Tips about Planning the Perfect Wedding Celebration

Success of your wedding celebration depends on how you plan it. Hence, it is important for you to pay a lot of attention towards the planning stage. It is possible for you to take all the time that you have. You may check Evengo to plan the perfect wedding celebration. However, you should be aware about the best strategies available to follow while planning the wedding. Below mentioned tips about planning the perfect wedding celebration will be able to deliver assistance to you with it.

Tips about Planning the Perfect Wedding Celebration

Give priority to the guests

During the planning stage, you should always give priority to the guests who will come to your wedding. You will need to have a high-level understanding about the number of guests who will come to the wedding. Then you should pick an appropriate venue, which you can accommodate all the guests. We recommend you to have at least 25 square feet for every guest. You might seem this as a lot. However, this space will be occupied by the dance floor, band, waiters and the tables.

Take a look at the blackout dates

You cannot have your wedding in all 365 days of the calendar year. There are some blackout dates that you need to consider. For example, if there is a charity walk, a trade conference or any other local event happening at your venue, you should consider it as a blackout date. Your guests will not be able to enjoy your wedding on such a blackout date. On the other hand, you and your guests will come across struggles while trying to locate available rooms as well.

Prepare the meal plans

It is a good idea to prepare the meal plans of your wedding ahead of time as well. You should take a look at the menu options provided by the wedding venue. Then you must keep the interest of you and your guests in mind and settle down with the best meal plan out of them.

You shouldn’t just focus on the meals of your guests. You should think about feeding your wedding crew as well. For example, you will have to arrange meals for the wedding band as well. You don’t always have to serve them with the same meal that you are serving to the guests. It is perfectly fine to go for a less expensive meal and your crew will never complain.

You must count and see how many vendors will be coming to the wedding venue to deliver services that you want. Then you should let the caterer know about it. Then the caterer will be able to have enough time and focus on preparations.

Don’t hesitate to ask help from your vendors

When you are in need of help, you will have to ask. In some of the instances, you will come across the need to ask for recommendations from the vendors. In such a situation, you should not hesitate to ask. Always keep in mind that the vendors are experts in weddings. Hence, they will be able to provide a solution to the question that you are struggling with.

Based on the way how you ask, it is possible to get into an honest conversation with the vendors. Then you can tell what you want and the vendors will be able to deliver all the support that you need with getting those requirements catered. You can also refer to the website of a wedding planning company like Married Australia and get assistance.

Avoid last minute planning

You should never postpone the planning activities of your wedding and allow them to happen in the last minute. Instead, you will have to finalize planning as soon as possible. That’s because there is a high possibility for you to face surprises with last minute planning. For example, assume that you want to hire your favorite band for the wedding. You should immediately approach the band and let them know about your event. Then you must make the pre-payment and confirm them. If you wait until the last minute to do this, you will not be able to book the band. This can lead you towards frustration in the last minute. Likewise, you should allow time and plan everything else in your wedding.

Send the invitations ahead of time

It is a good idea to send out all the wedding invitations to your guests ahead of time as well. Your guests are having packed schedules. Hence, it is a good idea to let the guests know about your wedding ahead of time. This will help the guests to secure the day to come and join with you on your wedding. They will be able to make arrangements to shift the other commitments that they have on their schedules accordingly. Delays can happen with mailing the invitations as well. Therefore, you must ensure that you are sending out invitations at least 30 days before your wedding date.

Prioritize the guests

While planning the wedding, you will need to prioritize the guests who will come. You must create a list of all the guests. Then you can take a look at the list and proceed to make prioritizations accordingly. While prioritizing the guests, you should place all your family members in the first place. This should be done to the family members of bridal party as well. Then you should include the best friends from both parties. If you cannot celebrate your wedding without few cousins, uncles and aunts, you should include them in the list as well. Then you can easily pick the list of guests that you are planning to invite.

Take one step at a time

You must always ensure that you are taking only one step at a time. If you ignore this and proceed to plan the wedding, there is a high possibility for you to come across numerous struggles and moments of frustration. Hence, just focus on one step at a time and move forward.

Final words

These tips will help you to plan the perfect wedding celebration. Make sure that you use your common sense throughout the planning stage as well.

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