox Drink:

Detox drinks are a great addition to your daily diet. A detox drink is a great way to boost your body metabolism. Detox drinks are regarded as a magic potion for weight loss. You can easily make this at home without much fuss. The most famous detox drink recipe includes water, lemon, and apple cider vinegar. For additional benefits, honey and cinnamon are added. You can carry this detox anywhere your in a bottle and drink throughout the day. This drink has many benefits other than weight loss too. Most importantly, this removes toxins from our body.

13. Skip the Sugar:

Having sugar is the most terrible mistake we do while on a weight loss diet. Sugar is regarded as the culprit for stopping weight loss. Sugar consumption is also regarded as bad for our health also. Add natural sweetness such a maple syrup or honey to your food as a healthy alternative. Try to avoid sweetened fruit juice or drinks available in the market. Make fruit juices at home and enjoy the whole benefits. One should avoid sugar-rich foods like candy and chocolates. But if your a chocolate lover, this is great news for you that dark chocolate is good for weight loss.

14. Drink Red Wine:

Surprised right? What is the link between red wine and weight loss? We all know alcohol is not good for health or weight loss. But unlike other alcohol, red wine contains resveratrol. This polyphenol helps in reducing fat in our body. So 2 glasses of red wine are great for your weight loss journey. Also, red wine has many health benefits too.

15. 8 Hours of Sleep is a Must:

Sleep plays a very important role in the weight loss journey. Until and unless you sleep 8 hours a day, your body won’t reduce weight. Moreover, all the weight loss steps will work. As we sleep hormones release, which helps in losing weight. 


After reading this article, I am sure you are well aware of the weight loss tips for women over 40. Now you just need to follow tips in a disciplined manner to achieve your weight loss goal. Weight loss journey needs at least 4 weeks to show any change in your body. So follow these tips well, so that you succeed in this weight loss journey.

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