Top 10 Best Curling Tongs for your Hairdo

May it be a party or to try out a new look in your office, curls are always in fashion. Amazon has some good brands of curling tongs to deliver. These products make it an attractive package for anyone with a good eye. Whether it is short hair or long ones, these products help you get the beautiful finish to your hair to get you ready for any party night. There a number of curling tongs available but before buying any of them it becomes necessary to do some thorough research. Here are some best curling tongs available online for you to choose from.

10 Best Curling Tongs Reviews With (Pros & Cons) Best Curling Tongs For Fine Hair, Short Hair and Long Hair

Curling Tongs Buying Guide

Here are some features that you must look into before making the purchase:

  • Curling Tongs must be lightweight for ease of use.
  • There are many types available for different types of hair such as fine hair, thick hair, or short hair. Research well about your type of hair and the tongs or wands that would be suitable for your use.
  • The material of the barrel also plays an important role in ensuring that you get damage free, beautiful and long-lasting curls. Ceramic tourmaline is trending nowadays. Barrels infused with nutrients for your hair is also a good option.
  • If you are willing to spend a big buck anyways, it is usually better to buy a complete set of 5 in 1 curlers but if you want tongs that work for generally any hairdo, it is recommended to buy the ones that are more convenient for handling and can produce thick, tight curls as well as loose, shiny waves.
  • Safety features must also be looked into.

Here are the 10 Best Curling Tongs for All Types of Hair

1. Andis 1.5-Inch High Heat Ceramic Curling Hair Flattening Iron

For natural looking curls you can try Andis 1.5 inch high-heat ceramic curling hair flattening iron. This is a versatile product which comes with the ceramic conical barrel with a real barrel that is gold plated. It has a Swivel cord that keeps the curls tangle free and gives your hair a shiny look. The curler takes a very short span of time to get heated up i.e. 60 sec. There are about 20 heat settings available that can suit all hair types i.e. sensitive, thin or dense hairs.

It is available on Amazon for $18.72. The non-slip control system of the wrap helps to create some perfect curls. It gently tackles all kinds of hair to give a smooth finishing. This particular piece is available in black color and you could also return the product if there is a need. With a three star rating, it is one of the best curling tongs available online.


  • Very pocket-friendly
  • It has a 60 sec heating process which is pretty quick
  • Works on both, thick and thin curls


  • Heating can prove to be faulty

2. Revlon Long Lasting Medium Curls Curling Iron, 1″

If you want a product which is good and has amazing ratings you should definitely opt for the Revlon Long Lasting Medium Curls Curling Iron. With 3.5 star ratings, the curling iron has some amazing features to offer. Firstly it has a barrel of 1 inch which is excellent if you are looking for small waves and medium curls. This barrel is made of ceramic which kind of protects the hair from extreme heat and make them less frizzy. It has a total of 30 heat settings out of which you can choose constant heat for making curls last longer. For safety, it has an auto cut, which keeps it from overheating.


  • There are 7 barrel sizes, which are available at different costs.
  • Auto-off keeps your hair from getting damaged or frizzy
  • It can heat up to 400 F


  • The barrel is short so only works for small and mid-length hair, not good for the long hair

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3. Jose Eber Curling Iron, 19mm (0.75in), Black, Includes Heat Resistant Glove

If you are looking for a product that is simple, cost-effective and time saver then you must opt for Jose Eber Curling Iron. It has a barrel of 19mm which is 0.75 inch. The iron is clipless and creates natural waves which look smooth and frizz free. Due to the clipless design, the heating is much faster and the curls created look voluminous with any crimp ends. It has a mechanism by which it adjusts the heat when near the tips of hair thus resulting in negligible hair damage.


  • It has a lifetime guarantee
  • The curler is justifying both time and money
  • The curls appear voluminous and negligible hair damage due to heat


  • A little expensive when compared to other curlers in the market.

4. BESTOPE Curling Iron 1.25 Inch with Tourmaline Ceramic Coating:

One hairstyle is no fun! The Bestope Curling Iron set of five differently sized barrels for unique curls on the go is a good bargain. It operates on ceramic heat technology which is quite famous and trending for the reduced frizz. Soft, big curls or big, loose waves produced within a matter of minutes are what most customers love about the Bestope Curling tongs. The set also comes with a heatproof glove which makes it safer to use, especially for those who are prone to burning themselves while curling their hair. Also, the set includes two clips for holding up the hair although it doesn’t hold for larger sections. One can adjust the temperature using two buttons on the side of the tool.


  • Waves, corkscrew curls, ringlets and more in one set
  • Ceramic tourmaline doesn’t damage hair; instead, it leaves the hair feeling smoother and healthier.
  • Comes with safety gloves
  • It can maintain two temperatures for suitable styling.


