3 Top Everyday Handbag Essentials You Need

Every woman has that one handbag that carries her whole life. It’s the bag she uses when she’s running around doing errands and it carries everything she thinks she could ever need. Depending on what you’re doing, you might need to pack a tape measure, or your notepad with all your to-do and to-buy lists. But very often that bag is so full of everything you think you need you don’t realize that you don’t have any essentials with you. Imagine being out and about and your phone battery starts running out and then you look through your purse and find that you didn’t pack a charger.

Everyday Handbag Essentials You Need

When your bag is so full, it’s no surprise that you can actually miss out on some really essential items that are necessary for making your life easier. To prevent a situation where you feel stranded without something you need, there are a few steps you need to take to turn your purse into a proper on-the-go list.

Doing a Handbag Audit & Declutter:

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your handbag as it is now. You have to do an audit. The easiest way to do this is to empty all the content out of your bag and onto a clean surface like your bed. This gives you the chance to see everything, from the old receipts you kept too long, to the expired lip balm you should have thrown out a year ago. It also shows you the necessities you need to buy so you can have a life-saving bag when you’re stranded.

Once you have everything in front of you, categorize them into groups like cosmetics, cards, receipts, tools, and miscellaneous accessories and then place them into each group for a convenient wrap-off later. Carefully scrutinize each item and organize them into defined segments. See which ones you can keep back inside your handbag. These could be items you will most probably need in the offing such as cosmetic products, toiletries, and credit cards for shopping.

Look for any expired items or cards that are no longer functional, worn out jewelry embellishments, outdated receipts, and old-hat accessories that do not appeal to your handbag kit. Pack them in separate boxes labeled with a group tag. You might want to dispose of some of these for recycling, hand over to someone or maybe even sell on eBay or FB groups under ‘used items category’. If you are thinking of selling off any of your stuff like branded lip balms, fashion accessories like sunglasses or tiny trinkets, then make sure they are in good condition. Clean them properly and package them well for an easy hand-off. This would also help if you change your mind and think of keeping them with you for use later. I generally recommended that you do a handbag audit every 3-4 months or so to keep it clutter-free. This activity ensures that you only have the items you really need in your bag to carry day to day activities conveniently.

Buy Things For That Purse:

One of the reasons women find their purse missing the essentials is that they move things from purse to purse and lose track of where things are being kept. The best solution is to buy items that stay in the purse you use the most. Instead of moving things around, the basic things you need should never get shifted. That way, you’ll always know that it’s there. That will give you peace of mind.

Below are the 3 Essential Products You Need for Your Handbag

Lip Balm:

Nothing is as annoying as having dry and chapped lips when you’re out and about and then looking through your purse to discover you have no lip balm. It can actually make you pretty frustrated and miserable. So buy a great lip balm that stays in your main handbag at all times, no moving it around, and no taking it out of your bag, even for a day. You can buy something really amazing you love to use. Check out naturesrepair.org for some great lip balm choices, and the best part is that it’s organic.

A Back-Up Charger:

If people can’t live without their phones, then they also can’t live without their chargers. Carrying a charger in your handbag is one of the best decisions you could ever make because it means you’ll never find yourself stranded. Our phones hold so much of our lives, from Uber to banking and when it’s dead, this can be a huge problem. Buy yourself a charger that stays in your bag at all times, and you’ll never face this issue again.


Very often we don’t move around with sunglasses in our bags because we feel like it’s not necessary when it’s cold or cloudy. But you just never know how the weather is going to turn around, and there’s nothing as annoying as realizing that you don’t have your sunnies. Save yourself the inconvenience by buying even the simplest pair and giving it a permanent home in your main handbag!

A woman’s handbag is a lot like her survival kit when she goes out into the world, she needs it to function and get things done. Imagine how out of control you’d feel if you didn’t have it with you! There’s nothing wrong with packing a handbag with spares and extras that might come in handy when you’re running errands. I’ve known women who have packed an extra pair of flat shoes in their purses, in case their high heels become uncomfortable. It’s up to you, and up to what you think is essential (within reason, of course). Ultimately, it’s all about convenience.

Whether you need stuff for your personal hygiene, or you need sunglasses, a spare set of keys it’s always good to make the contents of your life functional, making sure they make your life more efficient and easier. There’s no point in having a purse full of things you really don’t need. For more ideas on handbag essentials, check out this helpful list.

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