Outfits for a Girls Night Out

Did someone say ‘girls night out’? Time to pop the champagne and find your cutest fit! Whatever you’re doing on a night with your gal pals, you can’t leave home before sorting your killer ensemble. Whether you’re searching for a stunning dress or a classic top and pant set, we’ve got you covered with bits and pieces fit for any occasion. Girls night means different things to different women, but however you spend it, it is sacred female bonding time. It’s our therapy! Let’s honour that with the perfect outfit. Here are some of our favourites.

Outfits for a Girls Night Out

Outfits for a Girls Night Out

1. The Loulia Top in Pink + The Bottom Half of the Melina Set:

The Loulia Top in Pink + The Bottom Half of the Melina Set, Outfits for a Girls Night Out

Image: Alamour The Label

Let’s kick things off with the colour traditionally associated with girls: pink! If you want something flowy, feminine, and yet fitting in all the right places, this killer combination may be for you. We’re loving the hot pink allure of the Loulia top, which is like a boob tube with bunched-up sleeves. It will cover your arms, but not much else! The bottom half of the Melina Set is a high-waisted, tight-fitting, floral midi skirt with a side slit. Its bold yet muted pink flowers make the Louli Top ‘pop’! This outfit is for girls who want to live out loud. They’d look amazing with some matching pink high heels or floral earrings.

2. The Vallara Dress in Fuchsia + Polka-Dotted Opera Gloves:

The Vallara Dress in Fuchsia + Polka-Dotted Opera Gloves

Image: Alamour The Label

Continuing with the hot pink theme—get a load of the Vallara Dress with opera gloves! If you and your glam fam want to go all out on your night out, give the Vallara Dress a go. It’s form-fitting yet flowy with an adjustable side slit—so you can decide how much leg to show. Paired with polka-dotted opera gloves, this dress is the epitome of class. Complete the outfit with some diamond heels to match its glittery, iridescent exterior. A pair of diamond drop earrings would also look spectacular.

3. The Amandine Dress + An Audrey Hepburn-Esque Hat:

The Amandine Dress + An Audrey Hepburn-Esque Hat

Image: Alamour The Label

For girls who aren’t so into pink, let’s ditch the bright colours altogether and embrace the Breakfast at Tiffany’s aesthetic. With this little black dress in your wardrobe, you’ll be turning heads as you flaunt your legs. And you may not be wearing a full pearl necklace, but the sequinned sleeves may add at least a glimmer of shimmer! To truly channel Audrey Hepburn, top it off with a classic black hat, as pictured. With this dress, we recommend strutting your stuff in a pair of Laila Heels. Round it all off with a pair of statement earrings.

4. The Miaora Bustier + Orange Leather Pants:

The Miaora Bustier + orange leather pants

Image: Alamour The Label

Perhaps you don’t want girls night to be over the top. We, however, are certainly not over this top. Introducing the simple yet oh-so-versatile Miaora Bustier. Featuring a V-cut crop and off-the-shoulder sleeves, this white delight is easily dressed up or down, depending on where girls night takes you. We think it looks fab with this orange pair of leather pants. The orange may be striking, but pair it with something as neutral as Miaora, and it shines to its full potential. If orange creme were an outfit, this would be it.

5. The Monaco Top + The Monaco Pants:

The Monaco Top + The Monaco Pants

Image: Alamour The Label

Combine the Monaco Top and the Monaco Pants and you strike that perfect compromise between a two-piece and a dress. The vibrant floral fabric channels a flowy dress—and when viewed from the right angle, you could mistake this top-and-pant two-piece for a fantastic floral frock. Why is it so easy to confuse the two? Quite simply, the Monaco Pants are so flared and flowy that you can’t always tell where one leg finishes and the other starts. They’re high-waisted and almost like a pair of culottes.

If you want to rock girls night with a bit of bling, this killer combo would look amazing with some Alani Gold Diamante Hoop Earrings. Some nude-coloured high-heels would also contrast well against the lively floral print. This outfit is like the Loulia-Top-and-Melina combo but toned down a little.

How will you Dress for a Girls Night Out?

Girls night out is not a single flavour, and sometimes your destination will dictate how much you dress up or dress down. If girls night has a whopping budget—and, say, you’re headed to a Michelin-hat restaurant or to the theatre—then you may want to drape on something glamorous like the Vallara Dress with opera gloves. On the other hand, if girls night out is a more lowkey hang with cocktails, then the Miaora Bustier with orange leather pants may be more suitable. It’s a more casual look that doesn’t compromise on class. If you’re feeling something in between, then the Monaco Top and Monaco Pants may be your favourite. This outfit is versatile and can also double as day attire. If you want to turn things up a notch, the Loulia-Top-and-Melina combo is just as pink but twice as flirty.

Ultimately, the outfit you choose should reflect your tastes and preferences. We have recommended pink items because they reflect the oestrogen-filled energy of any girls night out. However, red pieces can fill this same purpose, whilst more neutral tones can be classic and more subdued. Whatever aesthetic you go for, make sure it fits the dress code and the vibe. It’s time to kick back for a cocktail with the girls!

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