How to Pick the Best Pregnancy Belly Cream to Avoid Stretchmarks

If you are a pregnant momma, you are definitely in for an exciting journey up until your due date in 40 weeks. One of the primary concerns of new moms-to-be is their growing bellies. Most fear unsightly dreaded stretch marks that appear when your belly balloons. They also crop up in the thigh area as your hips expand to accommodate the growing life inside you.

Best Pregnancy Belly Cream for Stretchmarks

While stretch marks have no adverse effects, and they show you have successfully grown a new human, it doesn’t mean everyone wants them permanently on their bodies. If you are trying to avoid these unsightly marks, you need a pregnancy belly cream. Consider these factors when you are shopping so you can find the best pregnancy belly cream that is safe and effective:

Look for Healthy Oils:

A light, organic oil is not just extra hydrating, and it also equates to faster absorption. With this, there won’t be any icky feeling on your belly. You can also expect less residue stuck to your clothing. Best of all, an organic product means it is safe for you and the baby. Remember, ingredients can seep into your bloodstream through your pores so you must be vigilant about what you use.

Opt for All-Natural Super Hydration:

As much as possible, you want your belly cream to be very moisturising. This can prevent the itchy feeling that normally comes with growing tummies. The more hydrating it is, the better it improves your skin’s elasticity. If you don’t pick an all-natural oil, you can also look for ingredients like shea butter or coconut butter.

Pick a Hypoallergenic Product:

When you are “infanticipating”, your skin becomes even more sensitive. This situation can predispose you to an increased risk of irritations, reactions, or infections. Your baby could also end up absorbing the ingredients of the pregnancy belly cream you put. It is better to always err on the side of caution. You must pick formulas made for sensitive skin with hypoallergenic ingredients. Do avoid additives, dyes, harsh chemicals, preservatives, and faux fragrances.

Scout for Vitamin E:

A lot of studies show that vitamin E can help treat scarring. It can also prevent the influx of stretch marks. Traditionally, vitamin E is a noted ingredient when it comes to skincare. Finding this in your belly cream is a crucial factor as is capable of minimising those dreaded skin marks.

Do Avoid Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is known as retinoids or retinol, which usually promotes fast regeneration of cells and eradication of dead skin cells. In non-pregnant women, this vitamin A has no harsh effects. However, in pregnant women, retinoids have been linked to congenital disabilities, especially when taken orally. When it comes to your topical skin treatments, it is best to avoid them. Better safe than sorry!

Final Word

When you are buying your belly cream, you must manage your expectations. Though they will help to a certain extent, they are not a miraculous solution. Your genes play a significant role when it comes to stretch marks. If the quality of your skin cells is brittle, to begin with, a few of them may pop out. However, putting the cream can help minimise the problem. Belly creams are really moisturising so they will lessen the itchy feeling associated with pregnancy. Remember, making sure your skin is healthy and hydrated will help you feel good.

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