Why Indoor Gardening is Great

Owning an indoor garden comes with numerous benefits. As the name implies, indoor gardening is the process of growing plants indoors instead of the conventional outdoor spaces. Indoor gardening is an exhilarating and rewarding venture. The plants not only transform your space and give you company, but they are pleasing to keep. Everyone has different reasons to grow plants indoors, but you don’t need additional motivation because it’s a fun activity. In this read, we will look at some of the best reasons to practice indoor gardening.

Why Indoor Gardening is Great

1. Fresh Organic Produce:

This one takes the spotlight on reasons to have an indoor garden. When you have your own fruit, herb, or vegetable garden, you’ll always have access to fresh organic produce. One of the best things about indoor gardening is that you can control the seasons. So, if even if a fruit or vegetable is not in season, you can implement creative techniques such as using lights, humidifiers, heaters, irrigation, and other environmental controls to create the best conditions for growth. Growing indoors is also convenient, especially when you do it next to the window in the kitchen. There is no better feeling than plucking the leaves of fresh basil or chives right next to the kitchen to throw in your soups, salads, stews, sauces, etc.

2. Protection From Pests and Critters:

Weather is not the only unpredictable aspect you have to deal with when you have an outdoor garden. Yes, you will have to deal with mealybugs, scale, spider mites, etc., in an indoor garden. But the chances of an infestation are way lower compared to an outdoor garden.

Pro Tip: When you bring plants to your indoor garden, do a thorough check for potential interlopers. Give them a few days of quarantine to ascertain they are safe to add to your indoor space. Also, having an indoor garden means it’s easier to check on the plants, thus stopping an infestation before it spreads.

Not to forget that you also have to protect your outdoor plants from other critters like rabbits, mice, cats, deer, etc. This is an issue you won’t have to worry about by adopting an indoor garden.

3. Have Full Control of the Weather:

Another great advantage of growing plants indoors is that you have full control of the growing conditions, including the weather. You won’t have to deal with unexpected cold snaps, extreme heat, or violent winds. In addition, indoor gardening protects your plants from harsh weather. This is a major perk, particularly if you reside in a region with extreme weather, such as scorchers and snowstorms.

Yes, many hardy plants can withstand harsh weather, but if you are looking at more delicate species, growing them indoors will allow them to thrive. In addition, indoor gardening allows you to tweak the conditions. For example, you can choose to supplement the light source with LED grow lights, or how close they are to a window.

4. Air Purification:

Plants utilize photosynthesis to create energy that facilitates their growth. This is a process that takes water and carbon dioxide to produce glucose. One of the products in this process is oxygen. This is the opposite of what humans do as we breathe in oxygen and release CO2. This means that having an indoor garden creates a natural air purifier. Many plants also help filter other airborne toxins, germs, and dust. Examples include spider plants, snake plants, chrysanthemums, and English ivy.

5. Extended Growing Season:

Even if the aspect of growing your plants under the sun is more appealing to you, there is no denying that doing so indoors is more beneficial. The indoors allow you to give your seedlings or bulbs a headstart of the growing season. Start them inside, about 6 weeks before the last frost, and when it comes to moving them outside, ‘harden them’ by gradually introducing them to the weather elements. Put them in a partially covered space on the balcony or a shady spot on the side of your house.

Also, you can keep the plants growing after their season but bringing them back indoors. However, note that introducing them to a warm environment can take their systems off the rails and put them in a transition stage in the aforementioned spaces.

6. Appealing Decor:

There’s no denying that a blooming flower or a big leafy plant brightens a space and lends a good mood. Even a single plant can transform a room, so having a creative display with your indoor garden can really do wonders. A windowsill packed with blooming flowers, cactus gardens or succulent arrangements can lend an extremely pleasing environment within your house. Those small ornaments on your shelves can make a living or dining room look nice, but sharing the space with living plants just lends the space a more energetic feel.

7. Emotional Therapy:

Plants provide great company, and having a garden that you can to amplifies that. You need to look after your plants for them to thrive, and this care provides a sense of compassion. Ever heard that plants respond positively to those who talk to them? Even though this statement is not literal, talking to your plants can be an excellent form of therapy.

From watering and pruning to repotting and other tasks in regards to looking after your indoor garden can be calming and extremely therapeutic. Having plants in your indoor space can alleviate stress while creating a sense of company. If you live alone, that sense of being alone will disappear. Some doctors even recommend gardening as a form of exercising and improving mental health.


Gardening, be it outdoors or indoors, is both fun and therapeutic. In addition, it breeds natural beauty that everyone can appreciate. However, indoor gardening has additional perks that make this activity even more enjoyable and practical. So, then next time you are thinking about planting a few fruits, vegetables, or herbs, consider the benefits as mentioned above.

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