How To Have That Classic Look With 50’s Inspired Prom Dress

Most of the times, we wonder, what type of dresses were worn to the prom in the ancient era of the ’50s. During the 1950s, the formal dresses, cocktail party dresses, evening gowns, and prom party dresses were more popular dress styles. At this time, the look was kept simple, innocent, romantic, and glamorous to highlight the feminine idle in the fashion industry. So, if you look at the thin waist dresses and the extra-large skirts, you must know that it is not a new invention in the fashion industry. The mid 19th century was the Victorian age when the dresses were mostly worn in the form of petticoats, numerous layers of hoops that had around 160 inches of the circumference. There were skirts that were widely required around 7-10 years of the fabric to make a full-length dress. Most of the 1950’s gown was made of lace, silk, tulle and the net fabrics decorated with leaves, flowers, creepers, embroidery, and designs. There was a huge growth in fashion when ‘Gone with the wind’ was released in the year 1939. The desire for the long gown with the fuller skirts was initiated after this and it went on and on. Women started copying the look with some minor additions in the same.

Classic Look from the 50’s: 

The prom dress look of the 1950s is always a major attraction for the high school girls. It was famous due to the perfect poof and the vibrant colors that range from one pastel shade to another. These dresses represent femininity with all the rage. At that time, going to the prom was like attending a great ball ceremony because any other dress would not do good in that case. The tradition was started 100 years ago. The circumference of the prom dresses was highly tremendous and a little different from the regular high low prom dresses we see now.

The circumference of the Prom dresses:

 For the circumference, the sky was always the limit. In this case, the traditional lace and cotton petticoats were quite insufficient as the objective was always to get a few slips that could stick out of the dress as far as it was possible. There were endless layers of numerous cloth types like crinoline, lace, nylon, paper, net and so on, that were added under the dresses for the support purposes. Then, there were hoop skirts that could be worn easily under the dresses to ensure that it is in the right volume but in these cases, there was quite some difficulty when it came to dancing, walking, and other activities. Unlike present-day high low dresses, these dresses were a bit voluminous and restricted in motion.

Prom dresses with a span of time:

Prom dresses were always found with the intricate beading, ruffles, sequins, glitter, lace, applique detailing and various other types of embellishments that you could visualize with the most elegant dresses. This is something that every girl dreams of. With time, glamor became the first and foremost priority whenever it came to attending the prom. The gowns were all fit with fluffy stuff and in the prettiest colors and shades of pasted with the ruffle accents and the velvet bows. This was the mindset to look awesome in the prom during the fifties.

Check out how you can have a classic look with 50’s inspired prom dresses

The Evening Ball Gowns:

There was always a need to attend out the formal events and the prom events and this was done usually with the ball gowns. The evening ball gowns are the ones that can help you look amazing in your prom gathering. These are the gowns that are worn by the women for attending a charity fundraiser, gala, ball, or an opera. This is one such idea that will help you look awesome in the prom parties. Just like the other prom dresses, these fancy evening ball gowns come in a variety of shapes like strapless with a tight waist that might add some volume around the hips or when it hits the floor, off shoulder evening gowns, gowns with a narrow A-line ball skirt and so on. These were the dresses that took their toll in the fifties. The circumference of the dresses was always made bigger with the help of the fluffier fabrics like organdy, tulle, lace, however, most of the times women preferred taffeta, velvet, and satin for the same. Under this category, you can go for the pastel shades or some richer jewel tones such as the classic black color, gold, emerald, ivory, silver, and so on. Sometimes, the lighter shades of pink, mint green, butter, violet, rose pink is also preferred by the women. Also to try out some variety, you add some lace, or jewels to your dress to have a ruching in the bodice to have the cinches towards the waist side. You can also opt for the 50s inspired high low semi-formal dresses for a truly vintage look. If you want to add some extra dazzle, there are clusters of embroidery and sequins available to attach to your dresses. You can also add some accessories to add some modesty, regardless of anything else.

The Long Slim Gowns:

These are the dresses that are for the more mature women and the this quite opposite to the big poofy dresses. There is a sexy length gown with a straight neckline that was very used very often by the women. There were the slender tube gowns as well that appeared in the late 1940s with a big bow at the back of the gown. This dress was responsible for stealing the hearts of millions of girls for the prom. There were many tube-shaped gowns that came with the full skirt at the back. So this way, the fullness on the backside of the dressing counterbalanced the slimness of the front side of the gown. This was a new style that was added to the dress. So, the women looked like wearing a ball gown but on turning around it was observed as a different dress. This way many innovations were made in the late fifties.

 The Black Dress:

 The color black has been the ultimate cocktail dress for the prom dresses. Every woman has a dream of wearing an elegant black dress with some heavy jewelry or accessory. If you are wearing a plain black gown, then you can complement it with the heavy jewelry or a diamond necklace, and if you are wearing a heavy black gown, you can make a bun in terms of hairstyle and it would easily go without the accessories too. Heavy gowns will need no accessories. The black dresses can be dressed up with pearls or colorful scarves or can be merged with some evening accessories for the women to look sophisticated. Black is the best color if you want to look sophisticated and elegant at the same time. All in all, you should know that the cocktail party dresses are worn with matching gloves, shoes, hats, and accessories.

With the help of these dresses, you can easily hit the 50’s look at the prom this year! Get up and Get dressed!


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