  • Changing the barrels is quite difficult

5. Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler Curling Wand/Iron:

When it comes to maintaining and nourishing the hair while using the wand, nothing comes close to Lee Stafford’s Chopstick Styler Curling Iron. It has a large barrel Which not only has a clipless design but is also large and thin. It works beautifully for shoulder length hair and the tourmaline ceramic ensures frizz free, long lasting tight curls or loose waves. Besides, the damage to hair is minimized while using it as the barrel has a unique design. It comes in an attractive pink color.


  • Ready for use in fifteen seconds
  • Stay-cool tip prevents hair from burnt ends
  • The curling wand works well with short hair
  • It comes with a 60 days guarantee


  • Some complaints of the wand not holding up the curls for thick hair

6. Remington CI606NA Auto Curl, Curling Wand, Curler:

This want is one of the most preferred in the market due to its Instant curl technology. The curler has a tourmaline ionic coating which promises to give protection to hairs four times more than other curlers. It is known to prevent hairs from getting damaged or frizzy. To create some amazing curls you just need to press a button, which curls the hair automatically. The process is hassle free and does not create any tangles. It has a flash heating in 30 seconds and has 5 different temperature setups. It is as good as a salon curler. Out of so many settings, you can choose the one you that suit your hair type. There is an auto cut option available in the product for safety purposes thus you don’t have to worry if you left your curler unattended for some time.


  • Instant curl technology which makes it automatic for use
  • It has a flash heating of 30 sec which is time-saving
  • five settings for keeping the temperature in check
  • The auto cut safety is really an important feature available


  • For thick and short-bob hair, the iron creates volume and waves instead of curls.
  • It works well for curling fine hair but doesn’t hold up the curls for thick hair

7. BESTOPE Curling Iron 1.25 Inch Ceramic Tourmaline Coating:

If you want your smooth curls to last longer with little damage to your hair, Then Bestope Curling iron might be the one for you. The product is good for a hair length of medium to long. The barrel of the curling iron is 1.25 inch and has a spring clamp to shape the curls perfectly. The iron barrel has a ceramic tourmaline coating with an anti-scald tip. It takes 60 s to heat up and has five different heat settings. Thus, you can choose the one that is more appropriate for your hair type.


  • Heats up fastin 60 secs
  • Works for all kinds of hair
  • Very easy to use comes with a spring clamp
  • The barrel of the tongs are coated with ceramic tourmaline


  • Heating can prove to be faulty
  • Makes hair frizzy

8. BlueTop 9mm Unisex Curly Hair Wand Professional:

It is one of the most exceptional choices which is not only pocket-friendly but has a unique product design. Both men and women can use these curling tongs for creating long-lasting curls. The tong is simple to use and can be held in much comfort. The barrel is extremely skinny and thin, which make it unique. It has five different temperature setting that is suitable for different hair types such as normal, chemically processed, thick, dense and hard to curl. It has a rotatable swivel with the high power source and an auto cut for safety purposes.


  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Heating is pretty quick
  • Easy to use


  • Replacement for the damaged part is rarely available
  • The auto cut timing is 60 minutes

9. Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron; 3/4-inch

You can style your hair with Conair Double ceramic curling iron. The product is known for its long-lasting effects. The iron barrel is the ¾ inch and has a double ceramic coating, which results in even heat distribution. You can now create your long curls easily and in less time. In case you are in a hurry, the product gives you a feature of a turbo button that heats instantly. There are a total of 30 heat setups which will work for different hair types. Your curls can stay for 18 hours giving a smooth finish.


  • Double ceramic barrel helps both, long and short hair to roll easily
  • Has 30 different temperature settings
  • Affordable and easy to use


  • It can prove to be hot and dangerous for some people.

10. Conair Supreme Curling Iron; 3/4-inch

When you want the ringlets to stay for long, Conair Supreme Curling iron is what you are looking for. This one produces small, tight tendril curls and cultivated curls but is not recommended for waves. It works for thick as well as fine hair with its 10 heat settings. It has a unique style dial technology that works best for any hair type. With its heater, the curler takes up to sixty seconds to heat up but the cool tip ensures no burnt ends. It has an easy to use design and ultra-sleek-and-smooth look while also being lightweight. The product has an inbuilt counter rest.


  • Floating plates
  • Cool, insulated tip
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable pricing


  • Not hassle-free to use

Curling can be quite a hassle unless you invest some time and effort into the research and then make a decision. Of course, one can own many different types of specialist curling tongs and wands and be knowing the product well only enhances that experience of spending your hard earned money on gorgeous curls. This list of the top 10 curling tongs and wands comprises products that are special for some unique features.

For instance, if you want to minimize damage and nourish your hair while curling it, BESTOPE Curling Iron would be your match but if you are hassled with curling the tongs around your hair, the Conair Supreme Curling Iron would be a better fit for you. Explore your options well and then enjoy as your bouncy hair puts the spotlight on you.

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