8 Weird But Effective Skincare Ingredients for Women

when you buy a certain skincare product, do you actually take the time to go through the ingredients list to check what it contains? Especially in the pursuit to use more natural ingredients, there are many ingredients that were once thought of as weird, but are now well-loved and sworn by beauty gurus and even by those women who follow a strict beauty routine.

Effective Skincare Ingredient

In the name of beauty, there are now many bizarre skincare ingredients that make it in every bottle or type of skincare product you have. But, these aren’t just there for no reason. Products like Ameolife silver soaps, for instance, are found to have good effectiveness. 

If you’re ready to find out more about what these skincare ingredients are:

8 Weird But Effective Skincare Ingredients Worth Knowing

1. Bee Venom:

Bee venom is that poison coming out of the bees that make their sting painful. In the olden days, bee venom is one of the components of traditional medicine, usually used to combat allergic reactions from (ironically) bee stings! Since then, it has also been used for other medicinal treatments like Parkinson’s Disease, osteoarthritis, and nerve pain, among others.

Today, bee venom has seen a surge in popularity, being bottled up into serums, creams, lotions, and other topicals. This was after bee venom was also found to have high potential in improving the skin condition, like reducing wrinkles and providing antibacterial effects.

2. Snail Slime:

Today, snail slime, or snail mucin is also being used as a key ingredient in many skincare products. While this may sound quite unappealing to you, it’s actually worth a try. Snail slime has good hydrating properties which can prevent skin dryness and give it a rosy, dewy glow. It can also be incorporated in anti-aging products to fight back skin aging.

3. Pig Collagen:

Pig collagen peptide is an extract coming from the pig’s skin. This is common in many eye and beauty face masks. If you’re looking to give yourself that more youthful and radiant skin, pig collagen might just be your best bet. This sleeping mask is promising at keeping skin well hydrated and firm.

4. Kale:

Kale may not be as bizarre as the first three ingredients on this list, but it’s still a weird one to incorporate into your beauty routine. Kale is a well-loved ingredient as a part of a healthy diet, so it’s not surprising that it can do wonders for your skin, when made a part of your skincare routine.

Kale is very rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which makes it great for detoxifying the body and the skin. Here are some of its promising benefits:

Vitamin C creates a luminous complexion, by reducing dark spots and repairing skin damage;

Vitamin K reduces the large circles in the eyes as Vitamin K can tighten the skin;

Vitamin A repairs skin tissue.

Skincare products that are laden with kale are especially perfect for those who suffer from sensitive, dehydrated, and irritated skin.

5. Dirt Or Peat:

Organic peat, like the one used in farms for cultivating plants and other vegetables, are very rich in nutrients and minerals. If this is well loved in organic farms for growing plants and vegetables, can you imagine what it can also do for your skin?

Dirt or peat is great for the skin, especially when you want to give it a good, deep clean. When used as a part of your skincare routine, it can nourish and protect your skin as well as promote skin cell regeneration. 

6. Broccoli:

Surely you know by now that eating vegetables rich in antioxidants is good for your body and skin. The same example was given above with kale. But, apart from eating it, broccoli, when applied as a part of your skincare routine, can work as a natural SPF to protect your skin and keep it hydrated while you’re enjoying a day out in the sun.

The broccoli that’s incorporated in your skincare products are broccoli seeds cold-pressed into oil. This creates a unique blend that provides UV protection while keeping the skin moisturized.

7. Horse Fat:

Horse fat, which produces horse oil, can easily be touted as the next secret to having good and radiant-looking skin. Horse oil is rich in both A-linolenic acid and oleic acid which protect the cells from radical damage. In the long run, horse oil can also protect your skin from premature aging.

Skincare products with horse oil are also well-loved by those who may be suffering from acne, eczema, and sunburn. Some good reasons to get yourself a bottle of a beauty product with horse oil include:

It keeps your skin moisturized while also fighting off the onset of pimples;

It can be used for all skin types, as you’ll only have to adjust the quantity that you put in;

It keeps your skin hydrated.

8. Bamboo:

For many women, taking good care of their skin also involves taking care of their hair. It’s a part of their daily shower routine so that it’s not just their skin that looks good, but their hair, too.

So, making it well on this list is bamboo. Bamboo is also now present in many beauty products, particularly relating to hair care.

When applied on the hair, the bamboo products can attach to the strands through its fiber, thereby also creating a thicker and fuller mane.


With this list of weird, but also very effective beauty ingredients, are you ready to give your skincare routine a new lift? As you can see, there are many weird ingredients you can try out. In the name of beauty, surely you wouldn’t mind a few weird ingredients that are fast becoming popular among women all over the world.

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